Friday, April 15, 2011

Excerpts from the article Living in Denial

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 Of late it has come into our awareness that many us without realizing it are living in denial of who we really are.  We all do this in some way or another and how it shows up in your life is in how you perceive yourself, how you are thinking about yourself and how you are feeling about yourself. It can show up in big ways as well as small ways. 

We all have things about ourselves that we do not like. It can be something out our physical bodies, something about our personality or something about how we act in certain situations. It really does not matter how it is showing up, it is in recognizing what it is telling us that matters. It is also important to look at how we are handling this to better understand who we really are.

You are empowered to be anything you desire. When you use your empowerment to be the catalyst for the change you desire, you will bring about that change.  It starts with accepting where you are right now, seeing yourself as a empowered person and using that empowerment to change your thoughts, beliefs and how you are feeling to reach new heights of empowerment. 


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Change Does Not Happen To You But Because Of You

Change is what must occur in order to manifest any desire. While there are times we feel change is being forced upon us, it is occurring in order for a desire to manifest, to become real. We often want something to manifest but are not always will to allow the necessary changes to occur in order to experience the manifestation. We tend to welcome the changes that are comfortable to us. We tend to resist those that require us to expand our comfort zone. Change occurs within us long before the results manifest.

Think about those times you really wanted something. Think about the changes that occurred first. Can you see yo changed something about you first before you ever manifested what you wanted? Change is always occurring but we often times do not think of it as change. Where we struggle is when the change is seen as unwanted. We then see it has happening to us, beyond our control.

When you are open to change in any form that you experience it in, it is easier to be more comfortable with it. You are then able to flow with life instead of resisting the flow of life. 

You are empowered to change anything, a thought, a belief, an emotion, your focus and even your perception. Energetically speaking that is what shifting is...creating change at the level of energy.

If you have a desire you wish to manifest and experience be open to the changes.  If you find  yourself resisting a change you think is unwanted or is being forced upon you, ask yourself what desire am I resisting? Where is the change taking me to?

When we are no longer able to change a situation, we are challenged to change ourselves.  ~Victor Frankl

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Taking Charge of Your Life

Have you been experiencing that there are times when life just seems to get away from us? We seem to have many distractions that are pulling us in several different directions at once. We seem to be pressured to be perfect at everything we do, pressured to produce, to perform to the standards that others have set for us but we accept as our own. We have work pressures, family pressures, societal pressures and financial pressures. This has become our norm so much to the point that we do not even realize that we are pressured. It can get very overwhelming. We, without realizing it, just react to what is going on in our lives.

The good news is there is something we can do about this in order to take charge of our lives. Life does not have to be this way. We can change it. You can change it! You can change anything and take charge of your own life.

These are just a few gentle reminders of what you can do when you find yourself having an experience that seems to be pulling you in a direction that you do not want to go in.

1 Be responsible – take responsibility for your life. It is your life, own it!
2 Choose wisely – you can make different choices that you are currently making.
3 Define your desires - what it is that you want out of life?
4 Quit the Blame Game – it is very easy to blame others when things do not go our way.
5 Follow Your Heart – Listen to your inner voice and follow it, trust it.
6 Stay Focused – do not lose sight of what it is you desire
7 Be who you really are – Be the real you, not the you others think you should be
8 Do not let other control you – Others will try to control you, do not let them. Stay away from them if you have to.
9 Take time for yourself – make it a point to take time for yourself and do something that is pleasing to you.
10 Act not react – Do not just react to what you are experiencing, take a step back, process it and then decide how are you going to act, what action are you going to take.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The 10 Keys To Self Empowerment - Key 10


We create our own life, our own reality based on our beliefs. Beliefs that reflect who we really are is the key to self empowerment. We all have many beliefs but when it comes to self empowerment belief in who we really are is the key to unlocking your own self empowerment. Who do you believe yourself to be? Are those beliefs based in fear? If so you are creating an illusion that you are not self empowered and will experience powerlessness. If your beliefs are based in joy and knowing then they are a reflection of who you really are, you are experiencing self empowerment. Who do you know yourself to be? How you answer that will indicate if you see yourself as a self empowered creator or not.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The 10 Keys To Self Empowerment - Key 9


Faith and Trust work hand in hand with each other. When you are using your trust you are also using your faith. You are empowered when those two are in alignment with each other. You are using them together in harmony. Faith is often used to mean a particular religious belief but that is not the faith we are speaking of here. The faith we are speaking of relates to hopefulness. Faith is related to confidence as well. When you are empowered you are confident. Faith is a stepping stone to knowing. Faith is the foundation of self empowerment. When you are feeling powerless, you may think you do not have faith but actually you are just not using the faith that you do have. Faith also grows and expands as does trust the more you use it. Faith is within you and can be expressed through you into your life.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

The 10 Keys To Self Empowerment - Key 8


When you begin to trust yourself, trust your instincts and trust your feelings you are using this key to unlock your self empowerment. You trust in the fact that no matter what you are experiencing you created it for your own greater good. You also trust that even though you do not have all your answers, they will come in time. You do not always need to know how but you trust that the “how” will show itself to you. You trust in the process. Some may talk about trusting in a higher power, something outside of ourselves that is greater than we are. When you are using your self empowerment you trust that you and that higher power are in alignment, that you are one with that higher power and therefore it works through you. That higher power is not outside of you but within you. If you place trust in anything that you see as outside of you, you are creating an illusion that you are not empowered and something body or something is. To experience even more self empowerment you must use your trust.

Friday, April 1, 2011

ITSC Coaching Internet Radio Show Topics For April

ITSC Coaching can be hear every 
Friday on blogtalkradio at 4 PM EST

Our show topics for April are:

April 1  - Being a take Charge Creator - you can take charge of your life
by creating  with intent.
April 8 - Do my Creations match my Desires- often 
what we create do not match what it is we want.
April 15 - Over Analyze You Paralyze - sometimes we over think the Law of 
Attraction and this leads to us not being able to create what we want
April 22 - Manifesting your Desires - We are always 
manifesting but are we manifesting based on creating from what we want. 
April 29 - Your Life Your Power Your Manifestations - We will be wrapping
up our discussions on the Law of Attraction in Depth by discussing
how to use your power to have the life you want.

On these shows we will be talking in depth on how to apply the law of attraction in your life.
All shows are recorded and can be heard on demand. 

The 10 Keys To Self Empowerment - Key 7


The more awareness of self you have the more self empowered you are. Are you aware of your feelings, your emotions, your beliefs, your thoughts, your creations, your manifestations and who you really are? Your ability to be self aware is limitless. It is an ongoing process that is ever expanding. Are you aware to your own greatness? Are you aware of all the joy and happiness in your life? What are you aware of? This all works hand in hand with the other keys to self empowerment. We tend to think of them separately but they actually all work together. When you expand your self awareness you are able to shift your focus, perspective and perception. You allow yourself to feel, you are taking responsibility for your own life and self empowerment, you are involved at the level of self. All these factor into your self awareness. Many strive for heightened levels of self awareness but in the striving is what is blocking you from your experience of it. You do not achieve self awareness; it is something you already are.