Thursday, May 26, 2011


We have come to know that The Secret is based on The Law Of Attraction, which simply dictates “Like Attracts Like”.  Further we have come to learn that The Secret /The Law Of Attraction are solely based on “how we feel”.  In other words, how we feel at any given time on any given subject is a good indication of what we are in the process of creating and bringing into our own personal reality.  With all that being said, what really does matter?!!!
Let’s examine this question for a moment, shall we.  When we are in the creation process, really every second of every day, we are trying to bring into our path a certain feeling, usually a good feeling.  Whatever it is we are trying to create, it is a feeling we are seeking.  Whether it is an object – some device we feel will make our life better or more enjoyable, an item – a report we are working on for work, hoping to hear the praises of our boss, or simply more freedom within our hectic life so that we can have more time to enjoy our journey.  Each of those examples has attached to them certain feelings.  The attached feelings are truly what we are seeking, not necessarily the items themselves.  Certainly the items themselves being successfully completed are a plus, but it is the underlying feeling that we really are trying to achieve and manifest.  When we fall short of our desires is when the sought after feeling is lost……or is it.  This is where your choice in perspectives is extremely important!  Using the examples above, the device, let’s say it was suppose to be the top of the line i-pod, which didn’t manifest just as you desired, but did manage to manifest an mp3 player.  A friend gave you an old one they were no longer using.  It worked and it did achieve the underlying desire to provide music when you were working out.  However, because you did not manifest the ipod, you now feel cheated by The Law of Attraction.  “Perspective Shift Time”!!!  While you did not manifest exactly what your intended desire was, you were able to satisfy the overall desire.  Therefore, when you change your perspective, your desire was secured.  Next the business report.  You completed it and gave it to your boss.  Your desire was to receive an abundance of praises from your boss, however, you merely received a simple “thank you”.  This left you feeling less than adequate for the services you rendered to your boss.  “Perspective Shift Time”!!!  Sure you worked your heart out on the business report and you know you gave 110% while working on the business report and you know it was a fantastic report that will have a positive impact on the company and bring success beyond what your company is currently seeing.  We tend to all too quickly excuse the self praise we give ourselves at times, thinking that it means little to nothing as it didn’t come from someone else.  But the self praise did make us feel fantastic!  Therefore, when you change your perspective, your desire was secured – you did get praised, just not from your boss.  But who is to say that after your boss presents the report to the company, because you did adopt that personal triumph perspective, that in the future you won’t receive the praise you originally were seeking.  Had you not adopted that new perspective who knows what The Law of Attraction would have brought into your reality!!!  Remember, like attracts like!!!  Lastly let’s look at the desire for more freedom within your life.  Perhaps all that manifested was an extra hour for your lunch break.  You feel short changed as you were hoping the lottery was going to come in for you and all you would have was freedom.  “Perspective Shift Time”!!!  We all would like to have the freedom a lottery win may bring, but being grateful and appreciative of the little things that cross our path is just as important.  Having the perspective that an extra hour at lunch certainly did improve your mood for the day, lending you the opportunity to not just rest but reflect as well at how much you appreciate little times where you can have for yourself to just rest, be still and truly appreciate all that you have and all that you know you can create!  Slight perspective shifts in each scenario is all it took to observe what really mattered within each situation.  Allowing the real you to emerge and experience what really mattered, what was really important…….feeling good with each desire’s outcome.  Keeping open to all the rich possibilities and most importantly seeing the value within each outcome and enjoying your response to the fullest.  That is what really matters, what we do with what we create, knowing that if it wasn’t a perfect match, when you change your perspective, it was indeed a match – we just had not afforded ourselves the perspective to fully appreciate what we had created!
So what really matters?  A great question if ever we have heard one!  Join Mary Anne and Dave as they dialog on this very intriguing topic, “What Really Matters”.  Visit Friday May 27th, at 4pm (est) and listen in as they tackle this very question!  
Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy & Dave Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches


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