Monday, September 7, 2009

Understanding The Law of Attraction

Since the movie “The Secret” was released in 2006 there has been a lot written on the Law of Attraction, how to use it and in some cases how not to use it. All of which is a reflection of someone’s understanding of the Law of Attraction. What we wish to do is share our perspective and understanding of the Law of Attraction.

The LOA (Law of Attraction) is what we in this modern era call this ancient and Universal Law. The knowledge and awareness of this is innate in all of us and as such has been around for centuries and millenniums. The movie “The Secret” opened the door to remembering what we intuitively already know.

In our current era as with all other eras, there are those whose understanding and perspective is limited and use this law to gain only material benefits. Their belief is that this law is about getting things or wealth only. However that is only part of the story.

The LOA is the mechanism by which all is created. It works on the level of vibration and responds to vibrations. Every thought, feeling, word and action has a vibration attached to it. The LOA responds to that vibration and brings forth a match to it into our reality. Our senses interpret these vibrations so that we have see, feel, taste, touch, hear and sense them in our physical reality. We each create our own reality and the LOA is the mechanism by which this occurs.

The LOA does not discern positive from negative vibrations. It responds to whatever vibrations you are sending. It does not respond to words but the vibration of those words. What we call negative vibrations has a lower and slower vibrational rate while what we call positive vibrations have a higher and faster rate. We discern between the two based on our emotions. The negative emotions we experience send out a vibration to which the LOA attaches to and responds to. We call this a negative creation set point. The LOA will then send back a vibrational match to those vibrations and they are manifested into your reality and then experienced. We call this CONTRAST for it is an experience that we do not want. Contrast while we may perceive it to be negative is nothing more than an indicator. We sometimes loose sight of this and get caught up in the negativity of the experience. We sometimes focus on it so much that it grows in severity. Have you ever experienced a day when you started out by being irritated and by the time the day is ending you are now angry? When you focus on something you keep that vibration active and the longer you focus on it the stronger it gets and your negative emotions intensify. As a result your contrast as a physical experience also intensifies. The more you talk about it the more you are focusing on it. If you try to dismiss it by denying it, ignoring it or repressing it the more it will intensify because you have not shifted your vibrations away from the negative. This is why contrast is an indicator. It is telling you something. It is telling you that you have moved away from what you want. You are living in what you do not want instead of what you do want.

Contrast is a desire indicator. All negative experiences are indicators. They indicate you have moved away from your personal power, you have moved away from what you want and you have moved away from the real you. It tells you that you are creating a fear experience. Fear is False Evidence Appearing Real. When we experience contrast we tend to judge it, ourselves and others. We tend to blame ourselves and others. We tend to dwell on it and in an effort to feel better seek out others to confirm and justify the unfairness and injustice of the experience. When we do that the LOA will just bring more contrast as a vibrational match to what we are sending in an effort to get us to focus on what we do want.

When experiencing contrast all you need to do is begin to focus elsewhere. The best way to start doing this is to adopt an attitude of gratitude. When you focus on what you are grateful for you start to shift your vibrations into the positive. You see the LOA works exactly the same when you send what we call positive vibrations as it does for negative vibrations.

Positive vibrations indicate desire, empowerment and the real you. You experience positive vibrations through positive emotions. Positive emotions are merely indicators of empowerment, desire and the real you. The LOA attaches to and responds to these higher and faster vibrations and your senses interpret them as positive, joyful and happy experiences.

You are in control of what the LOA responds to. You are in control of what you think, feel, speak and act upon. Ahh but there is still more to this story.

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