Monday, May 2, 2011

Obstacles or Opportunities

Is an obstacle or challenge really an obstacle? The answer to this question depends on how you view and think about the obstacle.  There are somethings about what we call obstacles that may help you answer this question.

Many so called obstacles are actually self created in our minds. They are not actually real. The only place they exist is in our mind. It is out thinking,beliefs that are creating them in the first place. They then become powered by our emotional reaction.

As an example say you have a desire to be more organized...yet you have identified your self as a procrastinator. You now see this aspect of yourself as an obstacle or challenge to you being organized. You think you must overcome your procrastination in order to be organized. Yet with each attempt you fall short and grow increasingly more frustrated with each attempt. 

The reason for all of this is cause you have set up in your mind that your procrastination is what is keeping you from being organized. You have identified the procrastination as the cause of you not becoming organized. You have created the obstacle of procrastination as what is standing in your way. When what is standing in your way is this thought process. It is the thought process that you have created that is creating this illusion that procrastination is the obstacle.

In all of this though there is an opportunity to experience growth.  The procrastination and the desire to be organized  really have nothing to do with each other than the fact that you have declared it so. So what you want to do is to focus on the desire it self and not the procrastination. You want to declare your self as organized and then more forward from there. You want to then look at ways that feel good to you that help you experience more organization. Focus on the organization and not the procrastination. This will help you easily shift  towards what you want without having to overcome anything.

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