Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions

By Mary Anne Cipressy and David Trippany

The beginning of a new year is approaching and with that many of us see it as a time to bring in change to our lives. The most common method used is the New Year Resolutions. We sit down and write out what we are going to do differently this year. However within the first month many of these resolutions are broken and we settle back in to our normal routines, patterns and habits.

There is a reason these resolutions do not work. In an effort to bring change into our lives we focus on those things we see as a negative and then come up with a solution for them. The Law of Attraction brings us what we focus on, so we actually bring in to our lives more of what we say we do not want. We try to use our will and determination to bring these changes about. The resolutions we make do not always reflect a desire. They may reflect some one else’s desires or what others have determined we should be doing. We then micro manage the process by not only coming up with the solution, we also put a time frame on it as well.

If you as an example want to loose weight or quit smoking as a resolution for the New Year, you can’t do so by focusing on losing weight or not smoking for in doing so you are still focusing on your weight and smoking. Then you come up with the how and choose a program that will allow you to lose weight and quit smoking. So then off you go all great guns that this time it will all work. All during this you are still focused on your weight and smoking and therefore the Law of Attraction will bring you more of what you do not want.

Another example is a resolution to get out of debt. If you keep focusing on your debt, view it as a negative, feel bad that you are in debt, and then the Law of Attraction will bring you more debt. View your weight or your smoking as a negative, feel bad about yourself for these things and the Law of Attraction will just bring you more of that as well. It does not matter what the resolution is for if you are feeling negative and have a negative perspective about what you want to change, the Law of attraction will bring you more of that which you do not want.

To use the Law of Attraction in creating the desires your resolutions reflect you must shift your perspective, shift your focus and allow the Law of Attraction to bring you the “how”. You must view what you see as a negative differently and you must feel better about these so called negatives. When the Law of attraction brings you the “how” in any of its many forms you must act on it. Follow your inspired thoughts, your gut reactions and recognize the “how” when you see it. However until you shift focus and perspective and perception, you will not be able to allow the Law of Attraction to bring you the “how”. As long as you think and feel negative you are not going to be able to allow the Law of Attraction to bring you the “how”. You must let go of the idea that you have to come up with the “how” and not micro manage the process by setting a limiting time frame. It is then you will experience the change you desire and the results will be long lasting.

Friday, December 11, 2009

You are the Source of Your Joy Part 1

As each day passes one grows closer to the knowledge that one seeks. Each day is like surprise package for as it unfolds there are wondrous things to behold. Yet you often do not see these things for as much as our world has grown in some areas it has not in many others. As a world many have moved away from that which you are. If you doubt this take stock of one of your typical days.

When you first open your eyes in the waking hours what do you first experience? What is it that you first feel? What are your first thoughts? For these things set the tone for your day. These let you know where you are, who you are and what you will create for that day.

Let us first address those of you whose first experience of the day is to think of all the things you have planned for your day’s experience. When you have those thoughts what is it that you feel? Is it stress? Is it some other negative feeling? Do you dread your day? Why do you dread something that has not occurred yet? When you first awake and already have a negative feeling about what has yet to occur, you are in that moment creating your day to be a negative experience. All this before you have even gotten out of bed. You are “setting yourself up” so to speak to have a day where you do not experience as much joy as there is for you.

Life on our physical plane can be complicated with all the things one has to do. Or is it? What is it that you do that is more important than experiencing joy? Is your job, caring for family and friends or any other of your duties so important that you would sacrifice experiencing joy? We ask these questions of you for these are the questions you ask in your own way. When you begin your day with a mindset of experiencing anything other than joy you are in fact asking how to experience joy in your day.

When you first awake what are you focusing on? Your duties or what brings you joy? Your duties are a source of joy for everything created is a source of joy. If only you allow it to be. Your day is already joy filled before you even awake but when you think and feel it otherwise then that is what you create, manifest and experience. No one other than you causes you to experience anything. Whatever it is that you experience you do so cause of what you have created and manifested. Your boss, children, spouse, neighbor, family members, strangers or friends do not cause you to experience anything. They are not the source of your experience you are.

When you first awake and experience negative thoughts and feelings about your day is it because you are not pleased with your boss, spouse, children, family members, co-workers or friends? Did they DO something to cause you to start a new day with a negative mindset? No, they did not . You are reacting and making them the source as opposed to you being the source.

When someone does something and you experience a negative reaction, that reaction is yours, you created it by placing judgment on the behavior and then manifesting an experience based on that judgment. You are in fact saying “I do not like what you did and that made me feel the way that I do”. This type of thinking is what leads you to give yourself permission to react negatively. The other becomes the source. The other is the cause. The other is responsible. You often refer to this as a defense mechanism as if it is out of your control. This is a misperception as to what is actually occurring. For when you allow another to be the source of your experience you have granted them the creative power of your experience. Yet this can not occur for only you have the creative power of your experiences. What you do is therefore release yourself of the responsibility for creating and manifesting your experiences and grant that to another. They become responsible not you. This is not real but you make it real in your mind. It becomes your reality for you created it, manifested it and experienced it. Even when you create another to be responsible for what you are experiencing, you still created it, manifested it and experienced it, therefore responsible for that experience. You created it and therefore it has become real to you. This is just how powerful a creator one is.

The Emotional Scale

Here is the scale of emotions.
1. Joy/ Knowledge/Empowerment/Freedom/Love/Appreciation
2. Passion
3. Enthusiasm/Eagerness/Happiness
4. Positive Expectation/Belief
5. Optimism
6. Hopefulness
7. Contentment
8. Boredom
9. Pessimism
10. Frustration/Irritation/Impatience
11. Overwhelmed
12. Disappointment
13. Doubt
14. Worry
15. Blame
16. Discouragement
17. Anger
18. Revenge
19. Hatred/Rage
20. Jealousy
21. Insecurity/Guilt/Unworthiness
22. Fear/Grief/Depression/Despair/Powerlessness

Monday, October 19, 2009

A Wonderful True Story

 Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 9:43pm
I have always been a HUGE Buffalo Bills fan ever since I was a little boy. That was/is very rare for someone from North Carolina. I would cry almost every time they lost and celebrate when they won. My brother and dad were forced by me to watch the Bills on sundays growing up. Bill and Dad didn't even like the Bills but sometimes just watched them to see my reactions during the games.

On January 3,1993 The Bills played the Houston Oilers in the playoffs. I had all my Bills clothes on and was ready for the game. Me, Dad, and Bill sat in our house in Raeford N.C to watch the game. The game started off terrible and by halftime the Bills were losing 28-3. I had NEVER given up on the Bills but my heart was crushed. I was crying, frustrated, threw in the towel ,and headed to a childhood friend of mine Mac's Grandmothers house to play basketball with my friends. After being there ten minutes my brother pulled up and said "you might wanna get in the car, Buffalo is doing something and your man Don Beebe just scored a touchdown." I ran to his car and headed home. When I got there, Buffalo had made the score 35-10 which they were still down by a lot. There quarterback (Frank Reich) had the "eye of the tiger" and was leading them back. Score after score the Buffalo Bills kept getting it done. They finally tied it up and won with a game winning field goal by Steve Christie in overtime.This was the greatest comeback of all-time in NFL history. That was the happiest moment of my life yet bittersweet. I was happy they won but I have given up earlier on the Buffalo Bills.That day I promised to God,the Buffalo Bills,and myself, not only to NEVER GIVE UP on the Buffalo Bills but to also NEVER GIVE UP on anything in my life.

My brother went to East Carolina University and I had wanted to go there since I had been in the 8th grade. I would draw ECU on all my notebooks and little Pirates on my desk at school. In High School I was only an average student. I took the SAT and was excited when my letter of results came in because I knew I was going to go to ECU to be an East Carolina University Pirate.When I opened the letter my score was 590. My score was so low, I think I even spelled my name wrong. My hopes and dreams of going to ECU were diminished. I had to go to a Jr. College but in the back of my mind I told myself "DON'T EVER GIVE UP". I had made that promise to God ,the Buffalo Bills,and myself , on Jan.3,1993.

That year at the Jr. College I had decent grades but had to get A's and B's to get into ECU. I was taking a science class and was doing terrible in it. On the final exam(in order to get into ECU) I had to make an 88 on it. I studied day and night until minutes before the exam. I took the exam,had my Chevy Blazer loaded from the dorms and was going home pass or fail. A few hours later the professor placed the test scores on his door. I made an 89. (Lets GO BUFFALO!!!!). Change of plans, I drove straight to ECU,picked up Bill and we went to the Emerald Isle Beach Music Festival with our friends and had the best time ever.
That fall I attended East Carolina University (ECU) which was a struggle from the start.The classes were hard,I partied too much , but I was determined to get it done. I did party a lot but I also studied a lot. I just needed to find a way to balance it out . If the average person was studying 2 hours ,I would study 4. I refused to be beat and give up. It paid off, and after a few years I graduated from East Carolina University.(LET'S GO BUFFALO!!!!)

After college I moved to Randleman N.C. I taught High School Exceptional Children and coached football . My brothers wife got pregnant and I wanted to be near my family so I moved back to Greenville and got into waterfront property sales. I didn't know anything about sales and my company didn't require a Real Estate License so if I failed at that I could always go back to teaching.

I was a natural at waterfront property sales . I came out of the gates strong. I could sell ice to an eskimo. I was the top producer in my office 5 out of 6 years. We started expanding and the company I worked for required us to get real estate licenses. I took the class in N.C and failed it. Took it 2 more times and failed it. I went to my Doctor to get tested for a learning disability. I was diagnosed with A.D.D and ADHD. He told me he was amazed that I graduated from college. He gave me some medication to help me study and focus. I ended up going to South Carolina to take the R.E class and test because it was not as hard as the test in N.C. After failing that test twice I FINALLY passed it. I had my "sales person's " License. I still had to take 90 hours to get my brokers license in North Carolina but at least I could work with that.

My life was looking good. I had a new nephew, money,an Escalade, Hummer,Rolex, a house ect. I was living a fairytale life like someone on MTV. I looked good, had hot girls,had a permanent smile,and was living a dream. I felt I deserved all those things because I had put in so much effort and work. I let myself drift away from God and my true friends. I was selling waterfront and partying every night,drinking,and experimenting with drugs. Then all of a sudden....BOOM!!!!!! April 26,2007 I was involved in a 4 person car wreck, with 1 fatality and me with 27 broken bones a brain injury and in coma.

For the first week things looked horrible. The doctors only gave me a 10% chance to live.They had machines breathing for me and had me hooked up to alot of tubes. After 13 days they came out and told my family that the next 24 hours were critical,and it was up to me to live.Well, God heard my famiy's prayers and new what I promised him,the Buffalo Bills and myself to "NEVER GIVE UP" and the next day I started breathing on my own. A few weeks later I came out of coma.(LET'S GO BUFFALO)

The Doctors called my family in a room and had them sit down. I was out of coma but they told them I would not be the same Bart Upchurch.They said I might not remember them or anything. I might have a mentality like a 1st grader. I might have to learn how to tie my shoes again and things of that nature. This news hurt my family. When they visited my room I knew who Bill,Mom,Dad, close relatives and 1 or 2 friends were, but not much more. Some of my cousins and best friends would visit and I had no clue who they were. My brain injury was not even allowing me to know what year it was.

Day by day passed but my brother Bill never left my side. He took off work and devoted 100% to me. My best friend Andrew came by a lot after he got off from teaching school. Since I was in coma during the NFL draft Andrew had been coming in my room 2 weeks prior to me coming out of coma and told me we drafted Marshawn Lynch from the University California. When I awoke from coma ,one day Bill asked me did I want to know who the Bills drafted. I said "I already know, we got Marshawn, Andrew told me".The thing was Andrew never told me while I was awake.This was something you only see in soap opera's. My family informed the doctors of what had happened.The doctors took this ball and ran with it. They gave my family the best advise ever!! They told my family to go home ,get pictures,albums,Buffalo Bills clothes,accessories,ect. to help trigger my memory. Decorate my hospital room with the Buffalo Bills.
Each day that went by, I would do a little better. I might not know who my cousins or friends were or where I was from but I knew that Jan.3,1993 the Buffalo Bills beat the Houston Oilers in the greatest comeback of all time. I didn't know girls I had dated but when Andrew or Bill said who wore 37 for the Bills,I would say Nate Odoms,who wore 82, I would say Don Beebe,who wore 32 ,I would say "My man O.J and he's still not guilty". The more days that passed the better I got. My Pitt Memorial hospital room was decked out in Bills flags ect. My closet at home had been raided by all my family and friends with Bills gear. Bills mania had taken over Greenville and Pitt Memorial hospital. Friends of mine that hated the Bills were wearing my Bills jerseys. Even my Dad wore my autographed James Lofton Jersey with yellow tight yellow coaching shorts and black socks. Thank God the Fashion police were not in the Hospital or they would have gave poor Daddy life in fashion prison!!!!(which since then he has actually became a well dressed man).

After 27 broken bones,facial paralysis,loss of vision in my right eye, and a brain injury, I was sent home. I still had a lot of surgeries to go and even more depression to come. I was forced to accept there would be no more sports,hunting, smiling, running ect. I became depressed and hated my life. One day my close friends Chad and James Landen(which are die hard Cowboy fans) came by my house and brought me a framed autographed poster of the Buffalo Bills Jan. 3, 1993 game. I don't even think they knew what that date and game meant to me. I hung it up , then I started going through my "get well"cards and gifts at home. Someone in my company had called and written the Buffalo Bills and told them about my wreck/coma and my passion for the Buffalo Bills. They also told them my childhood hero was Buffalo Bills Wide Receiver Don Beebe. As I was going through my cards trying to read them with one eye, I saw a letter from Don Beebe he had written to me while I was in coma.. At the Bottom of the letter it said "DON'T EVER GIVE UP" That day I told God, the Buffalo Bills,and myself, that I had made a promise Jan. 3,1993 that I would "NEVER GIVE UP" and I was not about to now..

Throughout that year I had 17 surgeries on everything it seemed. What Doctors said I could not do, I did. They said I would never be able to run again, I began to jog a mile a day, they said I would never be able to bench press over 200 lbs again, I benched pressed 350lbs .However there was still one thing I did not test yet.

I had my salesperson's license but did not have my brokers license. I had failed it in North Carolina so much before my wreck it seemed impossible to try to pass now. I had work disability for a while so I was able to recover comfortably. My last Surgery was in April of 2008, so my mind started to wonder. I thought to myself "with one eye and learning disabilities will I ever be in Real Estate again'? "Will I ever be able to pass these tests?" I said to myself" come on Bart ,the doctors told your family at one time that you might have to learn how to tie your shoes again much less take real estate tests". I decided right then and there,since I had been this far, I might as well go all the way and get it done .I still had to take 90 hours to get my brokers license. I signed up for the classes ,got mentally prepared and boom!!!! Failed the 1st one. I thought to myself "here we go again" However, I passed it on the retest. I took the 2nd class and passed it as well. I did just like I did in college and life. I worked hard and put in more hours than the average person. With test 2 passed ,60 hours were done .I took my last class 2 weeks later and failed the test. I knew I would get to retake the test a week later. I studied more than ever. Night and day hours and hours .The time came for me to take the test again. On October 14, 2008 I passed the test and became a North Carolina Real Estate Broker!!!!!!!!(LET'S GO BUFFALO)

The feeling of accomplishment was outstanding. I had done the unthinkable.You see it on TV and movies Doctors saying a patient will never do this or will never do that. My task was completed. I DID IT!! I had done more in one year than I had done in 31 years. Former head coach of the Green Bay Packers , Vince Lombardi once said "the greatest accomplishment is not in ever falling,but rising after you fall". I agree, I got knocked down alot .I will get knocked down the rest of my life. However, I will not get knocked out!!! Because of the Buffalo Bills and Jan.3,1993, I learned to NEVER GIVE UP.

There are a lot of you out there that don't like the Bills or don't like sports in general. I don't want you to read this story and be like"way to go Bart". I'm not trying to get pats on the back. What I do want you to do is anytime you see the BUFFALO BILLS LOGO ,let it be a reminder to you to NEVER GIVE UP!!!!!!! If you are struggling with something in your life,look at the Buffalo Bills logo and tell yourself that you can do it. Billieve me, anything is possible, I have accomplished what doctors and other people told me I wouldn't. The main reason is because I NEVER GAVE UP and on Jan. 3,1993 the Buffalo Bills didn't give up either.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Creating Success through The Law of Attraction.


Success means different things to different people. From a Law of Attraction perspective success is a desire, a feeling, a state of mind and a state of being. Success is a journey and not something that is achieved or a destination. Do you find yourself saying "I will be successful when?" Do you find yourself defining success by things that can be measured such as achieving certain goals or obtaining a certain things in your life? This type of thinking limits the amount of success you can experience. Do you feel that you must be driven, have will power and persistence in order to achieve success? When you experience challenges in our business or professional life do you then feel that you are not successful or not as successful as you were feeling? These are also common pitfalls that we all experience at one time or another.

In order to create success so that it will manifest into your life you have to allow yourself to feel that success first. As you visualize your desires, allow your self to experience the feeling of success. This will allow the Law of Attraction to respond to that feeling so as to bring to you what you desire. It will also bring to you your next step, an inspired thought or a person that will assist  you in some way.  Your thoughts and feelings as well as what you say and how you act all must be a reflection of the success you feel.

In those moments in time when your feeling of success lessens, there is a reason for this. Those are the times that help you strengthen your desire or expand on it. It is just an indicator for you to refocus so that you can more forward in a new way.

It helps to be open to change, a change in thinking, perspective and perception. When these changes occur you are able to expand how successful you are. How much success and in how many different ways do you want to experience it?    

Here are some tips that will help you in you creating success.

1.      Define what Success means to you.


2.      Write down how successful do you want to be. What your desires are.


3.      How linked to the state of the economy is your thought process? As an example: The economy is slow so my business will also be slow, there are so many challenges, this is not the time to add new services…..


4.       Write down what you are focusing on. If you are focusing on the negatives, you will get more negative. Shift your focus onto positives and onto your desires. 


5.      Write down those times when you are not feeling successful. (To help you identify those times, think about any time you are doubtful, worry, are anxious or stressed about your business or professional life. )


6.      Next to those write down a new and more positive thought that makes you feel better. (As an example: My sales numbers are down. Your current thinking maybe something like: oh business is down, if this keeps up what am I going to do? Change this to something like: All these numbers are telling me is that I must refocus on what I want, that I need to follow my instincts and gut feelings more.) 


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Monday, September 7, 2009

Understanding The Law of Attraction

Since the movie “The Secret” was released in 2006 there has been a lot written on the Law of Attraction, how to use it and in some cases how not to use it. All of which is a reflection of someone’s understanding of the Law of Attraction. What we wish to do is share our perspective and understanding of the Law of Attraction.

The LOA (Law of Attraction) is what we in this modern era call this ancient and Universal Law. The knowledge and awareness of this is innate in all of us and as such has been around for centuries and millenniums. The movie “The Secret” opened the door to remembering what we intuitively already know.

In our current era as with all other eras, there are those whose understanding and perspective is limited and use this law to gain only material benefits. Their belief is that this law is about getting things or wealth only. However that is only part of the story.

The LOA is the mechanism by which all is created. It works on the level of vibration and responds to vibrations. Every thought, feeling, word and action has a vibration attached to it. The LOA responds to that vibration and brings forth a match to it into our reality. Our senses interpret these vibrations so that we have see, feel, taste, touch, hear and sense them in our physical reality. We each create our own reality and the LOA is the mechanism by which this occurs.

The LOA does not discern positive from negative vibrations. It responds to whatever vibrations you are sending. It does not respond to words but the vibration of those words. What we call negative vibrations has a lower and slower vibrational rate while what we call positive vibrations have a higher and faster rate. We discern between the two based on our emotions. The negative emotions we experience send out a vibration to which the LOA attaches to and responds to. We call this a negative creation set point. The LOA will then send back a vibrational match to those vibrations and they are manifested into your reality and then experienced. We call this CONTRAST for it is an experience that we do not want. Contrast while we may perceive it to be negative is nothing more than an indicator. We sometimes loose sight of this and get caught up in the negativity of the experience. We sometimes focus on it so much that it grows in severity. Have you ever experienced a day when you started out by being irritated and by the time the day is ending you are now angry? When you focus on something you keep that vibration active and the longer you focus on it the stronger it gets and your negative emotions intensify. As a result your contrast as a physical experience also intensifies. The more you talk about it the more you are focusing on it. If you try to dismiss it by denying it, ignoring it or repressing it the more it will intensify because you have not shifted your vibrations away from the negative. This is why contrast is an indicator. It is telling you something. It is telling you that you have moved away from what you want. You are living in what you do not want instead of what you do want.

Contrast is a desire indicator. All negative experiences are indicators. They indicate you have moved away from your personal power, you have moved away from what you want and you have moved away from the real you. It tells you that you are creating a fear experience. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. When we experience contrast we tend to judge it, ourselves and others. We tend to blame ourselves and others. We tend to dwell on it and in an effort to feel better seek out others to confirm and justify the unfairness and injustice of the experience. When we do that the LOA will just bring more contrast as a vibrational match to what we are sending in an effort to get us to focus on what we do want.

When experiencing contrast all you need to do is begin to focus elsewhere. The best way to start doing this is to adopt an attitude of gratitude. When you focus on what you are grateful for you start to shift your vibrations into the positive. You see the LOA works exactly the same when you send what we call positive vibrations as it does for negative vibrations.

Positive vibrations indicate desire, empowerment and the real you. You experience positive vibrations through positive emotions. Positive emotions are merely indicators of empowerment, desire and the real you. The LOA attaches to and responds to these higher and faster vibrations and your senses interpret them as positive, joyful and happy experiences.

You are in control of what the LOA responds to. You are in control of what you think, feel, speak and act upon. Ahh but there is still more to this story.

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Monday, August 31, 2009

A Dialoging Session Experience

This was written by Donna A after experiencing a Dialog Session with ITSC: In The Spirit Coaching.

As I sat waiting for the seconds to dissolve into reality, I felt the knot in my stomach tighten. "What was I supposed to say? What if I said something stupid?"

A well-deserved deep breath, and we started the dialogue, each of us with a smile on our faces and excitement in the air.

Sitting there in the third-person form, I felt myself answering questions as if it were predestined.

"So, Donna, what is your most important desire right now?", asked Mary Ann. "My need of a car", I said. It is a desperate need. My inner feelings were suppressed, yet my mouth shared exactly what was needed to allow Dave to pick up the location of my car – Lely. My daughter and I had today driven to Port Charlotte as I had felt the "pull" to do so, but the first car we drove broke down and we knew it wasn't "right". (Hmm, we both listened to our "feelings") So this week I will focus on the Lely, South Naples area.

The loss of my son…..listening to the show on Wednesday 8/26 I "remembered" and was reassured that it was ok to "want" good things for me. One of these "good things" was to be able to hear my son when I spoke to him. As we delved into the heart of this topic, it was presented to me that my son and I, as well, are "Ascended Masters". I thought to myself, "The only 'Master' I am is mastering the clean-up after my beloved animals each day",
It was amazing to be told that my son and I are actually "soul mates" and we can never be parted. Maybe the physical from the non-physical, but that's the only separation factor. Such a positive reinforcement of a negative heart-dart that has been piercing my heart for so many years.
Being an Ascended Master also explains why he and I have so many talents for which we never actually had training – we have done them before. Here, again, bringing into fruition the TBF factor.

Loss of work – well, shock of the day! Quickbooks is only my mainstay, writing is my forte' and it is going to become a reality when "I" get out of the way. Not only did I realize that I am my own worst enemy, but I have "writings' that are being stifled by my self-doubt.
One example is my immediate response from a publisher when I joined a literary website. He advised me to get a literary agent as they work through agents only and he is interested in publishing my latest book.
As I shared a recent journey with a pen-pal, he wrote back and advised me to Google a literary agent.
The third confirmation came this evening as we talked and Dave told me "to Google a literary agent", although he had no idea of the 2 previous "signs".
Can I be so blinded as not to see the opportunities right in front of my eyes???

My son said to me before he died, "Mom, pay close attention to "signs" – each of them mean something!".

Most of the time during the hour and a half talk show (which seemed 5 minutes long) I sat there, mouth opened in amazement as I was made aware of "signs", life lessons and impending paths that were being opened up for my acting upon for the enrichment of my life.
"Remembering" these life situations has given me the courage to pay attention to my "feelings" as there is an entire new journey for me to grasp from within my inner being.

"I AM A WRITER!". 8/31/09 da

To hear Donna's Session got to Her show aired August 30th 2009.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Destination Manifestation

Every experience we have, in every moment that we have them, we have not only created them but manifested them into our experience. We are all empowered to create, manifest and then experience and all along the way we are in the drivers seat. The only thing that can stop you from having the experiences you desire, the stuff that you desire is you.

Destination Manifestation is the Universe answering our desires through the Law of Attraction. It is the physical completion of contrast and desire. You are empowered to create and Destination Manifestation is what is reflected back into your reality. You either manifest your desire or manifest something that gets you to focus on your desire. Once you manifest something you then experience it. Some who manifest what they desire do not allow themselves to fully enjoy their experience of it.

Destination Manifestation is a process for as one desire is manifested you have another, another and still another. All this relates to what one is creating..contrast or desire. Contrast is an experience of what you do not want and it always... in all a desire indicator to get you shift your focus onto what you do desire, strengthen a current desire, expand a current desire or redefine a desire. Before there is desire, there is contrast. Destination Manifestation is the completion of this.

To help keep you focused on your desires...write them down. I Desire_________________.

Place pictures that represent your desires on a vision board, in a journal or on your refrigerator.

Give yourself permission to have the desires you have. They only way a desire will be complete is when it is manifested. If you have a desire to change jobs and you ignore it, repress it or deny it, you will through the Law of Attraction and Destination Manifestation experience contrast in order to get you to focus on it.

To help with this, write down what contrast you are experiencing to it write what desire is coming from that contrast experience.

My Contrast My Desire
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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mastering the Law of Attraction: The Principles

There are several principles to remember
when developing your mastery of the Law of Attraction.

1. The Law of Attraction is always working and responding to what you are sending out through your vibrations.

2. The Law of Attraction attracts at the level of vibration based on what you are feeling.

3. Your thoughts are an indicator as to what you are feeling.

4. What you focus on, is what you will attract into your life.

5. Your emotions are an indicator of what you are attracting into your life.

6. When your thoughts and feelings are in alignment with each other and with your desire you will manifest what you desire.

7. Contrast is a desire indicator.

8. Fear will cause you to create you by default and moves you away from your desire.

9. Fear is experienced by any negative emotion you experience.

10. Desire is experienced by any positive emotion you have.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mastering The Law of Attraction

Thoughts and Feelings

The Law of Attraction is the mechanism by which all is created. It is the vehicle by which all is manifested into our physical realities. The Law of attraction responds at the level of vibrations. Our thoughts and feelings are indicators as to what vibrations the Law of Attraction is responding to. Thoughts and feelings when in alignment with each other indicate a creation set point. This creation set point can be either based in negativity (fear) of positivity (joy). All negative emotions indicate some level of fear while all positive emotions indicate some level of joy. When your thoughts and feelings are not in alignment with each other you are creating a stress within you. You will feel like you are being pulled in 2 different directions. This is often expressed by the expression “One part of me says this, another part of me say that.” This is an indication that your thoughts and feelings are not in alignment.

In order to create from desire, to have a desire manifest into your physical reality, your thoughts and feelings must be aligned with that desire as indicated by thinking and feeling positive. The Law of Attraction responds to what you are feeling. Your thoughts become and indicator of alignment or not. You always want to align yourself with a positive thought or feeling. Positive feelings have a higher vibrational rate. If you have a positive thought but a negative feeling, you what to shift that feeling to a positive one so that both are in alignment with each other. If you have a negative thought but a positive feeling, you want to shift your thoughts to ones that are more positive in order to be in alignment.

When you are not in alignment or if you feel and think negatively you will be creating what is called contrast. Contrast is the experience of something you do not want so that you can define, expand or redefine a desire. It is an indicator to shift your focus onto what you want, to think and feel more positively and to align yourself with that which you desire.

When you both think and feel positively you are then able to begin manifesting your desire. This is a process as you are always moving towards desires. The more you are able to stay in alignment and expand on the amount of positive feelings and thoughts you experience the more your desires manifest.

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Determine Your True Desire Exercise

This will not only assist you in determining your true desires but how to manifest them as well.

1. List desires you have had in the past that have already manifested. Next to each one write what focus/perception/thoughts/feelings you had that allowed each desire to manifest.

2. List what experiences you are currently having that are telling you what you do not want. Next to each one write what desire has emerged from that experience.

3. What new focus/thought/perception/feeling can you reach for that will allow you to manifest each desire.

4. What changes are you going to make that will start you on your path to manifesting your true desires.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You Can Change Your Reality

We are empowered to create our own reality and
the Law of Attraction is the vehicle by which this occurs.
Here are some things to remember about how to change your reality.
  • Reality is anything that YOU make real by thought, feeling, belief, focus, perception and perspective.
  • Belief = Reality - What you believe to be so, you make real.
  • Focus on what it is you desire and not what is currently occurring in your life.
  • Shift your perspective by changing your viewpoint to one that feels better or more positive to you.
  • Shift your feelings by reaching for a thought that feels better to you.
  • When you take personal responsibility for that which you create, you can let go of blame, guilt and your negative emotions.
  • Do not focus on what you do not have or want or desire but rather empower yourself to create that which you desire.

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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Self Empowerment Exercise

01) Think of a situation in your life that has you feeling the lower end of the Emotional scale. It should be something that makes you feel "despair,revenge, hatred, anger or any other negative feeling emotion". It can be any situation.

02) Write down the situation, along with how it makes you feel. Be specific as possible.

03) Once you have completed step 2, now write down a feeling/thought that will raise you up to the "next best feeling". Does not matter what the feeling/thought is, as long as it makes you feel better.

04) Now continue to reach for a better feeling/thought. Repeat this step as often as you need to until you begin to feel better about the situation you described on step 1.

05) Conclude this exercise with writing out the situation in step 1, but now with your new focus and perception of the situation. Describe how much better you are now feeling, be specific.06) Review this exercise, now realizing that you "took back your power",reflecting now on how good you feel, how your energy has increased, and on how you just "self empowered yourself"!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Self Empowerment and the Law of Attraction

Here are some things to remember

  • Self empowerment is the ability to create using your powers of creation.
  • The Law of Attraction is the mechanism by which creation occurs.
  • When self empowered you feel positive, happy, joyful
  • All positive emotions indicate self empowerment.
  • When dis-empowered you feel anxious, frustrated, stressed
  • All negative emotions indicate dis-empowerment
  • The Law of Attraction responds at the level of feeling
  • When you focus on your desires you empower yourself to create, manifest and experience them.
  • You take back your power when experiencing dis-empowerment by shifting your focus onto your desire, what you want and then act accordingly.

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Saturday, July 11, 2009

To Master Your Emotions

Here are some reminders on Mastering Your Emotions

  • It is a personal journey first.
  • Give yourself permission to LIVE
  • Express your joy in ways that are pleasing to you
  • Do not judge what you are experiencing in comparison to what others are experiencing
  • Focus on what makes you happy/ your desires
  • Use your emotional GPS system as your guide
  • Change your perception of something you are feeling negative about
  • Shift your perspective to a more positive viewpoint

When you master your emotions you will be better able to create, manifest and experience the life that you desire.

Your Emotional GPS System

Your Emotions Guide You Toward
  • Who you really are
  • Your Desires
  • Self Empowerment
  • Keeping up with the changes you want to make
  • Happiness, Joy, Well Being

Emotions are Indicators

  • Negative emotions indicate you are moving away from all of the above.
  • Positive emotions indicate youare moving towards all of the above.

Thursday, July 9, 2009

The Art of Creating Change

Here are a few reminders when creating change

Change does not happen to you, it happens because of you.

All change occurs internally first then it will manifest externally

Change is a result of you having a desire and the universe bringing to you that which you need to manifest that desire.

You create the change as well as how you experience it.

All change is for the good it is a matter of perception and perspective.

Fear is an indicator that you are resisting the change you asked for.

Trying to control change and how it occurs is due to fear which clouds your perception and perspective.

Focus, clarity, openness and trust are keys to creating change.

Change has many can be dramatic, subtle, internal, external, intentional, unintentional.

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