Monday, October 25, 2010

The Powerful You "The Language of Self"

Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany
Co-Founders, ITSC
Have you ever wondered why your emotions are so powerful?  Have you ever taken the time to examine your emotions?  Have you ever tried to figure out what your emotions were specifically trying to tell you...beyond just happy or sad?  Have you.........yes so many questions but very few answers, or so you may think!
Lets take a look at our emotions and the power behind each and every feeling you have throughout your day.  First of all, we want to appropriately identify your emotions.  We refer to them as the "Language of Self".  The reason being is because your emotions are your communication system between your physical self (the aspect you see in the mirror) and your non-physical self (the part you feel all the time).  Before we go any farther, it is important for all to realize that yes we have two aspects to ourselves but we need to focus on the fact that we are one whole and complete being.  When we see ourselves as having two separate aspects, this is when we begin to encounter issues of contrast.  For this article, we want to focus on the aspect of being "United In Acceptance" which simply means that we know and understand that we are one whole complete being, one aspect in this physical reality and one aspect within that of Source Energy, God, Jehova, Alah....whatever you want to call it.  In other words you have a left arm and right arm, while they work independent of each other, they still make up your whole body.
Now that we have that established, lets look at all these emotions that we have on a daily basis, or should we say on a minute by minute basis.  As you go through your day and you encounter situations, you receive feelback from your non-physical self through your emotions.  This is your internal communication system that we referred to earlier call the "Language of Self".  The most important aspect of understanding this "Language of Self" is the "YOU" factor.  Before you can fully understand your own "Language of Self" you must first understand, know and accept the real you.  You need to take a quick minute, and get to know the real you.  Who are you?  What desires do you have and want to experience?  How do you feel about yourself?  When you look in the mirror, do you see someone you love?  Again a lot of questions, but you really need to answer those questions.  The more you ask  yourself those questions the more you will get to know and understand who you really are as a being in this physical reality.  When you do this, you actually bring forth the real you, the essence of your non-physical being.  This is how you become one whole and complete being.  This is how you diminish a perspective of being one being with two separate aspects, as we are one being that has two aspects, but we are one being.  Remember the arm analogy.  Now that you are beginning that process, you will begin to feel differently.  This is due to the fact that you are now beginning to understand who you really are and in doing so you are allowing yourself to understand you own "Language of Self".  There is no magic trick to make this work, you just have to get to know who you really are and always cultivate that relationship.  The relationship you have with yourself is one of the most important relationship you can have within this journey, as when you have this knowledge of self and bring forth that very knowledge you are now living life from a desire perspective rather than that of contrast.  As you do this, you will notice that other individuals begin to respond differently towards you, some positive and some negative.  Just remember, they are all letting you know where they are at on their own personal journey.  Have that perspective and you will see things clearly and not take on ones energy that may be a lower vibration than you own.  Going through this process is actually helping you build your foundation from which the "Language of Self" will work for you. 
Now that you have laid the ground work and created a foundation from which to proceed, your emotions will begin the loving process of bringing forth the "Language of Self", but now you will have a fuller and better understanding of this communication process.  Each emotion you have throughout your day is telling you something about you, about your relationship with self and about the situations you are experiencing.  From our standpoint now, we begin to feel our emotions on a different level, we see each one as more than just good or bad.  Now we begin to feel that underlying message that is being communicated with us from our non-physical (we like to call it our "Higher Self").  We all of a sudden have new perspectives on situations through our new awareness of ourselves.  Each emotion, each feeling we have is telling us something about ourselves.  It is further defining our relationship with self, and we can now go well beyond just good or bad, but can now see and feel the nitty gritty of each aspect of each situation.  We are now learning how each situation we encounter, each person we encounter is either in alignment with our desires or if we are perhaps a bit out of balance and need some self tweeking.  The "Language of Self" is our guide to our heartfelt desires (desires that are a true reflection of who we really are) and is therefore one of the most important aspects of our journey.  Think of it this way, when someone asks you a question, you hear it with your ears, you develop the response within your brain and you bring forth the answer with your mouth.  Now looking at it simply it was your mouth that gave the answer so do we then dismiss the ears and brain?  Of course not, therefore why would you dismiss your "Higher Self's" ability to guide you through your journey?  When you have the proper perspective you wouldn't!
When you have the proper perspective of the "Language of Self" you have to proper tools from which to create, manifest and experience your desires.  Listen to yourself, realize it is your "Higher Self" that holds the road map to each and every heartfelt desire you have, and this includes ones you realize and those that you have not even thought of at this moment in time.  With this being true, why would you ignore the "Language of Self"?  It is when you stop ignoring the ever important "Language of Self" that you truly being to realize, appreciate and live well within the powerful you!  Take a moment to think about that statement, feel the power behind those words and you will be well on your way to mastering your very own "Language of Self"!  Have fun with it, feel good about it and you too will begin to experience all that you desire!
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Sunday, October 10, 2010


We all have had times in our life when we felt as though everything was just going wrong, no matter what we did or tried to do, things just went wrong.  You even began to feel what is the point to try new things as you only felt helplessness.  You felt everything from grief and despair to downright depression.  You found yourself asking anyone that would listen why does all this happen to me, why do I only experience bad things, why do I never seem to catch a break, why......why.......why????
It is at these times in one's life that you need to take a quick minute and take stock of who you really are as a person as a whole and complete being.  In doing this you need to realize that there are two aspects to yourself that make "you" up into the being you are within this physical reality that we all reside.  You need to realize that your two components make up the whole and complete you.  The first aspect is of your physical being, the one you see in the mirror.  This is actually the smallest aspect you!  Your larger aspect is that of your non-physical being, the aspect that you feel.  This is the largest aspect of you as this is the aspect that is fully anchored with that of Source Energy, or within that of God depending upon your own beliefs.  This is the aspect that is most alive as it truly is within pure positive energy.  The key to your own personal success is to "feel" the two aspects as one whole complete aspect.  When you do this, it is called being "United In Acceptance" with who you are as an individual being and bringing forth that whole and complete aspect into this physical reality.  In doing that one simple task, you are now living life from the standpoint of being the real you and in doing so have started a truly wonderous aspect of your journey, as you are now living life that is desire orientated rather than that of contrast.  In other words you are living a life that is full of aspects you want to experience rather than aspects that are not pleasing to you at all.  At this point it is important to point out that any contrast you do experience is merely a desire indicator as it is letting you know you are not focusing on your desires but rather the lack thereof.
Now that we have tackled the issue of being "United In Acceptance" with your own whole and complete being, lets get back to the barage of the "WHY" questions.  As now we can offer some easy answers to all those why's you have within your life.
Once you understand the "United In Acceptance" aspect of your being you really can see and feel why your life at times seems to fall apart.  When you see yourself as having two seperate aspects to yourself you are actually stiffiling that large aspect of yourself, your non-physical self, your higher self, your conscience....whatever you want to call it.  When you do this, you are actually creating gap within your being and that gap is what you are feeling.  You feel this gap as a perceived negative as you have moved away from your communication center.  It is this non-physical aspect of yourself that provides you with your "Language of Self".  When you are well within being "United In Acceptance" the "Language of Self" is loud and clear,  That little voice that guides you to or away from any activity is clearly sensed and feel wonderful as you listen to and take the action steps it guides you to take.  The oposite is just as effective, however when you ignore those very action steps and travel in the direction from which you know you should travel on your journey you feel it just as strongly, but now you are expereicing the preceived negative emotions: worry, doubt, fear, anger, fear, unhappiness, fear, jealousy and did we mention fear!  You feel the latter when you step away from being "United In Acceptance", when you step away from feeling yourself as one complete person.  It is easy to have all the why questions at this point, but the one why question you really need to address is, "why do I not see myself as a whole and complete person"?  As once you answer that question, all the other "why" questions will either have a clear answer or will no longer be a question as they will have found that resolution that you have been seeking.
One needs to stay focused on themselves, stay in touch with the real and true them.  In doing so you will begin to create a life filled with desire, a life filled wtih anticipation of the journey.  You will feel the real you, you will feel the love you truly have for yourself.  There is not better reason to stay focused on you and who you are than to feel your own self love and begin to live and share your life from that standpoint.
So the next time you find yourself asking yourself, "why is this happening to me" stop for that quick minute and check to see just how "United In Acceptance" you are with yourself.  Have a conversation with yourself and put yourself back in balance.  Feel the completeness of your self, feel the vibrant life that is within all of you, bring forth that you into your reality and then ask yourself, "why am I doing this to myself" and listen to the answer.  If you find a fear based answer, not worthy of good things, just not good enough or whatever that answer maybe, then you need to go within and focus on you, get to know you and realize that fear is not an aspect of yourself as you are a magnificent creator and any desire you have you can not only realize but can manifest and experience as that is why you came into this physical reality in the first place.  Be "United In Acceptance" within yourself and you will find an inner resolve and fortitude that will truly benefit you guide you to a life filled with joy, love and happiness.  You will soon have a new why within your life and it will be, "WHY NOT ME!"  You deserve desire manifestations and experiences as much as the next being sharing this physical reality with you!
Just ask yourself this one question now, "where is my focus?"
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As always, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David Trippany
ITSC Coaching, LLC. 

Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's In A Feeling"

Have you ever stopped for just one moment and thought about your feelings and what they are all about?  Have you ever taken a moment to think about what they are telling you?  Do you have enough trust within yourself to fully rely on what you are feeling so much so that you just act on that feeling without trying to first figure it out?  Do you realize that your "feelings" are merely "The Language of Self", your higherself, your non physical aspect, your conscience, your guardian angel....what ever you choose to call it, communicating with you, helping you along your path, your journey.
Lets examine this for just a moment.  Your feelings are your Language of Self helping you make decisions, decisions that will ultimately assist you in creating your desires.  The desires that you are wanting to experience in your brilliant physical sense.  Your feelings are you guidance system to those very manifestations, to those very desires.  This is why we refer to them as "The Language of Self".  It is the higher aspect of your whole complete being that is bringing forth the awareness into this physical reality that is truly your steering mechanism to the creation, manifestation and full experience of your heartfelt desires.  This is why it is so important to fully realize and understand your own "Language of Self", your own feelings!  It is within your feelings, your own "Language of Self" that all your answers reside.  This is why it's so vitally important for you to take the time to get to know who you are as a whole and complete being and bring forth that individual into this physical reality.  As you do this, your awareness of yourself and who you truly are become very clear and your "Language of Self" begins to take on a whole new meaning.  When you live your life bringing forth the real you, living life from the standpoint of the real you, you no longer live in wonderment but now live your life understanding your "Language of Self" and find yourself "acting" on your feelings rather than "reacting". 

Think about that for just one moment, feel the difference between those two words...."acting" and "reacting".  Which feels better when you put them in the context of your feelings?!!  You will be surprised when you do this and you will know immediately which serves you best!  One incorporates your whole being (physical = what you see in the mirror and non-physical = the part you feel) which would be "acting", while the other, "reacting", merely encompasses half of your being (physical = what you see in the mirror) and dismisses your largest aspect, your non-physical being.  When you do this you really are closing down your largest aspect of self.  This is when your "feelings" really begin to kick it into high gear and make you feel even worse as you begin the process of seeing yourself as having two aspects to self - one human and one spiritual/soul/higherself.  But most importantly you begin the process of seeing these two aspects as being separate from each other.  Doing this creates the very void you feel within you when you "react" rather than "act".  Think about it for a minute, begin to feel that statement and you will begin to realize that seeing yourself as two rather than one is detrimental to your creative process.

When you begin to feel yourself as "ONE COMPLETE BEING" we call this "Being United In Acceptance" as you no longer see a line of separation between the two aspects but rather see yourself as just one aspect, one being.  We are betting that you never put this much thought into your feelings, and now that you are being offered this perspective on your feelings, you will start to pay attention to your own "Language of Self" and realize there is importance within each and every feeling as each and every feeling is communication.  The very communication that creates and brings forth your heartfelt desire.
So let's ask the question once again, "What's In A Feeling"?  We are most certain your answer has taken on a whole new meaning.........a whole new feeling!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!

Mary Anne Cipressy & David Trippany

Monday, October 4, 2010

ITSC Coaching on Blogtalkradio Oct Show Schedule

Below are the days times of our upcoming shows.
All shows are recorded so you can hear after they air life as well. 
Just click on the show title to go to that show event.

Weds Oct 6
3 PM
On this show Mary Anne and David will be dialoging on the difference and similarities between thinking something is true, believing something is true and knowing something is true and how through the Law of  Attraction  these become our creation set points for manifesting what we desire. 
Friday Oct 15
3 PM
 Mary Anne and David will be dialoging on how to apply the concepts of the 
Law of Attraction to your life so that you can deliberately create what you desire. 
It is one thing to understand the LOA it is another to apply that understanding to everyday life.
Weds Oct 20
3 PM
 David and Mary Anne will be dialoging about how you are the source 
of your own answers, the source of what you desire. 
Nothing exists outside of you and when you want 
to manifest something, anything how it all starts with you.
Friday Oct 29
3 PM
David and Mary Anne will be dialoging on allowing yourself to feel the energy
how to shift it, how to determine what it is you are feeling and
how not to align with the energy of those feelings you do not wish to experience. 
They also will be showing you the role the LOA plays in this.


Sunday, September 5, 2010

Embracing Change

In order to experience something different than what you are currently experiencing, change must occur. Many of us fear change as we tend to see it moving into the unknown and that raises many “what if” questions. We also tend to see some changes as out of our control and that they are forced upon us and not of our own free will. All change no matter how you identify it is an opportunity to do and experience something different. It is an opportunity to say to ourselves “What can I do with this”? “What opportunities lie ahead”?

We tend to for the most part embrace the changes we actively choose for ourselves. Although there are those who once they make a decision to change something in their lives, resist the very decision they made. The vast majority of those who fear change do so because they see it as something that is happening to them. It is not happening because of some active decision they have made. All change is happening because of you and not to you. It is leading you in the direction of a fuller manifestation of a desire.

Embracing change involves how you view that very change, how you identify it and what you do with it. It involves accepting the” what is” and then shifting how you view it from there. It involves using your emotions as an indicator that is telling if you are embracing the change or not. Accepting the change in order to embrace it involves not judging it. We tend to judge those changes we think we do not desire. We say the timing is wrong, it is something bad, it is not what I wanted, it is not the way I wanted it or many other judgments. Embracing change involves the realization that you can not change what occurred but you can change how you are responding to it, what you do with it and that is an inward process.

We often times try to change what we are experiencing if we view it as something outside of ourselves, that it is happening to us and we do not wish to accept it. It is not possible to change the “what is” as it has already occurred. Yet you can change how you respond, how you view it and what you do with it. That is where the real change occurs. The external experience is just a way to get us to look internally and to create our change there. We are empowered to think differently, respond differently and act differently.

When you are open to change in any form you may experience it, you are able to embrace it. In order for any desire to manifest, to experience something different than what you are currently experience change must and does occur. If you keep repeating the same thoughts you will get the same results. If you repeat the same actions you will get the same results. Nothing new occurs without something changing. You are empowered to create change so that it reflects who you are and what it is you desire. By shifting your perspective, your beliefs, your thoughts and changing your actions to match, you can embrace change.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Be the Change You Want To See

We all have heard that we have to be the change but how does one “Be the Change”? While it is commonly thought that in order to do this one needs to be active in the change they want to see, to take action to bring about the change they want to see. While there is some truth to this, there is something missing. It does not address that in order to do this you first becoming from a place energetically speaking, where that change is.
If you want to change the economy you cannot come from a place of lack, poverty, resenting those who have more than you. If you want peace you can’t be coming from a place of war, being angry about the war or sad about the war. If you want to create change in our environment you cannot be coming from a place of anger about what you are currently seeing, you can’t be angry about global warming. If you want to change how society treats others of different races, you can not come from a position of separation. You can not see the other races as other races.

Whatever you wish to see, you energetically must become it first. You must first experience the change within yourself. You must change first before you take any actions. If you think there is lack and then try to enact change to improve the economy, you bring that energy into your actions. To improve the economy it would be best to bring the energy of prosperity into your actions. To do that you must shift your beliefs, see prosperity, and know that there is more than enough for all in the planet. Then your actions will be of the energy of prosperity. The Law of Attraction will respond to the energy. If your energy is of lack, not enough and then you add anger to that, the Law of Attraction will respond to that. How can you possibly bring prosperity into the world when the vibrations you personally have or of lack? How can you bring peace when the vibrations you have are anger over war?

No matter what it is you want, you energetically must be it before you can experience it. There is nothing you are not. It is just that you have not experienced yourself as that. It is not that the vibration does not exist; it is just that you have not experienced yourself as that which you desire. Your beliefs, perspective, thoughts and emotions all are indicators as to what you are experiencing yourself as.

We tend to want to see the peace first, see the prosperity first before we will admit that it exists. We want the war to go away first and then say there is peace. We want poverty to go away before we will say there is prosperity. We look at the problems of the world and that is all that is seen. We want the world that we see to change in order for us to feel what it is we want to see.

We must first feel it. We must first create the change within ourselves. We must first bring the energy we want to experience into the world and the world will respond to that new energy. The change occurs within us first before it will ever show up in your external world.

It is possible for our world to change but first we must change. We have to change our own lives and experience ourselves as we desire to be.

BlogtalkRadio Schedule for September

You can hear us dialog on Blogtalk Radio on a variety of topics that will inspire your life and empower your journey.Click on show title to listen to the show.

September 1 3 PM What You Believe to be Real is Real
Whatever you believe to be is exactly what you make real for yourself. This can be shifted and changed to march what it is you want to experience in your life. Mary Anne and David will be dialoging on how we make things real for ourselves and how to change what we have made real.
September 10 3 PM You and Your Life
Do you live your life to please others,to meet others expectations? David and Mary Anne will be dialoging on how to life your life, the life you want to live without being selfish but being centered in self.
September 15 3 PM What Are You Worthy Of?
We are all worthy of something be it happiness or despair, love or anger; We are all worthy of what it is we are experiencing but we can change what we are experiencing. David and Mary Anne will be dialoging on self worth, our sense of deserving and how to shift towards feeling worthy of what we desire.  
September 24 3 PM Embracing Change 
Change does not happen to us but because of us. We bring about the change we need to evolve our life towards what it is we really want to experience, towards being the real you. Mary Anne and David will be dialoging on how to embrace change and what that change is really telling us.
 September 29 3 PM Loving Your Expansion
We expand in all that we desire and experience. The non- physical aspect of ourselves vibrationally becomes what we desire and leads us towards manifesting that experience in our reality. We will be dialoging on how you too can live your expansion.

Monday, August 16, 2010

The Self Empowered Creator

The empowerment we are discussing here is the empowerment each one of us has to create the life we desire. It is the power of creation that we all have. It is the ability to use energy to create our reality. We do not have to earn it, do anything to be granted it or please someone in order for it to be bestowed upon us. We all use it ever day even though we may not be aware of it. Self empowerment involves being aware of how we use this energy and then using it to create a life we desire.

The energy we are speaking if is the energy that exists in our world. Everything is energy in form. This energy consists of limitless vibrations and frequencies. There are an unlimited number of ways in which these vibrations and frequencies combine in order to take form. If you just look out your window at all that you can see you will notice a great variety of energy pulled into form, and that is just what you can see with the naked eye on the surface. All our senses interpret these vibrations and frequencies so that we may see, hear, taste, touch, smell and sense/feel them. This analogy may help you understand this better. To understand vibrations take a series of 6 musical notes for example. Those notes combined in a sequence for a melody. Rearrange those same 6 notes in a different sequence and you have a different melody. Same notes but when combined differently the melody takes a different form. To understand frequencies those same 6 notes could be played fast, slow and in a combination of fast and slow. Those same 6 notes can be played on a wide variety of musical instrument and as such the sound would vary by instrument.

As a self empowered creator you would combine those notes in any form that is pleasing to you and your ears including choosing the musical instrument(s) with which to play them on. You have a vast array of choices and you decide which vibration and frequency you want to pull into the form of a melody. Think of the number of songs that already exist and the new ones that are being created everyday and yet somehow we have not run out of music have we?

You are the self empowered creator who creates the song of your life. You have the power to choose what it is you desire to create. You are always creating. Here are some questions to ask yourself. Are you creating what you want to or what others have said you should want to create? Are you creating a song you like? Does your current song reflect the song you desire? What song do you want to create?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tidbits to Ponder on Living Your Life Now

1. Fear blocks and limits your ability to life your life as you desire.

2. Obligations are a form of fear. 

3. You experience fear in many ways and your emotions is your guide. 

4. You can’t get to where you want to be if you have fears limiting and blocking you.

5. You can’t overcome fears, fight them or conquer them but you can shift them. 

6. Your beliefs play an important role as they are your foundation.

7. If your beliefs do not reflect what you desire then your life will be something other than the life you want. 

8. If you want something different in your life, then you must first make some internal changes.

9. Change what you believe, think, feel, your viewpoint, actions, words so that they all reflect what you desire. 

10. You deserve to have the life you desire. You do not earn it as it is not a “reward” for doing “good”. You create it because life is always responding to you!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dwelling in the Land of Desire

Many think the Land of Desire is some utopia like place where everything we could possibly want exists and all we have to do is be a positive thinker, wish it into being and it appears like magic. They think that in this land anything they do not like just simply does not exist. All those things they think of as terrible, awful or harmful are not there. They see it as a land of peace and tranquility where everybody gets along because everybody is of like mind.

The Land of Desire is does not exist someplace out there but exists within you. You can dwell in this land even though what is “out there” may seem to be something other than what you desire. When you dwell in this land you realize what is out there is a reflection of what is inside of you and inside of others. When you dwell in this land you ever deny another their experiences just because it is an experience you do not desire.

To dwell in this land you must turn your attention and focus on yourself and not on what other lands others maybe dwelling in. When you dwell in this land you are extending the opportunity for others to join you but it is always their choice. Every time you see a person living in a land you do not desire to live in, it is an opportunity for you to make different choices. Others can, do and will dwell with you in the Land of Desire if they so choose to.

The Land of Desire is often misunderstood and what one needs to do in order to dwell there is equally misunderstood. In the Land of Desire there is positive beliefs, positive perspectives, positive thoughts, positive actions and positive words all of which reflect the desires of those who dwell there. It is not that there are no terrible, awful, harmful experiences; they just choose to see these experiences for what they are. They are opportunities for growth, expansion and to get yourself to a place you otherwise could not have gotten to. In this land those who dwell there look at that which they do not want and realize that can’t change it but they can change their belief and perspective about it and in that moment the experience itself changes.

In this land there is self empowerment. Those that dwell there know that they hold the key to the changes they desire to make. They hold the key for experiencing all that they desire. They do not empower others to change things for them. They are the change and therefore they enact the change from within. The change does not occur from the outside to the inside but from the inside to the outside.

So when you look upon something and say “I do not like this” “This is wrong” or “This should not be” what is that telling you about yourself? What is that telling you about what you do want? For in the Land of Desire it is all about you as you are the only one who holds the key.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dwelling in the Land of Negativity

The land of negativity is a place that exists with in but experienced in your life. It is a place created when one dwells on all the horrors, awful, seemingly terrible things seen going on in our lives and in our world today. It is possible to become so fixated on them; focus on them so much so that it is all one see’s. It then becomes impossible to see anything else. This is the land of loss, crime, drugs, people taking advantage of others, racism and so much more very unpleasant experiences. It is home to hate, anger, blame, revenge and despair.

Those who reside there experience powerlessness to do anything about all the awful things they see. You can hear their cries of danger, warning and impending doom. In this land happiness is an illusion. Joy is an impossibility. Love no longer exists as it is seen as a source of pain and emotional hurts. One can choose to live here or visit for as long as one desires to. The longer one stays though, the desire to leave fades.

Many say this land is our reality and the reality of all. If you can not see it then there is something wrong with you for this is the only land that exists. There is no other land beyond this. Anything else is just a fantasy or a dream and therefore not real. If you refuse to dwell is this land you are considered foolish or fool hearted.

Those who dwell in this land look to be rescued or saved. However if this is the only land that exists where are they to go? They look for someone to “fix” everything. However if everything were to be fixed then this land would no longer exist as everything would be better. A new land would then exist or would it? The people of this land do not see the negativity as negativity. They see it as reality. It is only those who do not dwell there who see it as negative.

Those who are not of this land have chosen that they do not wish to dwell there. They dwell in another place of their own choosing and as such this land is their reality. There are many such lands called and known by many different names. Some of these lands are full of wonder, happiness, joy and love. Other such lands are full of hope, peace and contentment. This lands can be visited any time one desires as all are welcome. You can stay as long as you want or you can move on to another.

What land are you dwelling in?
What lands are you visiting?
The choice is yours.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Our August BTR Radio Show Schedule

Please join us for our shows this month
All shows are recorded and can be heard at anytime after they air live. 

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Live YOUR Life Now: What Do You Believe? Weds August 4 2010 3-4:30 PM
What you believe about life, how you view life, what you think about life all effect how you believe, view and think about your life. Mary Anne and David will be dialoging on this topic and how you can change anything in your life.

Live YOUR Life Now: Living Your Desires Friday August 13 2010 3-4:30 PM
We all have thing we want, things we want to do and experience and things we want to be. David and Mary Anne will be dialoging how to have a life where you experience all your desires, be who you want to be, have what you want to have.

Live YOUR Life Now: Empowering Your Life Weds August 18 2010 3-4:30 PM
Are you living the life you want? Do you feel you have the power to do so? What is this power and how do we tap into it? Mary Anne and David will be dialoging on this so that you too and begin to live the life you want.

Live YOUR Life Now: The Be Do Have of Life Friday august 27 2010 3-4:30 PM
To live a life you really want, full of many different experiences you must first be the energy of what you want, follow your inspired thoughts and then allow yourself to have it. David and Mary Anne will be dialoging on how to do this.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Finding The Joy In Life

Here is a question for you. Does one find joy in life or does one create it? Actually it is both. The joy you seek is already present in every moment of every day. Joy is limitless. Joy just is. Joy is everywhere, in everything and of everything. We can allow ourselves to experience it. Joy is energy and because we are energy as well, we are also joy. We can create experiences and expressions of the joy that we are. When we do that, the joy energy expands and we once again can create new expressions and experiences of that which we have become.

When one places their focus on the joy energy, one begins to see the joy expressed and experienced in that moment. You can allow yourself to feel it and in that moment the joy energy expands.

What limits us and blocks us from experiencing the joy energy are our fears, our beliefs about something and our perspective. Take for example a simple thing like washing dishes. If when growing up doing this was one of your chores and you did not like being forced to do this, your beliefs, perspective and thoughts about doing dishes will reflect this. You project your dislike about being forced to do something onto the act of doing dishes. This blocks and or limits you from experiencing the joy in the moment. You carry this with you as you live your life. The act of doing dishes is completely different than being forced to do something you did not want to do.

You can shift all of this once you realize that you associated one thing with another. You can see doing dishes for what it is without it being shaded by a past experience. You adopt a new belief, perspective, thought about doing dishes which reflects more joy than you previously allowed.
This type of experience allows to come to a new understanding of yourself. You have become a new and expanded you. From that new point you can now create, manifest and experience even more joy than you could before.

We are always in the process of finding and creating more joy. It is limitless in its possibilities. Once you are open to the limitless and unlimited possibilities of experiencing joy, you can begin to remove your limits and blocks so as to experience yourself in new ways. How grand is that?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Be Do Have

When one begins to consciously create their life so as to manifest and experience their desires it is important to understand the “Be Do Have” process. No matter what one desires, they must first “be” it, become it, then follow the inspired action steps to “do” it and then and only then will one “have” it.

Everything is created energetically before it ever manifests. You have to become the energetic equivalent of that which you desire first. So to “be” what one desires you have to become of the same vibrations/frequency of that which you desire. One way to do that is to visualize your desires to the point that you allow yourself to feel the joy that this desire will bring you. You feel the joy and happiness before it manifests. You have to come from the place of being the real you. You do not want to become attached to the specifics of what you are visualizing but to the energy, the vibration, the frequency, they feeling of what you are visualizing. To become energetically that which you desire also means one has to remove any outdated beliefs one may have been taught but no longer applies. If you have beliefs that do not feel good to you, do not reflect that which you are and or that which you want they must be replaced with one that does. How you view yourself, others, the world, life itself all affect your ability to become who you really are and the desires that reflect that. If you really love large cars but your thoughts and beliefs are otherwise like large cars are for greedy people, they use too much gas and I can’t afford it. Those thoughts will limit and block you from being, from becoming who you really are. Energetically you are the same as your love for that large car. You are how that feels to you on a vibrational/frequency level. The real you and the feeling are one in the same.

Once this occurs then the “do” becomes rather clear. When your vibrations/frequency reflect the desire, in that space is where you will hear your inspired thoughts, hear what your “gut” is telling you. Where your inspiration resides and where sense of knowing resides. Your actions reflect what you are feeling. What you say reflects your new beliefs. You then need to trust what you are inspired to do. Often we do not do that or we do for awhile then when the results do not happen fast enough we start to question and doubt. We sometimes become distracted and move in another direction with our focus. Where focus goes, energy flows. So you must keep your focus on your desire. Sometimes we will feel inspired to do something but can not see how it will lead to our desire manifesting. There are those who want to know the result before they follow any action steps they may feel inspired to do. There are also those who think they have to come up with the actions from their logical mind. The answers you seek as to how to do what it is you want to do reside with in you. The answers will come to you. You have to hear them, listen to them and follow them where ever they may lead you because ultimately it leads to your desire manifesting.

Manifesting or “having” is a process. You are always manifesting. You always “have” something. Sometimes what you “have” is not what you want. In every moment of every day you are always living your manifestations of what you have already energetically created. The “have” we are talking about here is “having” or manifesting with intent, on purpose, deliberately or consciously. What you desire manifests, unfolds through the course of time so that you can enjoy the journey to get there. It expands in its expression so that you can experience it and live it. The having is a journey to and towards. All along the way you have opportunities to strengthen, tweak, add and expand upon your desires. It is always on ongoing process. You are always being, doing and having. There are unlimited ways in which a desire can manifest in order for to “have” it. Be open to this and do not think you have to figure all that out. You will naturally lead yourself right towards it. Enjoy it as this leads to greater appreciation for all that you do have! That leads to greater manifestations for that which you want. It is all limitless!!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Feeling Stressed?

Stress seems to be one of things we all have experienced at one time or another. Many of us experience it on a daily basis while others only during certain times of our lives. Why is it that some seem to be less effected by stress than others? Why are some people so stressed out daily just from living? One thing is for sure, we all seem to know what it feels like and what effect it has on us. It is such a common experience that it just seems to be the norm if you are living in these modern times. The question is, just because it is common does that mean it is normal? My answer to that is no.

The most common perception and belief about stress is that the cause is some external pressure, that the source of the stress resides outside of your self, that some person, event or experience is the cause of the stress you are experiencing and to relieve the stress you need to change this sometimes unknown external force.

Most stress advice tells you to identify the source of your stress, look at your current coping methods before moving onto how to manage it. Typical management tips revolve around things that alter the experience like avoiding the people, experiences that are your source, cut down your to do list or managing your time better. Ever try to do these things but still feel stress? When you are stressed can you really see the big picture and be appreciative of the things in your life?

The reason why most stress management techniques do not work is because of where you see the stress coming from. Stress is not an external force coming from somebody or some other thing other than YOU. You are the source and as such you create your own stress. Stress is energy. This energy is caused when your thoughts, beliefs and emotions reflect something other than who you really are. So you have 2 different energies running around within and these 2 energies are not harmonious and in conflict with each other. If this continues long enough you get the physical symptoms of stress.

So here is an example of this works. If there is one thing that causes stress it is money matters. Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions that reflect not enough money, fear that there will not be enough money etc have a vibration/energy to them. Your desires to have more money, financial freedom, stability, or wealth also have energy/vibration to them. Those 2 energies are different and not harmonious. So you have the energy of the desires and the energy of beliefs and thoughts about those desires. If they are not harmonious with each other, are not aligned with each other, they then conflict with each other thus producing stress. Thus the physical symptoms you have of stress become indicators of stress. Where in your body you experience the stress indicates what beliefs and thoughts are in conflict with what you desire. As this relates to money, low back issues are an indicator of stress due to money concerns.

In order for any stress management technique you adopt to really work for you, you must get to the energy/ vibrational cause of the stress. You must shift that energy first then apply the techniques. You must change your thoughts, beliefs and perspective first. Ask yourself what is it that I believe about money? Now ask yourself, what is that I want to believe? In your answers can you feel the stress between those 2 thoughts? They feel different do they not? Which one feels better? Which one are you always focusing on? Which one should you focus on? Allow that better feeling to become a part of you. Now again ask yourself what is it that you believe about money?

Stress is not produced by any outside or external person, event or experience but by you. You are the source of your own stress and you are the one that can do something about it. Trying to change the external, the other will not relieve you of your stress. Only when you shift your energies will you get the relief you seek.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feel Good Now

Many of us wait until we are feeling really bad before we decide we want to do something about it. We wait until we are depressed, fed up, unhappy, miserable and just can’t take it any more. We get tired of feeling the way we are feeling and then we wake up and decide it is time for a change. My question is why wait so long?

Then there are those of us who are feeling pretty good and figure we are feeling good enough. Like there is a limit or something as to how good you can feel. It is like we are saying I am going to feel this good and no more.

There is no limit on how good you can feel and a limitless number of ways you can feel good. There any number of things you can do to feel better. Feel better can be a stepping stone to feeling good. Just changing something in your life won’t do it. While you may feel better in the short term, it does not produce any lasting results. The reason for this is that you have not shifted your energy or vibrations but just placed a band aide on it. You have covered it up so to speak. Think about the times you were in a negative space and went shopping, had some drinks, read a book, went out into nature or whatever it is you do to try to feel better. Did that produce any lasting changes? There is something to be said about these activities. They do not produce any lasting results but they do create a space from which you can begin to get yourself into a better feeling space.

It is entirely possible to feel good right in this very moment. It is just a matter of perspective. It is a matter of shifting from where you are at to a better feeling place. So how does one do that? You have to create an internal change. You can set an intent that you are open to new opportunities that reflect how good you want to feel. You can visualize different experiences that reflect how good you want to feel. You have to look at what your emotions are telling you. You choose, you decide how good you want to feel. Be open to new ways of expressing who you really are. Make feeling good important to you.

How do you express who you really are so that you can experience that good feeling?

Monday, July 19, 2010

What do you Expect?

Expectation is closely related to knowing. It is a stepping stone to being in a state of knowing. It is more than being hopeful and certainly leads to experiencing more joy. There is much to be said for feeling a positive expectation. There is also much misunderstood about having a positive expectation.

Positive expectation means that you are looking forward, with a positive view point, towards the manifestation of a desire. Ones thoughts, perspective, beliefs and emotions all need to reflect this positive expectation. That is the real trick to experiencing a positive expectation. If you have a positive a positive expectation you also must allow yourself to experience that expectation.

Where we all get tripped up is we tend to be afraid to allow this because we do not want to be disappointed. Once that occurs, because of the way the Law of Attraction works, you will experience disappointment because that is where you have placed your focus. You thoughts, beliefs and emotions reflect not wanting to be disappointed which means you are focused on disappointment. Your focus needs to be placed on what you want to positively expect.

You can say you expect that a certain desire will manifest but if you believe otherwise, think otherwise and feel otherwise then you will manifest otherwise. Then when you experience disappointment as a result you say it was because you expected the desire to manifest and it did not. It is not the expectation that is the root of the disappointment. It is because of the fears that limited and blocked you from allowing yourself to experiencing the positive expectation of the desire manifesting.

Sometimes we have desires and positive expectations for others and in doing so experience disappointment when that desire does not manifest. There are several reasons for this. The first is we can only create for ourselves. The Law of Attraction responds to you and the energy and vibrations of what you are believing, thinking and feeling. When we have desires for another we tend to place that expectation on them and expect them to create what we desire for them. When they do not, we become disappointed and hurt. There are times when we have expectation and desires for another just so we can feel better.

It is ok and in fact a “good thing” to have positive expectations. Just release the emotional attachment to the outcome or result. Allow yourself to experience positive expectations as your stepping stone to being in a state of knowing. Release fears, shift the thoughts and beliefs that limit and block you and you will be able to experience positive expectations and manifest that which you desire.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anything is Possible by Monica Garcia

Anything is Possible

I believe anything is possible

when you decide to live your life

with passion and purpose

with only Love

at the forefront of your life

releasing yourself from the past

and living only in the present moment

Embracing unwavering faith

and unbreakable hope

knowing failure is not an option

and giving up is not a choice


You finally reach that point

where your fears lose power over you

and you forge ahead anyway

keeping your eyes fixed on the

light at the end of the tunnel

knowing your goals clearly and definitely


Believing in your heart and mind

that good awaits you because

you deserve it - it's already yours

Understanding that strength and endurance

are born from deep within you

and they expand effortlessly outward in your life

spilling out and inspiring others

who happen to cross paths with you


Once you decide to use your God given gifts

and abilities for the greater good

to provide something positive 

something of significance and service to others

just to make a difference in the world

Everything changes


Everything falls into place

Doors open magically

and suddenly

the Universe conspires to make your greatest

dreams come true...


Like I said... Anything is possible


Monica Garcia Saenz © 2010


Saturday, July 10, 2010

It is All About You

It is All About You

The Ego as an Indicator. 

So many times we will hear someone say “It’s not all about you ya know” or the “World does not revolve around you” but it actually does just not in they way some may think it does. If a person is coming from an ago based perspective then their perception is all that matters is them, their desires, wants, or needs. The world exists to feed their ego and thus make them selves feel better, as short lived as that experience is. So they travel from one experience to another looking for the external world to validate them, their thoughts, feelings, desires and so on. From an ego based perspective it is all about the external world, all that resides outside of them or so then think anyway. This perspective is an incomplete understanding of our own creator abilities. They have an innate understanding, as we all do, as to how life is set up here in this physical reality. The human mind when it responds to the external world in fear, the ego is set up as a defense mechanism. While this was useful when humankind was more primitive and less aware, it is often times not needed in this era.

Many who are on a spiritual journey speak of the ego as a bad thing and how one must overcome it, rail against it, lessen its grip or hold over one. We prefer to think of the ego as an indicator. As an indicator it is telling you something so that you become more aware and are able to shift your perspective more to the center of self. The problem with the ego though is that it can blind one from seeing clearly. Because the ego has it roots in fear it is sometimes easier to address the fear rather than the ego reaction. The ego reaction is just telling you that you are reacting to some fear and are trying to protect yourself from an unknown danger. This ego reaction is basic and primal to humankind but when you shift your perspective on it, you can begin to see the role of the ego in a whole new light and your fear reactions become less severe. When you react in fear and you become aware of your ego reaction it is an opportunity for more awareness and a greater understanding of who you really are. It is in this fashion the ego and ego reactions are indicators for you.

If you do not feel very good about yourself, feel some level of powerlessness, your ego will tell you otherwise. It shows up as conceit, egotistical or narcissism in extreme forms. Your ego becomes your protection from the feelings you have. It puts a wall around them. However, on an energy level you still have those vibrations that reflect how you feel about yourself. You then have the energy of the thoughts that come from your ego protective state. Your reality becomes a reflection of these energies, the interplay of these energies that the Law of Attraction reflects back at you.

This protective state becomes difficult to maintain and one experiences a crash and the feelings underneath come flooding out. This experience is an opportunity to shift ones focus, expand ones perspective so that ones vibration and frequencies will raise and create a new reality as the result.

You can break your cycle once you realize that the ego is just an indicator of beliefs based in fear.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Illusion of Lack

There is a common belief that lack exists in our world. By lack we mean there is not enough of something or it is limited in its quantity. This is evident in the idea that there is a limited supply of just about anything you can think of like food, money, oil, cars etc. Some actually believe that “in order for me to have something then somebody else is going to go without”. As a society we have a whole system set up to count or measure the amount of anything. We then use that system as proof that there is a limited supply. Unless one is willing to see beyond what they see with their actual eyes they may not ever realize there is so much more.
This concept of lack or limitation is not only seen in the material things of our world but also within each individual. Do you think that you do not have patience or strength or love or friendship? Do you think you can only be so happy? If you are experiencing a stressful or trying situation and you feel that you do not have the strength to endure, the patience to cope, then you have a belief that you lack that which you want.

This belief is so predominate within us and society that it could be called a core belief and as such it is ones programming for how they view the world. Some might call this a subconscious belief for while you have this belief you may not be aware of it nor aware of the impact it has on your life. It operates on automatic or so it seems.

We call this an illusion because this belief is based in what one perceives with ones eyes or has come to know through experience but because we are powerful creators, we do not realize we are the ones creating this based on a belief that there is not enough of everything for everybody. It becomes a vicious cycle…you believe in a limit, a reality is created based on that belief and then through the Law of Attraction it is reflected back at you thereby offering proof or a confirmation that your belief is accurate.

We look at war and say we desire peace. We say there is no peace because we have war. Just because we have war does not mean that peace is absent or does not exist. It is there for despite war in one area many more are at peace. Just because we see violence in our society and count how often this occurs does not mean there is no peace for there are so many more living in peace. However we see the war and the violence and make a broad statement that our society is a violent society. This is a limiting perspective based on a set of criteria that is limiting in its scope. It gives us a skewed perspective. As an example if the violent crime rate for a city is 17, that means 17 out of 1,000 people experienced a violent crime. It is weighed based the entire population of that city. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

What it is really doing is just reflecting back at us our belief that we have a violent society. How you react to this is an indicator as to if you have a belief that there is a lack of peace. How you judge this “fact” is an indicator of you have a belief in lack of peace. We actually have a society where both exist at the same time. It is when we try to quantify the “how much” of each exist that we run into trouble and begin to limit our perspective.

When you adopt the belief that the Universe as well as our world and us as individuals is always expanding it open you up to the limitless, the infiniteness of all that is. It becomes your perspective and effects how you view your world. You no longer rely on your eyes to confirm what you have come to believe. You become aware that all that you desire, you already are. That it all exists within you. You come to realize that you already are that which you want. You start to believe that you can be, do and have anything you desire from within.

Monday, July 5, 2010

We are Always Allowing

You may not realize this but everything that makes up your life, all those so many experiences you have, all the “stuff” in your life, is there because you have allowed it to be. It is the only way anything can manifest into your life. However what we tend to do is react as if all this stuff, all those experiences happen because of something else other than ourselves. Sometimes we are aware of what we are allowing to be but most of the time we are not because we never take the time to think about it. When you intently or deliberate allow with awareness and from desire...ah…now that is self empowerment!

A common belief is that through the Law of Attraction we “Attract” experiences, our stuff into our life. That is only part of it. The other part is how we allow it to manifest. When we want to manifest something we want, the allowing comes easy and we do it without thinking. When something manifests that we do not want or we think we do not want it we question how could this happen because there is no way we would attract something like this on purpose and for sure would never allow it to be on purpose had we known. That is the point….had you known…which means consciously, with intent and awareness.

So how is it we “allow”? Where ever you place your focus and attention is where your energy goes. Your energy then mirrors or becomes a match to the energy of what you are focusing and paying attention to. We refer to this as vibational alignment. When you are in vibrational alignment with something then you are allowing it to be for nothing can not manifest without this vibrational alignment. We are always vibrationally aligned with something.

Your emotions are a wonderful way of knowing, vibrationally speaking, what you are allowing. They are our internal guidance system. If you place your focus and attention onto something with a low vibration, we experience it through our emotions and we feel it as a fear based emotion such a anger, boredom, unhappiness or sadness to name a few. The same holds true for the higher vibrations we align with when our focus and attention is on something we desire. We experience it through our emotions such as love, joy, happiness or passion to name a few.

We have a free tool that will help you in determining what range of vibrations you are currently aligning with and what you are therefore allowing to manifest. We call it Determining Your Vibrational Range Sheet. It is easy to use and if you are honest with yourself, you will have an increase awareness of what you are aligning with and allowing to manifest based on your emotions as indicators. We will be happy to share this with you and all you have to do is email us at  and we will be happy to send it to you.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Balance In Your Life

Many may say that you can not balance your life. Many say that this is just not possible because there are just too many aspects of our lives that are ever changing. Our goals and desires are in a constant state of flux. When one goal is achieved or one desire has manifested it is replaced by many more. Change is happening all the time. However there is balance that already exists despite the ever changing environment of our lives.

Balance does not exist in your external world but it does exist in your internal world. What we mean by this is that if you are looking at all that goes on around you and you are trying to achieve balance from that perspective you will most like feel very frustrated. Where the balance does exist is in being centered in self. It is in your perspective as to how you view what is occurring in your life. It exists in your approach to things.

When you are balanced within yourself, when you are in harmony with yourself then your life, your external world will be balanced despite any apparent chaos that may be occurring. The chaos, the multitude of tasks we all face in our day to day lives, the goals and desires we all have are a reflection of what we are creating. How we perceive this, how we emotionally react is a reflection of where we are at in relation to being self centered.

So what does it mean to be centered in self? This means that you view your self as a whole complete being comprised of body, mind and spirit. This means that you are united in acceptance with yourself. This means you are in harmony with yourself. This means your perspective is clear and not clouded by fear based emotions and beliefs. To be centered in self is your natural state. From there it becomes a matter of are you experiencing it or not. Being centered in self is not to be achieved, it is to be experienced. The same is said of balance in your life.
If you are trying to juggle all the aspects of your life along with your goals and desires, if you are trying to focus on many things all at the same time, you are more than likely not experiencing balance and being centered in self. You are looking at all those things and trying to control and achieve rather than allow them to come to you. The balance is not in the juggling. In fact you do not have to juggle at all.

The key to experiencing balance in your life and to be centered in self is to have a balanced perspective, a balanced approach where you are experiencing harmony. To experience this you can not try to change what is happening in your life but change internally as to how to view what is happening, shifting your perspective to one that feels better, changing your focus onto how you feel rather than all that is going on around you. Your perspective shifts to looking inward out to the external world, rather than looking outward and then into your internal world.

You are the source of your own experience of balance in your life. You can allow yourself to experience that balance by letting go of trying to control your external world so that you feel balanced. The minute you try to control anything but yourself, you are not centered in self and therefore will not experience balance. The feeling of balance does not reside outside of you but within you. You do not need things to be a certain way in order to feel or achieve balance. The feeling of balance is within you and can be experienced when you allow it.

Please share with us your experiences with balance in your life. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

How Fast Will My “Stuff” Show Up

One of the most frequently asked question we have come upon is “How long is it going to take for my stuff to show up?” The most common answer to this is often, “As fast as you can line up with what you want, then it show up.” That is neither a very satisfying answer nor a complete one, from our perspective. This type of answer tends to lead one in a direction away from their desire as they begin to question and doubt what they are doing. In the moment you question and doubt you have moved yourself away vibrationally and emotionally from your desire. 

The most prevalent understanding of how the manifesting process works is that once one is all lined up with their desire, they are visualizing it, thinking positive about it, put it on their vision board, doing their gratitude journal about it, then “poof” there it is…my stuff has manifested. If that was all there is to the story then we would be lottery winners by now, our dream car would be in the driveway and we would be living in our dream home wouldn’t we? Then to make matters worse, we are told they reason those things have not happened is because we are not lined up with it. We are told that the only reason things are not showing up is because of this non alignment. All this leads you and your thinking in a direction away from what it is you want and once that happens of course your stuff is not showing up. So let’s put the breaks on this run away train here and collect our thoughts for a minute. 

Let’s look at some of the factors that influence how fast our desires manifest. 

• Sometimes we think we are all lined up but there maybe some underlying core belief limiting or blocking the manifestation. You may have shifted some on this belief but need to continue to shift.
• Sometimes you think you have a desire but that desire is reflective of your ego and not a heart felt desire.
• Your desire may involve co-creating with others. They have to align with what they want in order for both to manifest their desires. There is a synchronicity and timing involved.
• You may be too attached to the specifics of your desire so much so that you do not realize that the desire has manifested.
• You have not clearly defined your desire enough.
• Action steps are a process.
• Your manifestation may be in progress but you do not realize it. 

It is important to remember that the “how fast” is not important. That is not where your focus and attention needs to be. We will be discussing this on our blogtalkradio show. To hear the show please Click here

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How Beliefs Can Affect your Life Part 2

Many of us are not always aware of our beliefs or may not even recognize that we do have a belief about something. We just do not take the time to think about it. To help you with this on a piece of paper write down your beliefs about these common areas of life: marriage, religion, money, health, work. You can add to this list as you so desire but this will get you stated.

As we discussed earlier most beliefs stem from a belief in lack of something or the separation of you from everything else that exists. To help you identify if your beliefs stem from with of these two core beliefs lets examine some common beliefs and trace it back. A belief about money that stems from a belief in lack may show up as “Money is the root of all evil” or “I don’t want to be rich because it ruins people lives”. You may have these beliefs because you have seen this happen to others and do not want it to happen to you. Now if you are struggling to pay your bills and desire money so that you can pay your bills can you see where these types of beliefs will limit your ability to manifest the money you desire? You are holding back what you could be manifesting because you do not want to be rich as you define it. The reason this stems from a belief in lack is because you believe you lack enough money to pay your bills. So on hand you believe you do not have enough money and on the other you desire money but then say “no” to it due to your beliefs. What other things in your life do you see as not having enough of? Happiness? Love? Opportunities? Do you have feelings that you are trapped? That would be due to belief that you have no or few opportunities, few options, and few choices. That there is lack of these things, that there is a limit.

A core belief in based in separation would show up in things like blame, control issues and mistrust. How many times have you said “He/She made me so angry” He/She made me sad. Anytime you see another as the source of your emotions it is because you see yourself as separate from them. You experience your own emotions, they are yours and no one can cause you to feel anything. You are the source of everything in your life. You do not see yourself as a whole complete being and that you are separate from that which you truly are.

Everything you desire resides with in you. It is not out there somewhere and all you have to do is pull it to you. Everything works from the inside to the outside. The Law of Attraction responds to the vibrations that you are sending.
In the last past of this discussion we will pull this all together so that you too will be able to expand and transform your life.

Please feel free to share you thoughts, comments and questions you may have.

Monday, June 21, 2010

How Beliefs Can Affect Your Life Part 1

The beliefs we hold about ourselves, others, the world around us and even life itself effects how we view things, how we interact with things including ourselves. A belief is a chronic and persistent thought we have about something. It means we hold onto that thought, get confirmation that the thought/belief is true or not true from the evidence we see, experience or the experience of others in the world around us and incorporate it into our belief system. Some beliefs were taught to us at an early age, some we were conditioned to believe and others we picked up along the way. All the beliefs we have form our belief system which can be broken down into its various components.

Core or fundamental beliefs are those that we have built our life around. Many other beliefs stem from ones core beliefs. These peripheral beliefs all stem from and can be traced back to a core belief. The belief in lack and the belief we are separated from all the many aspects of the Universe including ourselves and each other are examples of a core belief and as such have the biggest impact on your life. Most of our beliefs can be traced back to those 2 beliefs and what you believe about them. It is not whether your belief is either true or not true, if your belief is right or wrong, it is a matter if your belief limits you in creating a desire. It matters if your belief is limiting what you are manifesting. It matters if your belief is blocking you from experiencing what you have created and manifested.

The only time you would need to change a belief is when it is limiting and blocking you from creating, manifesting or experiencing something you desire. A belief is only true or not true because you have determined it to be such. You have determined that the belief is either right or wrong. As beliefs are just an intense form of thought, they too have a vibration attached to them that the Law of Attraction responds to. Changing a belief is more then just thinking a new thought over and over again although that is part of it. You have to come to the realization that the belief you once held is no longer true or not true for you and replace it with one that is true for you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tips for Manifesting with Intent

• Manifestations are your creations in form, your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions in form. They are a reflection of you and what is going on inside of you.
• You are always manifesting something. This you can not turn off. Everything, every experience and all the “stuff” in your life you have manifested.
• You determine if the manifestations you have right now in this moment are what you desire or not. Ask yourself, is this pleasing to me? Do I prefer something else. Write down those things that are not pleasing or that you would prefer something else. On a separate sheet write down the ones that are pleasing and if you desire to experience more of them or not.
• Of the 2 sheets which one are you focusing, paying attention to more often? Meaning as you go through your days what are you thinking about, talking about more? This will help you see where you are putting your energies towards.
• Ask yourself, what am I acting on, what thoughts and beliefs are the basis for my actions?
• Take time to reflect on these questions and your answers.
• Ask yourself what thoughts am I having that are limiting or blocking me?
• Sometimes identifying blocks and limits can be tricky to indentify. You must be open and honest with yourself when asking these questions and in the answers you obtain. You will get your answer but sometimes it take time to appear.
• Journaling is a powerful tool. It helps you visually grasp an enhanced understanding of yourself.
• You know your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are in alignment with your desire as it will begin to take form.
• You know your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are not in alignment when something other than what you desire shows up.
• When something other than what you desire shows up it is a reminder, an indicator to tweak your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. This type of experience serves you in that way so you can redefine, strengthen, refocus or expand upon your desire.
• You can only do this for you. You can not manifest something for somebody else.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things to Remember About the Law of Attraction

There are something’s about the Law of Attraction
you will want to be mindful about
when you are creating and manifesting with intent.

• First and foremost you do not “USE” the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want and then just turn it off until the next time you want to “USE” it. The LOA is always working so if you are turning it on and off or using it for something’s and not other things, what you are actually doing is manifesting with intent sometimes but not other times. The LOA is the mechanism so to speak of how something manifests. Be it a material item, an experience or something more esoterically in nature such as success, love, joy, health or happiness. The LOA is “HOW” these things manifest not the why.
• You do not attract things to you. You attract things because of you. The LOA operates at the level of vibrations. It responds to the vibrations you are sending whether intently or not. Everything has a vibration including thoughts, words, feelings, emotions, actions and beliefs. The LOA reflects back manifestations that are a match to the vibrations you send. These manifestations can and do take any form. They are the “what is” that is showing up in your life. We all have a range of vibrations and that is why so many different manifestations show up in our lives. Your emotions are how you know what vibrations you are sending. You can request our free Determine Your Vibrational Range sheet by Clicking Here
• What you desire does not exist outside of yourself. You are not separate from anything that you desire. If you see that what you want is out there in the Universe somewhere and all you have to do is attract it to you like a magnet then you are seeing what you want as something outside of yourself. What you desire, anything that you can think of can be found by looking within. This is where you place your focus and attention.
• If you want to change your external world you must first change your internal world. Your external world, your reality is a reflection of what is going on inside of you. It is a reflection of your beliefs, your thoughts, your choices, your feelings, your emotions and you actions. Often we look at the outside world and those in it to give us validation of our self-worth or a confirmation of acceptance from others that you are liked or loved. All these things and so much more reside with in you.

Everything begins with you.
It is you that is creating and manifesting and experiencing.
You need to be mindful that the LOA is responding to you
and you can have it respond intentionally.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Manifesting with Intent Exercise

Manifesting with Intent

Here is an activity you can do to help you be mindful of what you desire to manifest. 
Law of Attraction Tips
In a journal or notebook......

1. Write down what your desires are.  What are the things you want that reflect joy, happiness and delight to you. What gets you passionate, excited and brings you peace? 

2. Visualize (day dream) about them.
Write down after you are done what you saw, how you felt. You can add pictures that represent how you are feeling.

3. On a separate piece of paper write down any negative or fear based thoughts and beliefs you may be having.

4. On that same piece of paper write down what new beliefs you want to adopt that reflect the joy of your desires.

5. Now go back to your journal and  write your new beliefs. Throw away the separate piece of paper as you no longer need it. 

6. You can repeat this as often as you desire. You can add to it as often as you desire. The notebook becomes a reminder of where to place your focus and attention when you find yourself in need of some trust faith and belief.

Above all have fun with this.

 Dream big, Love big, Enjoy big!