Monday, August 31, 2009

A Dialoging Session Experience

This was written by Donna A after experiencing a Dialog Session with ITSC: In The Spirit Coaching.

As I sat waiting for the seconds to dissolve into reality, I felt the knot in my stomach tighten. "What was I supposed to say? What if I said something stupid?"

A well-deserved deep breath, and we started the dialogue, each of us with a smile on our faces and excitement in the air.

Sitting there in the third-person form, I felt myself answering questions as if it were predestined.

"So, Donna, what is your most important desire right now?", asked Mary Ann. "My need of a car", I said. It is a desperate need. My inner feelings were suppressed, yet my mouth shared exactly what was needed to allow Dave to pick up the location of my car – Lely. My daughter and I had today driven to Port Charlotte as I had felt the "pull" to do so, but the first car we drove broke down and we knew it wasn't "right". (Hmm, we both listened to our "feelings") So this week I will focus on the Lely, South Naples area.

The loss of my son…..listening to the show on Wednesday 8/26 I "remembered" and was reassured that it was ok to "want" good things for me. One of these "good things" was to be able to hear my son when I spoke to him. As we delved into the heart of this topic, it was presented to me that my son and I, as well, are "Ascended Masters". I thought to myself, "The only 'Master' I am is mastering the clean-up after my beloved animals each day",
It was amazing to be told that my son and I are actually "soul mates" and we can never be parted. Maybe the physical from the non-physical, but that's the only separation factor. Such a positive reinforcement of a negative heart-dart that has been piercing my heart for so many years.
Being an Ascended Master also explains why he and I have so many talents for which we never actually had training – we have done them before. Here, again, bringing into fruition the TBF factor.

Loss of work – well, shock of the day! Quickbooks is only my mainstay, writing is my forte' and it is going to become a reality when "I" get out of the way. Not only did I realize that I am my own worst enemy, but I have "writings' that are being stifled by my self-doubt.
One example is my immediate response from a publisher when I joined a literary website. He advised me to get a literary agent as they work through agents only and he is interested in publishing my latest book.
As I shared a recent journey with a pen-pal, he wrote back and advised me to Google a literary agent.
The third confirmation came this evening as we talked and Dave told me "to Google a literary agent", although he had no idea of the 2 previous "signs".
Can I be so blinded as not to see the opportunities right in front of my eyes???

My son said to me before he died, "Mom, pay close attention to "signs" – each of them mean something!".

Most of the time during the hour and a half talk show (which seemed 5 minutes long) I sat there, mouth opened in amazement as I was made aware of "signs", life lessons and impending paths that were being opened up for my acting upon for the enrichment of my life.
"Remembering" these life situations has given me the courage to pay attention to my "feelings" as there is an entire new journey for me to grasp from within my inner being.

"I AM A WRITER!". 8/31/09 da

To hear Donna's Session got to Her show aired August 30th 2009.


Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Destination Manifestation

Every experience we have, in every moment that we have them, we have not only created them but manifested them into our experience. We are all empowered to create, manifest and then experience and all along the way we are in the drivers seat. The only thing that can stop you from having the experiences you desire, the stuff that you desire is you.

Destination Manifestation is the Universe answering our desires through the Law of Attraction. It is the physical completion of contrast and desire. You are empowered to create and Destination Manifestation is what is reflected back into your reality. You either manifest your desire or manifest something that gets you to focus on your desire. Once you manifest something you then experience it. Some who manifest what they desire do not allow themselves to fully enjoy their experience of it.

Destination Manifestation is a process for as one desire is manifested you have another, another and still another. All this relates to what one is creating..contrast or desire. Contrast is an experience of what you do not want and it always... in all a desire indicator to get you shift your focus onto what you do desire, strengthen a current desire, expand a current desire or redefine a desire. Before there is desire, there is contrast. Destination Manifestation is the completion of this.

To help keep you focused on your desires...write them down. I Desire_________________.

Place pictures that represent your desires on a vision board, in a journal or on your refrigerator.

Give yourself permission to have the desires you have. They only way a desire will be complete is when it is manifested. If you have a desire to change jobs and you ignore it, repress it or deny it, you will through the Law of Attraction and Destination Manifestation experience contrast in order to get you to focus on it.

To help with this, write down what contrast you are experiencing to it write what desire is coming from that contrast experience.

My Contrast My Desire
You can hear us dialoging on this topic by going to

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mastering the Law of Attraction: The Principles

There are several principles to remember
when developing your mastery of the Law of Attraction.

1. The Law of Attraction is always working and responding to what you are sending out through your vibrations.

2. The Law of Attraction attracts at the level of vibration based on what you are feeling.

3. Your thoughts are an indicator as to what you are feeling.

4. What you focus on, is what you will attract into your life.

5. Your emotions are an indicator of what you are attracting into your life.

6. When your thoughts and feelings are in alignment with each other and with your desire you will manifest what you desire.

7. Contrast is a desire indicator.

8. Fear will cause you to create you by default and moves you away from your desire.

9. Fear is experienced by any negative emotion you experience.

10. Desire is experienced by any positive emotion you have.

You can hear us talking about these principles by going to the website

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mastering The Law of Attraction

Thoughts and Feelings

The Law of Attraction is the mechanism by which all is created. It is the vehicle by which all is manifested into our physical realities. The Law of attraction responds at the level of vibrations. Our thoughts and feelings are indicators as to what vibrations the Law of Attraction is responding to. Thoughts and feelings when in alignment with each other indicate a creation set point. This creation set point can be either based in negativity (fear) of positivity (joy). All negative emotions indicate some level of fear while all positive emotions indicate some level of joy. When your thoughts and feelings are not in alignment with each other you are creating a stress within you. You will feel like you are being pulled in 2 different directions. This is often expressed by the expression “One part of me says this, another part of me say that.” This is an indication that your thoughts and feelings are not in alignment.

In order to create from desire, to have a desire manifest into your physical reality, your thoughts and feelings must be aligned with that desire as indicated by thinking and feeling positive. The Law of Attraction responds to what you are feeling. Your thoughts become and indicator of alignment or not. You always want to align yourself with a positive thought or feeling. Positive feelings have a higher vibrational rate. If you have a positive thought but a negative feeling, you what to shift that feeling to a positive one so that both are in alignment with each other. If you have a negative thought but a positive feeling, you want to shift your thoughts to ones that are more positive in order to be in alignment.

When you are not in alignment or if you feel and think negatively you will be creating what is called contrast. Contrast is the experience of something you do not want so that you can define, expand or redefine a desire. It is an indicator to shift your focus onto what you want, to think and feel more positively and to align yourself with that which you desire.

When you both think and feel positively you are then able to begin manifesting your desire. This is a process as you are always moving towards desires. The more you are able to stay in alignment and expand on the amount of positive feelings and thoughts you experience the more your desires manifest.