Thursday, May 26, 2011


We have come to know that The Secret is based on The Law Of Attraction, which simply dictates “Like Attracts Like”.  Further we have come to learn that The Secret /The Law Of Attraction are solely based on “how we feel”.  In other words, how we feel at any given time on any given subject is a good indication of what we are in the process of creating and bringing into our own personal reality.  With all that being said, what really does matter?!!!
Let’s examine this question for a moment, shall we.  When we are in the creation process, really every second of every day, we are trying to bring into our path a certain feeling, usually a good feeling.  Whatever it is we are trying to create, it is a feeling we are seeking.  Whether it is an object – some device we feel will make our life better or more enjoyable, an item – a report we are working on for work, hoping to hear the praises of our boss, or simply more freedom within our hectic life so that we can have more time to enjoy our journey.  Each of those examples has attached to them certain feelings.  The attached feelings are truly what we are seeking, not necessarily the items themselves.  Certainly the items themselves being successfully completed are a plus, but it is the underlying feeling that we really are trying to achieve and manifest.  When we fall short of our desires is when the sought after feeling is lost……or is it.  This is where your choice in perspectives is extremely important!  Using the examples above, the device, let’s say it was suppose to be the top of the line i-pod, which didn’t manifest just as you desired, but did manage to manifest an mp3 player.  A friend gave you an old one they were no longer using.  It worked and it did achieve the underlying desire to provide music when you were working out.  However, because you did not manifest the ipod, you now feel cheated by The Law of Attraction.  “Perspective Shift Time”!!!  While you did not manifest exactly what your intended desire was, you were able to satisfy the overall desire.  Therefore, when you change your perspective, your desire was secured.  Next the business report.  You completed it and gave it to your boss.  Your desire was to receive an abundance of praises from your boss, however, you merely received a simple “thank you”.  This left you feeling less than adequate for the services you rendered to your boss.  “Perspective Shift Time”!!!  Sure you worked your heart out on the business report and you know you gave 110% while working on the business report and you know it was a fantastic report that will have a positive impact on the company and bring success beyond what your company is currently seeing.  We tend to all too quickly excuse the self praise we give ourselves at times, thinking that it means little to nothing as it didn’t come from someone else.  But the self praise did make us feel fantastic!  Therefore, when you change your perspective, your desire was secured – you did get praised, just not from your boss.  But who is to say that after your boss presents the report to the company, because you did adopt that personal triumph perspective, that in the future you won’t receive the praise you originally were seeking.  Had you not adopted that new perspective who knows what The Law of Attraction would have brought into your reality!!!  Remember, like attracts like!!!  Lastly let’s look at the desire for more freedom within your life.  Perhaps all that manifested was an extra hour for your lunch break.  You feel short changed as you were hoping the lottery was going to come in for you and all you would have was freedom.  “Perspective Shift Time”!!!  We all would like to have the freedom a lottery win may bring, but being grateful and appreciative of the little things that cross our path is just as important.  Having the perspective that an extra hour at lunch certainly did improve your mood for the day, lending you the opportunity to not just rest but reflect as well at how much you appreciate little times where you can have for yourself to just rest, be still and truly appreciate all that you have and all that you know you can create!  Slight perspective shifts in each scenario is all it took to observe what really mattered within each situation.  Allowing the real you to emerge and experience what really mattered, what was really important…….feeling good with each desire’s outcome.  Keeping open to all the rich possibilities and most importantly seeing the value within each outcome and enjoying your response to the fullest.  That is what really matters, what we do with what we create, knowing that if it wasn’t a perfect match, when you change your perspective, it was indeed a match – we just had not afforded ourselves the perspective to fully appreciate what we had created!
So what really matters?  A great question if ever we have heard one!  Join Mary Anne and Dave as they dialog on this very intriguing topic, “What Really Matters”.  Visit Friday May 27th, at 4pm (est) and listen in as they tackle this very question!  
Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy & Dave Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches


Monday, May 23, 2011

Creating With Intent

 There is a common misunderstanding as to what Creating with Intent really means. Creating with intent is not the same as creating an intention to be/do/have something. When you use an intention statement, in the form of a positive affirmation, to create an intention you will often see it formed like this.... "I intend to experience prosperity and abundance in my life" or you might see "I intend that my business is flourishing and income is flowing freely". Another way it is common to use these statements is to say...."It is my intention to let go of fear with ease and grace". When you use these types of statements you are creating an intention. This puts what it is you desire to manifest into the future. Energetically, it puts your manifestation into some future point of time. These types of statements are not definitive statements. Why would you intend to manifest something? Why not just manifest it?

Creating with intent however is creating with focus, attention as in the word intensity. It is creating with intensity, the intensity of your focus, attention....your energy.  This brings your energy into the present moment. The Law of Attraction responds to your energy, what you are feeling. The stronger the intensity of your desire, the larger the manifestation of that desire.

When you create with intent, you have a vision, you can feel that vision. You focus your energy, your thoughts on how that vision feels. When you hold onto this you can actually feel the energy grow and expand.

All things are created energetically long before they ever manifest.If you want to manifest something do not intend to do so but do so with intent, with the intensity of your energy and let that energy grow and expand.  

Thursday, May 19, 2011


 “Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence”.  Now there is a real thought provoking statement if we have ever heard one.  While it is thought provoking it is most certainly one of the most true statements we have heard as well.  To properly create our journeys however, we must look beyond logic to be as successful as we would like to be.
Societal conditioning plays a large role when it comes to creating through logic.  It happens each and every day.  Read the newspaper, listen to the radio or simply just turn on your television and you will be conditioned by society without ever realizing it is taking place.  It happens through advertising as well as happening through the news being presented to you via any of the mentioned vehicles.  You are offered perspectives on each of those subjects, a perspective which is viewed as acceptable societal perspectives.  Most of us adopt the perspective that is offered as it is easy to do so.  I heard it on the radio, therefore it must be true.  I saw it on the television, therefore it must be true.  I read it in the newspaper, therefore it must be true.  Each of us falls victim to it as we all have been conditioned at some point in our early life that if information is put across to us via the media in whatever form there has to be some truth to it.  Otherwise it is slanderous and the provider of the information will suffer ugly consequences for putting forth lies.  This is only true in the perfect world as we know behind all information presented to us, there are only a few truths.  One of which is societal conditioning, as the powers that be want us to think a certain way for whatever reasoning they have at that moment.  Another is for pure profit.  How many times have you seen something work simply fantastic on TV only to go out and buy the item to suffer disappointment, not mention being feeling as though you wasted your money.  You see, logic plays directly into these scenarios.   
 As it is our logical mind that is telling us that it must be true otherwise the provider of the information just wouldn’t be saying it!  Go back to the beginning of this paragraph and re-read it to fully understand the concept we are talking about here.  Further, think back to when the information was first presented to you via any of the formats discussed.  Really think back to that exact time.  Now that you have that time fully resurrected within your memory bank, now think back to what your “gut” was telling you then.  Be honest!  We are sure you will remember feeling something such as this: “that information just isn’t feeling as those it is really accurate”, “my gut is telling me that the product being offered will not give me the results that are being shown”, “yea right, that course will not make me a millionaire over night”.  But we allow our logical mind to override our gut most of the time.  Why you ask, mostly because we view the information that we are hearing or seeing as a way to make our life easier in some form or fashion, therefore it must be truthful.  All the while our “gut” is telling us otherwise.  
 We have been taught to listen to our logical mind rather than our “gut instincts” as we are taught to live life from the standpoint that we are not individuals.  Living life from the “individual” standpoint makes us greedy, unkind and worse yet very uncaring towards our fellow man.  Think about this for a moment, let your “gut” do your thinking and not your logical mind!  What is your “gut” telling you now?  What is your “gut” allowing you to feel?  Perhaps it is now time to begin to feel your own power, to self-empower yourself within your journey to begin to live the life you came forth to experience, and experience in the manner in which you want to experience it and not how someone else tells you that you should be experiencing it.  Remember, only you can create your journey, no one else can do it for you, only you! 
With that in mind, give some real thought to the opening statement” “Logic is a systematic method of coming to the wrong conclusion with confidence”.  Feel different now doesn’t it?!  Interesting when you begin living life through a self empowered perspective, now isn’t it?!!!
Bring your new self empowered perspective with you as you learn more about “Looking Beyond Logic” Friday on Blog Talk Radio when Mary Anne and Dave dialog on this very topic!  Go to and listen in or join in the dialog.  Friday, May 20, 2011 from 4pm to 5pm est.  Build upon your newly form perspective, bringing forth the real you and begin to create and manifest that which you truly desire!  We look forward to dialoging with you!
Until then, enjoy your new found self empowering new perspective and truly begin to experience all that you desire!  Remember, it is only you that can create for you, no one else, only you!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches

Friday, May 13, 2011

Uncovering The Real Secret

By now everyone has heard of “The Secret” and most know it as this: just think of something that you want, put your focus on “that” and viola “that” very item will at some point within the near future will miraculously appear into your reality!  That is what some folks actually get out of watching the movie “The Secret”.  Much to their dismay, whatever “that” was that they were seeking doesn’t appear into their reality and they are left fretting and telling everyone that “The Secret” is a load of hogwash and doesn’t work.  It didn’t work for them and couldn’t possibly work for anyone else as they paid attention to the movie and followed the instructions exactly as they were laid out!  Anyone that says it works is either lying or were born rich!  This is what we call the wonderful misconception with regards to “The Secret”.
When one truly uncovers the real information with regards to “The Secret” they begin to understand that it really has nothing to do with what you merely think about during the hours of your day you are awake!  It goes far beyond that concept, but truly is just that easy!  We think that is the hard part that makes understanding “The Secret” so difficult for so many individuals.  It really is that easy. 
First we must realize that we are all creator beings.  You have to understand that basic information before you can search and learn any farther.  You are within the physical plane to create the journey you are on.   However you come to understand this concept (with God’s help, Allah’s help, any form of Spiritual thought process you may subscribe to) you can then dive further into understanding this wonderful “Law of Attraction”.  As most realize, by this point in time, “The Secret IS The Law of Attraction”.  We mention that here, just in case you didn’t know that already.   Further, most do know, but not all, that “The Law of Attraction” simple dictates that “Like IS Attracted To Like”.  Now that we have those two details out of the way, let us continue to reveal “The Real Secret Behind The Secret”.
Just merely “thinking” something into your existence will not bring whatever it is you are trying to manifest into existence.  We know most of you are by now saying, “well why not!”.  Good question that we will answer for you right now.  Because “The Secret or rather The Law of Attraction” does not respond to your thoughts!  It fully responds to “How You Feel”.  That is the realness behind “The Law of Attraction”.  You see, it doesn’t matter what you think.  How many times have you tried to “think” yourself into a better mood, either through mere thoughts or by saying a positive affirmation over and over and over.  And to no end, your mood really doesn’t get any better.  That is because each time you say that thought to yourself, nothing really improves and you tell yourself that this stuff doesn’t work , which makes you feel even worse!  But that is when you should have your “A-HA Moment” as there is your proof that it is working.  “The Law of Attraction” is absolutely working as it is responding to how you feel, which is miserable!  Remember, “like attracts like”. That is “The Real Secret”, “The Law of Attraction” responds to “HOW YOU FEEL – NOT WHAT YOU THINK”!  What an amazing piece of information!  Now that you are beginning to understand the reality behind “The Law of Attraction” what do you do with this new information to make your journey a reflection of your desires.  Yet another good question!  What we generally help people do is recognize when they have to shift their perspective on something.  As it is usually a wrong perspective on something that really is making you feel lousy.  By addressing that issue, your perspective, you can now begin to make yourself feel better, or as we like to say begin to raise your vibrations into the higher end of the spectrum.  Ask us for our “Determine Your Vibrational Range Sheet” to really help you with this aspect. 
So there you have it, “The Secret Behind The Secret”!  Your feelings are your “Operating System” or as we like to refer to them, “The Language of Self”.  It really is your communications system between your “physical Self” (what you see in the mirror) and your “Non-Physical Self” (the aspect you feel of yourself).  Your feelings are your powerful tools to create with “The Law of Attraction”.  Your feelings are your guidance points to create the life that you desire!  Your feelings are your creative tools when it comes to “The Law of Attraction”.  Begin to pay attention to your feelings, listen to your gut and did we mention, “PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR FEELINGS” and you will begin to live the life you desire rather than live the life you dread!  Take a quick minute and think about all this, what do you have to lose…….except perhaps a life that you really aren’t too fond of at this point!
To learn more about “The Real Secret” join us on Friday for our Blog Talk Radio Show, where we will dialog in depth about this very topic!  Join us at    You can just listen in or join the show either through our chat room or by phoning into the show!  Begin to deliberately create the life you are seeking, begin to experience your desires rather than just wishing you were!  Come and learn about “The Law of Attraction”, so you too can be the one that everyone just looks at and wishes they were you!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches

Monday, May 9, 2011

Are your Beliefs Limiting?

Have you thought about what it is that you believe? Beliefs are the foundation of where we create our lives from. A belief is a chronic and persistent thought that we have held onto over the course of time. We have thought it so many times that it has become a belief. 

A belief can be and often are limiting. This means that if you are not willing to shift, expand or change a belief you are limiting yourself to the possibilities that life can have for you. What you believe yourself to be is what you will be and what you are. This belief effects your perception and perspective on who you say you are. 

If you believe yourself to be something other than who you really are, then that belief is limiting you in your ability to not only be who you are but to experience yourself as a whole and complete being. 

Do you believe that you are not good enough, smart enough, pretty enough? That there is not enough "stuff" to go around? That there is not enough "time", not enough "food", not enough of______ you fill in the blank. These are all limiting beliefs that stem from a core belief that there is something "lacking". There is something "lacking" in you, your life and in the world as a whole.

If when you pay your bills you think or are worried, concerned that you will not or do not have enough money to do so, then this is an indicator that you have a belief that there is only so much money to go around and you do not have enough. This is a limiting belief that is keeping you from being able to have more of what you want.How can you possibly manifest more money when you believe that you do not have enough in the first can't happen.

Limiting beliefs will block you so to speak from manifesting a desire. How can you possibly loose weight when you believe yourself to be fat, see yourself as fat and feel fat. It can't happen.

Here is a little exercise you can do to help you identify your limiting beliefs.
1. Write down a heartfelt desire you have that has not manifested yet.
2. Write down your thoughts in relation to this desire.
3. Write down how those thoughts make you feel
4. From what you wrote in 1-3 what does that tell you that you are believing about the desire. 

You can do this for any desire. In our next post we will talk about how to shift and expand ones beliefs... but until then you can work on exploring your beliefs and identify those that you feel are limiting you from being who you really are and having your desires manifest.    

Mary Anne Cipressy
David Trippany
ITSC Coaching

Friday, May 6, 2011


We all have the ability to create the life that we seek. However, most of us for whatever reason, fail to realize this one simple aspect of our existence: that we are the creator of our own journey. As we know, the Law of Attraction dictates that “Like Is Attracted To Like”. And we all know that the “Law Of Attraction” responds to how we are feeling at any given moment in time. With these two facts being stated, one should begin to realize the amazing power they have with regards to creating their own journey.

It truly is an amazing power when you stop to think about it for a quick minute. Imagine if you will, your life as you absolutely want it to be. Have fun with that imagination. Think and feel every aspect as you truly want them to be each day of your life. Don’t be shy about it, go for broke with this exercise. But while you are doing this keep this one simple rule in place. Make sure that everything you imagine for your life is a “true heartfelt desire”. In other words, make sure that your imagination is as real as possible. Don’t just think that you want money, think of what you want to do with that money, as that is where you really need to place your focus. Now that you have this fantastic visualization going, you really are beginning to feel that your imagination is real and you wonder if you haven’t crossed into the twilight zone as it does feel so real, you then need to do only one thing……..realize that you created it! True, it is only in your mind’s eye, however, you need to know that it is as real as if you were truly living that dream. Sure, at this point in time, you may not be living that dream. But you have set into motion a very powerful aspect of your journey. Your creative aspect! Let us remind you, it is not what you are seeing in your mind’s eye, it is what you are feeling throughout your entire being. That is the aspect that you truly need to focus on. Remember, the “Law of Attraction” responds to how you feel, not what you think or do! So if you are feeling this magnificent imagined life within your mind’s eye, then could you not say that you have just begun to exercise you powerful creative aspect, took charge of your creative abilities, set into motion that desire to live the life you truly want? The answer to all the foregoing questions is “yes”!

While this is a very basic example of what we are talking about when we say “Be A Take Charge Creator”, is does illustrate the point fairly accurately. Now we know some of you out there are thinking that it just can’t be that easy, but rest assured it is. The true secret is understanding that it is all about how you feel and not what you think. Think of this one item for a moment. You keep thinking to yourself that you are a happy go lucky individual, nothing bothers you and that you live a stress free life. However, you feel miserable, lately everything tugs at a nerve and you are living under levels of stress that you are sure are going to do you in very soon! What do you feel the “Law of Attraction” will respond to, what you are thinking or what you are feeling? Most will say what you think. Which the very next statement they will have is “this Law of Attraction stuff doesn’t work!” when all the while it is working brilliantly. Remember, the “Law of Attraction” responds to how we feel!! So within the above analogy, while you are thinking everything is fine – you are feeling absolutely miserable! You see, you are a truly magnificent and powerful creator, you just were never taught, really taught, how your power truly works.

Become a “Take Charge Creator” and truly begin to create the life you desire. Start today! You deserve to live the best life possible! The only one stopping you, is you! It is important to know that only you can create the life you desire. The reason being is because only you know what your heartfelt desires truly are within the life you are living! When you realize that and realize just how powerful your creative abilities are within this physical plane, then you too will become that “Take Charge Creator” you always wanted to become, but just weren’t sure how to go about it.

Listen in the our Blog Talk Radio show this Friday and learn more about this fascinating topic, “BEING A TAKE CHARGE CREATOR”! Mary Anne and Dave will be dialoging on this very topic, helping you gather all the tools you require to become the intentional creator of your journey. Visit us at Fridays at 4pm eastern and begin to take charge of your journey and “Become A Take Charge Creator”!

Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!

Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany

ITSC Life Coaches

Monday, May 2, 2011

Obstacles or Opportunities

Is an obstacle or challenge really an obstacle? The answer to this question depends on how you view and think about the obstacle.  There are somethings about what we call obstacles that may help you answer this question.

Many so called obstacles are actually self created in our minds. They are not actually real. The only place they exist is in our mind. It is out thinking,beliefs that are creating them in the first place. They then become powered by our emotional reaction.

As an example say you have a desire to be more organized...yet you have identified your self as a procrastinator. You now see this aspect of yourself as an obstacle or challenge to you being organized. You think you must overcome your procrastination in order to be organized. Yet with each attempt you fall short and grow increasingly more frustrated with each attempt. 

The reason for all of this is cause you have set up in your mind that your procrastination is what is keeping you from being organized. You have identified the procrastination as the cause of you not becoming organized. You have created the obstacle of procrastination as what is standing in your way. When what is standing in your way is this thought process. It is the thought process that you have created that is creating this illusion that procrastination is the obstacle.

In all of this though there is an opportunity to experience growth.  The procrastination and the desire to be organized  really have nothing to do with each other than the fact that you have declared it so. So what you want to do is to focus on the desire it self and not the procrastination. You want to declare your self as organized and then more forward from there. You want to then look at ways that feel good to you that help you experience more organization. Focus on the organization and not the procrastination. This will help you easily shift  towards what you want without having to overcome anything.