Friday, July 30, 2010

Our August BTR Radio Show Schedule

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Live YOUR Life Now: What Do You Believe? Weds August 4 2010 3-4:30 PM
What you believe about life, how you view life, what you think about life all effect how you believe, view and think about your life. Mary Anne and David will be dialoging on this topic and how you can change anything in your life.

Live YOUR Life Now: Living Your Desires Friday August 13 2010 3-4:30 PM
We all have thing we want, things we want to do and experience and things we want to be. David and Mary Anne will be dialoging how to have a life where you experience all your desires, be who you want to be, have what you want to have.

Live YOUR Life Now: Empowering Your Life Weds August 18 2010 3-4:30 PM
Are you living the life you want? Do you feel you have the power to do so? What is this power and how do we tap into it? Mary Anne and David will be dialoging on this so that you too and begin to live the life you want.

Live YOUR Life Now: The Be Do Have of Life Friday august 27 2010 3-4:30 PM
To live a life you really want, full of many different experiences you must first be the energy of what you want, follow your inspired thoughts and then allow yourself to have it. David and Mary Anne will be dialoging on how to do this.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Finding The Joy In Life

Here is a question for you. Does one find joy in life or does one create it? Actually it is both. The joy you seek is already present in every moment of every day. Joy is limitless. Joy just is. Joy is everywhere, in everything and of everything. We can allow ourselves to experience it. Joy is energy and because we are energy as well, we are also joy. We can create experiences and expressions of the joy that we are. When we do that, the joy energy expands and we once again can create new expressions and experiences of that which we have become.

When one places their focus on the joy energy, one begins to see the joy expressed and experienced in that moment. You can allow yourself to feel it and in that moment the joy energy expands.

What limits us and blocks us from experiencing the joy energy are our fears, our beliefs about something and our perspective. Take for example a simple thing like washing dishes. If when growing up doing this was one of your chores and you did not like being forced to do this, your beliefs, perspective and thoughts about doing dishes will reflect this. You project your dislike about being forced to do something onto the act of doing dishes. This blocks and or limits you from experiencing the joy in the moment. You carry this with you as you live your life. The act of doing dishes is completely different than being forced to do something you did not want to do.

You can shift all of this once you realize that you associated one thing with another. You can see doing dishes for what it is without it being shaded by a past experience. You adopt a new belief, perspective, thought about doing dishes which reflects more joy than you previously allowed.
This type of experience allows to come to a new understanding of yourself. You have become a new and expanded you. From that new point you can now create, manifest and experience even more joy than you could before.

We are always in the process of finding and creating more joy. It is limitless in its possibilities. Once you are open to the limitless and unlimited possibilities of experiencing joy, you can begin to remove your limits and blocks so as to experience yourself in new ways. How grand is that?

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Be Do Have

When one begins to consciously create their life so as to manifest and experience their desires it is important to understand the “Be Do Have” process. No matter what one desires, they must first “be” it, become it, then follow the inspired action steps to “do” it and then and only then will one “have” it.

Everything is created energetically before it ever manifests. You have to become the energetic equivalent of that which you desire first. So to “be” what one desires you have to become of the same vibrations/frequency of that which you desire. One way to do that is to visualize your desires to the point that you allow yourself to feel the joy that this desire will bring you. You feel the joy and happiness before it manifests. You have to come from the place of being the real you. You do not want to become attached to the specifics of what you are visualizing but to the energy, the vibration, the frequency, they feeling of what you are visualizing. To become energetically that which you desire also means one has to remove any outdated beliefs one may have been taught but no longer applies. If you have beliefs that do not feel good to you, do not reflect that which you are and or that which you want they must be replaced with one that does. How you view yourself, others, the world, life itself all affect your ability to become who you really are and the desires that reflect that. If you really love large cars but your thoughts and beliefs are otherwise like large cars are for greedy people, they use too much gas and I can’t afford it. Those thoughts will limit and block you from being, from becoming who you really are. Energetically you are the same as your love for that large car. You are how that feels to you on a vibrational/frequency level. The real you and the feeling are one in the same.

Once this occurs then the “do” becomes rather clear. When your vibrations/frequency reflect the desire, in that space is where you will hear your inspired thoughts, hear what your “gut” is telling you. Where your inspiration resides and where sense of knowing resides. Your actions reflect what you are feeling. What you say reflects your new beliefs. You then need to trust what you are inspired to do. Often we do not do that or we do for awhile then when the results do not happen fast enough we start to question and doubt. We sometimes become distracted and move in another direction with our focus. Where focus goes, energy flows. So you must keep your focus on your desire. Sometimes we will feel inspired to do something but can not see how it will lead to our desire manifesting. There are those who want to know the result before they follow any action steps they may feel inspired to do. There are also those who think they have to come up with the actions from their logical mind. The answers you seek as to how to do what it is you want to do reside with in you. The answers will come to you. You have to hear them, listen to them and follow them where ever they may lead you because ultimately it leads to your desire manifesting.

Manifesting or “having” is a process. You are always manifesting. You always “have” something. Sometimes what you “have” is not what you want. In every moment of every day you are always living your manifestations of what you have already energetically created. The “have” we are talking about here is “having” or manifesting with intent, on purpose, deliberately or consciously. What you desire manifests, unfolds through the course of time so that you can enjoy the journey to get there. It expands in its expression so that you can experience it and live it. The having is a journey to and towards. All along the way you have opportunities to strengthen, tweak, add and expand upon your desires. It is always on ongoing process. You are always being, doing and having. There are unlimited ways in which a desire can manifest in order for to “have” it. Be open to this and do not think you have to figure all that out. You will naturally lead yourself right towards it. Enjoy it as this leads to greater appreciation for all that you do have! That leads to greater manifestations for that which you want. It is all limitless!!!!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Feeling Stressed?

Stress seems to be one of things we all have experienced at one time or another. Many of us experience it on a daily basis while others only during certain times of our lives. Why is it that some seem to be less effected by stress than others? Why are some people so stressed out daily just from living? One thing is for sure, we all seem to know what it feels like and what effect it has on us. It is such a common experience that it just seems to be the norm if you are living in these modern times. The question is, just because it is common does that mean it is normal? My answer to that is no.

The most common perception and belief about stress is that the cause is some external pressure, that the source of the stress resides outside of your self, that some person, event or experience is the cause of the stress you are experiencing and to relieve the stress you need to change this sometimes unknown external force.

Most stress advice tells you to identify the source of your stress, look at your current coping methods before moving onto how to manage it. Typical management tips revolve around things that alter the experience like avoiding the people, experiences that are your source, cut down your to do list or managing your time better. Ever try to do these things but still feel stress? When you are stressed can you really see the big picture and be appreciative of the things in your life?

The reason why most stress management techniques do not work is because of where you see the stress coming from. Stress is not an external force coming from somebody or some other thing other than YOU. You are the source and as such you create your own stress. Stress is energy. This energy is caused when your thoughts, beliefs and emotions reflect something other than who you really are. So you have 2 different energies running around within and these 2 energies are not harmonious and in conflict with each other. If this continues long enough you get the physical symptoms of stress.

So here is an example of this works. If there is one thing that causes stress it is money matters. Your beliefs, thoughts and emotions that reflect not enough money, fear that there will not be enough money etc have a vibration/energy to them. Your desires to have more money, financial freedom, stability, or wealth also have energy/vibration to them. Those 2 energies are different and not harmonious. So you have the energy of the desires and the energy of beliefs and thoughts about those desires. If they are not harmonious with each other, are not aligned with each other, they then conflict with each other thus producing stress. Thus the physical symptoms you have of stress become indicators of stress. Where in your body you experience the stress indicates what beliefs and thoughts are in conflict with what you desire. As this relates to money, low back issues are an indicator of stress due to money concerns.

In order for any stress management technique you adopt to really work for you, you must get to the energy/ vibrational cause of the stress. You must shift that energy first then apply the techniques. You must change your thoughts, beliefs and perspective first. Ask yourself what is it that I believe about money? Now ask yourself, what is that I want to believe? In your answers can you feel the stress between those 2 thoughts? They feel different do they not? Which one feels better? Which one are you always focusing on? Which one should you focus on? Allow that better feeling to become a part of you. Now again ask yourself what is it that you believe about money?

Stress is not produced by any outside or external person, event or experience but by you. You are the source of your own stress and you are the one that can do something about it. Trying to change the external, the other will not relieve you of your stress. Only when you shift your energies will you get the relief you seek.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Feel Good Now

Many of us wait until we are feeling really bad before we decide we want to do something about it. We wait until we are depressed, fed up, unhappy, miserable and just can’t take it any more. We get tired of feeling the way we are feeling and then we wake up and decide it is time for a change. My question is why wait so long?

Then there are those of us who are feeling pretty good and figure we are feeling good enough. Like there is a limit or something as to how good you can feel. It is like we are saying I am going to feel this good and no more.

There is no limit on how good you can feel and a limitless number of ways you can feel good. There any number of things you can do to feel better. Feel better can be a stepping stone to feeling good. Just changing something in your life won’t do it. While you may feel better in the short term, it does not produce any lasting results. The reason for this is that you have not shifted your energy or vibrations but just placed a band aide on it. You have covered it up so to speak. Think about the times you were in a negative space and went shopping, had some drinks, read a book, went out into nature or whatever it is you do to try to feel better. Did that produce any lasting changes? There is something to be said about these activities. They do not produce any lasting results but they do create a space from which you can begin to get yourself into a better feeling space.

It is entirely possible to feel good right in this very moment. It is just a matter of perspective. It is a matter of shifting from where you are at to a better feeling place. So how does one do that? You have to create an internal change. You can set an intent that you are open to new opportunities that reflect how good you want to feel. You can visualize different experiences that reflect how good you want to feel. You have to look at what your emotions are telling you. You choose, you decide how good you want to feel. Be open to new ways of expressing who you really are. Make feeling good important to you.

How do you express who you really are so that you can experience that good feeling?

Monday, July 19, 2010

What do you Expect?

Expectation is closely related to knowing. It is a stepping stone to being in a state of knowing. It is more than being hopeful and certainly leads to experiencing more joy. There is much to be said for feeling a positive expectation. There is also much misunderstood about having a positive expectation.

Positive expectation means that you are looking forward, with a positive view point, towards the manifestation of a desire. Ones thoughts, perspective, beliefs and emotions all need to reflect this positive expectation. That is the real trick to experiencing a positive expectation. If you have a positive a positive expectation you also must allow yourself to experience that expectation.

Where we all get tripped up is we tend to be afraid to allow this because we do not want to be disappointed. Once that occurs, because of the way the Law of Attraction works, you will experience disappointment because that is where you have placed your focus. You thoughts, beliefs and emotions reflect not wanting to be disappointed which means you are focused on disappointment. Your focus needs to be placed on what you want to positively expect.

You can say you expect that a certain desire will manifest but if you believe otherwise, think otherwise and feel otherwise then you will manifest otherwise. Then when you experience disappointment as a result you say it was because you expected the desire to manifest and it did not. It is not the expectation that is the root of the disappointment. It is because of the fears that limited and blocked you from allowing yourself to experiencing the positive expectation of the desire manifesting.

Sometimes we have desires and positive expectations for others and in doing so experience disappointment when that desire does not manifest. There are several reasons for this. The first is we can only create for ourselves. The Law of Attraction responds to you and the energy and vibrations of what you are believing, thinking and feeling. When we have desires for another we tend to place that expectation on them and expect them to create what we desire for them. When they do not, we become disappointed and hurt. There are times when we have expectation and desires for another just so we can feel better.

It is ok and in fact a “good thing” to have positive expectations. Just release the emotional attachment to the outcome or result. Allow yourself to experience positive expectations as your stepping stone to being in a state of knowing. Release fears, shift the thoughts and beliefs that limit and block you and you will be able to experience positive expectations and manifest that which you desire.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Anything is Possible by Monica Garcia

Anything is Possible

I believe anything is possible

when you decide to live your life

with passion and purpose

with only Love

at the forefront of your life

releasing yourself from the past

and living only in the present moment

Embracing unwavering faith

and unbreakable hope

knowing failure is not an option

and giving up is not a choice


You finally reach that point

where your fears lose power over you

and you forge ahead anyway

keeping your eyes fixed on the

light at the end of the tunnel

knowing your goals clearly and definitely


Believing in your heart and mind

that good awaits you because

you deserve it - it's already yours

Understanding that strength and endurance

are born from deep within you

and they expand effortlessly outward in your life

spilling out and inspiring others

who happen to cross paths with you


Once you decide to use your God given gifts

and abilities for the greater good

to provide something positive 

something of significance and service to others

just to make a difference in the world

Everything changes


Everything falls into place

Doors open magically

and suddenly

the Universe conspires to make your greatest

dreams come true...


Like I said... Anything is possible


Monica Garcia Saenz © 2010


Saturday, July 10, 2010

It is All About You

It is All About You

The Ego as an Indicator. 

So many times we will hear someone say “It’s not all about you ya know” or the “World does not revolve around you” but it actually does just not in they way some may think it does. If a person is coming from an ago based perspective then their perception is all that matters is them, their desires, wants, or needs. The world exists to feed their ego and thus make them selves feel better, as short lived as that experience is. So they travel from one experience to another looking for the external world to validate them, their thoughts, feelings, desires and so on. From an ego based perspective it is all about the external world, all that resides outside of them or so then think anyway. This perspective is an incomplete understanding of our own creator abilities. They have an innate understanding, as we all do, as to how life is set up here in this physical reality. The human mind when it responds to the external world in fear, the ego is set up as a defense mechanism. While this was useful when humankind was more primitive and less aware, it is often times not needed in this era.

Many who are on a spiritual journey speak of the ego as a bad thing and how one must overcome it, rail against it, lessen its grip or hold over one. We prefer to think of the ego as an indicator. As an indicator it is telling you something so that you become more aware and are able to shift your perspective more to the center of self. The problem with the ego though is that it can blind one from seeing clearly. Because the ego has it roots in fear it is sometimes easier to address the fear rather than the ego reaction. The ego reaction is just telling you that you are reacting to some fear and are trying to protect yourself from an unknown danger. This ego reaction is basic and primal to humankind but when you shift your perspective on it, you can begin to see the role of the ego in a whole new light and your fear reactions become less severe. When you react in fear and you become aware of your ego reaction it is an opportunity for more awareness and a greater understanding of who you really are. It is in this fashion the ego and ego reactions are indicators for you.

If you do not feel very good about yourself, feel some level of powerlessness, your ego will tell you otherwise. It shows up as conceit, egotistical or narcissism in extreme forms. Your ego becomes your protection from the feelings you have. It puts a wall around them. However, on an energy level you still have those vibrations that reflect how you feel about yourself. You then have the energy of the thoughts that come from your ego protective state. Your reality becomes a reflection of these energies, the interplay of these energies that the Law of Attraction reflects back at you.

This protective state becomes difficult to maintain and one experiences a crash and the feelings underneath come flooding out. This experience is an opportunity to shift ones focus, expand ones perspective so that ones vibration and frequencies will raise and create a new reality as the result.

You can break your cycle once you realize that the ego is just an indicator of beliefs based in fear.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Illusion of Lack

There is a common belief that lack exists in our world. By lack we mean there is not enough of something or it is limited in its quantity. This is evident in the idea that there is a limited supply of just about anything you can think of like food, money, oil, cars etc. Some actually believe that “in order for me to have something then somebody else is going to go without”. As a society we have a whole system set up to count or measure the amount of anything. We then use that system as proof that there is a limited supply. Unless one is willing to see beyond what they see with their actual eyes they may not ever realize there is so much more.
This concept of lack or limitation is not only seen in the material things of our world but also within each individual. Do you think that you do not have patience or strength or love or friendship? Do you think you can only be so happy? If you are experiencing a stressful or trying situation and you feel that you do not have the strength to endure, the patience to cope, then you have a belief that you lack that which you want.

This belief is so predominate within us and society that it could be called a core belief and as such it is ones programming for how they view the world. Some might call this a subconscious belief for while you have this belief you may not be aware of it nor aware of the impact it has on your life. It operates on automatic or so it seems.

We call this an illusion because this belief is based in what one perceives with ones eyes or has come to know through experience but because we are powerful creators, we do not realize we are the ones creating this based on a belief that there is not enough of everything for everybody. It becomes a vicious cycle…you believe in a limit, a reality is created based on that belief and then through the Law of Attraction it is reflected back at you thereby offering proof or a confirmation that your belief is accurate.

We look at war and say we desire peace. We say there is no peace because we have war. Just because we have war does not mean that peace is absent or does not exist. It is there for despite war in one area many more are at peace. Just because we see violence in our society and count how often this occurs does not mean there is no peace for there are so many more living in peace. However we see the war and the violence and make a broad statement that our society is a violent society. This is a limiting perspective based on a set of criteria that is limiting in its scope. It gives us a skewed perspective. As an example if the violent crime rate for a city is 17, that means 17 out of 1,000 people experienced a violent crime. It is weighed based the entire population of that city. Sounds logical, doesn’t it?

What it is really doing is just reflecting back at us our belief that we have a violent society. How you react to this is an indicator as to if you have a belief that there is a lack of peace. How you judge this “fact” is an indicator of you have a belief in lack of peace. We actually have a society where both exist at the same time. It is when we try to quantify the “how much” of each exist that we run into trouble and begin to limit our perspective.

When you adopt the belief that the Universe as well as our world and us as individuals is always expanding it open you up to the limitless, the infiniteness of all that is. It becomes your perspective and effects how you view your world. You no longer rely on your eyes to confirm what you have come to believe. You become aware that all that you desire, you already are. That it all exists within you. You come to realize that you already are that which you want. You start to believe that you can be, do and have anything you desire from within.

Monday, July 5, 2010

We are Always Allowing

You may not realize this but everything that makes up your life, all those so many experiences you have, all the “stuff” in your life, is there because you have allowed it to be. It is the only way anything can manifest into your life. However what we tend to do is react as if all this stuff, all those experiences happen because of something else other than ourselves. Sometimes we are aware of what we are allowing to be but most of the time we are not because we never take the time to think about it. When you intently or deliberate allow with awareness and from desire...ah…now that is self empowerment!

A common belief is that through the Law of Attraction we “Attract” experiences, our stuff into our life. That is only part of it. The other part is how we allow it to manifest. When we want to manifest something we want, the allowing comes easy and we do it without thinking. When something manifests that we do not want or we think we do not want it we question how could this happen because there is no way we would attract something like this on purpose and for sure would never allow it to be on purpose had we known. That is the point….had you known…which means consciously, with intent and awareness.

So how is it we “allow”? Where ever you place your focus and attention is where your energy goes. Your energy then mirrors or becomes a match to the energy of what you are focusing and paying attention to. We refer to this as vibational alignment. When you are in vibrational alignment with something then you are allowing it to be for nothing can not manifest without this vibrational alignment. We are always vibrationally aligned with something.

Your emotions are a wonderful way of knowing, vibrationally speaking, what you are allowing. They are our internal guidance system. If you place your focus and attention onto something with a low vibration, we experience it through our emotions and we feel it as a fear based emotion such a anger, boredom, unhappiness or sadness to name a few. The same holds true for the higher vibrations we align with when our focus and attention is on something we desire. We experience it through our emotions such as love, joy, happiness or passion to name a few.

We have a free tool that will help you in determining what range of vibrations you are currently aligning with and what you are therefore allowing to manifest. We call it Determining Your Vibrational Range Sheet. It is easy to use and if you are honest with yourself, you will have an increase awareness of what you are aligning with and allowing to manifest based on your emotions as indicators. We will be happy to share this with you and all you have to do is email us at  and we will be happy to send it to you.