Wednesday, June 29, 2011


How many times have you felt all alone?   Be honest with yourself when you answer that question!  Most of us at one time or another have felt that very way, all alone!  At those moments in time we fail to realize what a great and unique relationship we truly have with ourselves.  We, in those moments, are as far from ourselves as we can possibly be, and we never realize it is only a perspective.  We can never separate the two aspects of our being, the physical from the non physical.  That is like trying to separate each individual ray of sunshine from the sun as the beams reach the earth.  Virtually impossible to do so, even though there are trillions upon trillions of rays that make up the sunshine as we know them.  We are the same, we can’t separate our beings, as it is that vary uniqueness that makes us who we are while on this physical plane.  It is that relationship that makes us so very special and unique.  This is why when we do feel all alone it is only a mere perspective that has us feeling that way.  We are never alone, never! 
Let’s explore that thought for just a moment.  Have you ever had a conversation with yourself?  Sure you have, we all do it, nearly on an hourly basis.  Whether you are just mulling over your thoughts, trying to make a decision or just having a simple day dream – you are conversing with yourself.  It is a real conversation as within that conversation you experience a wide array of emotions, you answer yourself and you have that unique ability to either make yourself feel better or feel worse – just as you do when you interact with another human being.  Think about it, you always have someone with you, every second of every minute, you have you!  Don’t think so, go to a mirror and look at yourself.  Look long, hard and deeply within that being you see staring back at you in the mirror.  Then say “hello”!  Start a conversation, no matter how silly you may feel in doing so, start that conversation.  Before long, you will begin to understand that your best friend within this physical plane is looking back at you!  The being that will never steer you in the wrong direction, the being that always without fail or doubt has your back, the being that knows you like no other being and yes the being that loves you beyond measure…….is the being that you are conversing with, is the being that is looking back at you, is the being that with every thought, every utterance (whether verbal or non verbal) is actually saying how much they love you and how much they want you to experience every desire that you have ever had or ever will have and further more will help you with all their might to get you to the point of manifesting and experiencing each of those desires!  Now how magnificent is that?!  How wonderful of a gift is that?!!!  That is truly how special and unique our relationship is with ourselves!  Discovering this perspective, that being “alone” is just that a “perspective” allows us to discover what life really is all about, why we decided to come forth into this physical reality in the first place and that when we decided to birth ourselves into this journey we know beyond any doubt that we would never be alone.  We would always have a great gift, we would always have ourselves, hence never being alone!
When you begin to realize this great gift we have in self, you begin to realize that magic, what we perceive to be magic anyways, that we posses within the creation process.  Imagine, if you will for one minute, this thought.  You realize a desire that you have, one that you truly want to manifest and experience.  Makes no difference what this desire is, only matters that it is heartfelt and you know it is!  You have it realized in your mind’s eye, you feel on every level of your being.  But this time you have the knowledge that you are not alone, you have that magnificent gift of “self” and the understanding of what “self” is truly all about!  With that understanding at hand, you now can begin to create in a whole new way, as now you can truly interact with your greatest gift, “yourself” and in a very creative and deliberate way.  You can now allow “self” to help guide you in the direction of the true manifestation and experience of that very heartfelt desire!  Who cares how long it may take, makes no difference as now you know beyond doubt that it is not just your physical self creating the desire, but your non physical self as well.  You begin to enjoy the journey just a little more as you now understand the sentiment, “a joy that is shared is a joy made double, while a sorrow that is shared is but half a trouble”!  You begin to know, you begin a deep seeded belief that you are never alone, that you always have you to count on for anything at anytime in anyplace!  How magnificent is that!
Begin to understand yourself, begin to deliberately have conversations with yourself and you will truly begin to live life from a new and most empowering perspective.  A perspective that will serve you in ways that you never thought possible as you will now have a guide that now only knows each and every desire you have but further knows how to assist you in not just manifesting these heartfelt desires but in the most deepest and meaningful way to experience them! 
“SELF” the most magnificent gift we have within this physical place, yet it is the one gift we so often overlook.  Just realize that this amazing best friend, this amazing best friend that truly wants joy, happiness and love with our lives is merely a thought away!  Imagine that, just a thought away!  How empowering is that, how beautiful is that, how magnificent is that?!!!!  Puts an amazing perspective on “SELF” now doesn’t it?!!!  Sure does!
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Until then, begin to understand the vast uniqueness of “SELF”, begin to understand the magnificent gift we each have within “SELF” and you too will begin to live and experience a life of desire.  Until then, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David W. Trippany
Life Coaches with ITSC, LLC.

Monday, June 27, 2011

The Uniqueness of Self

 Life coaches Mary Anne and David dialog on the unique relationship we all have with "self". We often do not take the time to listen to "self". David and Mary Anne will be giving you tips on how to develop this relationship so that you put "self" back into the equation of your life.
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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Benefits of ITSC Coaching

Through our services you will have the opportunity to: 

v     Have a coaching program that is designed and tailored uniquely for you. 
v     Recognize and understand who you really are.
v     Identify your true heart felt desires.
v     Learn the tools needed to create manifest and experience those desires.
v     Become aware of your limits and blocks in thinking that stand in your way of experiencing your desires.
v     Expand your thinking and awareness.
v     Obtain a new perspective from which you can better embrace your belief system.

We at ITSC look forward to developing a program that is just for you, a program that is based in success rather than failure. Let ITSC be the personal coach that encompasses all of you, not just part of you. 

You can begin the life you desire today, without having to look back. It doesn’t matter if it is simple as wanting to feel better or as large as wanting to start your own business. It doesn’t matter if it is wanting to have better personal relationships or become a successful leader with the corporate world. We at ITSC can offer you a new starting point. It is up to you and only you to create, manifest and experience the life that you desire.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


How good is your relationship with you?  Now that is a good question if ever we have heard one!  When most people are asked that question they begin their answer with a very puzzled look and then a feeble attempted answer where they say something along the lines of just fine.  But really their answer began and ended with the puzzled look, as they truly had no idea what they were being asked.  Not all their fault as we are conditioned to not think in terms of ourselves.  Society has conditioned us to take "self" out of our thought process.  Rather thinking in terms of everyone else as if you think of "self" you are being selfish, thoughtless and usually mean spirited.  But the opposite is the real truth.  When you think and "FEEL" in terms of self, you are being and bringing forth the absolute best "YOU" into this physical reality, therefore creating a world that shares within your best possible light!  In other words, when you celebrate the splendor of your greatness and bring forth that greatness you are actually assisting others in doing the very same, so everyone is bringing forth their unique vibration from that of source, their unique vibration from that of God, which ever you prefer, both mean the same thing!
While it is true we are all one within this physical plane, we all do hold a uniqueness that is powerfully special.  Just as the light beams from the sun all seem to blend together, it is actually millions upon millions of individual light beams that form the one great magnificent beam that reaches us here on this earth.  No single beam is any less important than any other single beam.  Each on its own is powerful beyond imagination.  Together they form one to share in even more empowerment.  We are much the same here within this physical plane.  Alone we are powerful and magnificent creators and together we are powerful and magnificent co-creators.  This is why it is so vitally important that we each bring forth our own self empowered self as in doing so we are actually assisting those around us in doing the same.  Think about this for one minute.  Have you ever been in a situation, and we are sure you have been, where someone is holding part of themselves back?  You have felt they were holding some piece of themselves back?   You felt the energy being held back.   The second you felt that energy shift, what did you do?  You too began to hold back yourself as you felt some form of distrust, you felt your own distraught and began pulling yourself back from the situation.  So by that one individual not bringing forth all of the real them, all of the real them, you too followed suit by retreating part of the real you.  You held back part of the real you.  In doing so, you diminished "self" and therefore lessened the experience of pure positive energy to be had and felt by all.  You assisted in lessening the wonderful experience we have all come here to experience, to live and to enjoy.  While that may sound very dramatic, in some sense is it just that dramatic.  If you came forth to experienced life from the absolute perspective to "self", and "self" being a magnificent creator being, why then would you want to be any less than that magnificent creator being?  Why would you want to lessen the experience you said you wanted to come forth and experience?  What purpose would that serve?  Who would that serve?  Yourself?  Others?  We say no one at all!  When you experience less than what you came forth to experience then you lessen yourself.  When you lessen yourself you truly defeat the purpose of creating, manifesting and experiencing within this physical plane.  You do this not just to yourself but to those around you as well.  Again, we ask why would you want to do that?  The only answer we can come up with is F>E>A>R!  "F"alse> "E"vidence> "A"ppearing> "R"eal!  Now there is a novel thought!  Think about that for a moment.  Are you living within the realm of FEAR?  If you are holding yourself back at all, we say you need to think about the FEAR Aspect for a moment, as perhaps you are letting FEAR run your life!
Now that we have explored the importance of "SELF", let's explore for a moment the uniqueness of self.  Source Energy/God/Allah/Jehovah/Spirit……however you like to define it, has many different aspects that create the whole of the being/entity you are describing.  With the many different aspects comes the vast ways of experiencing life in physical form.  This is where the uniqueness of self comes into play.  All writings teach us that each of us has been created in the image and likeness of a creator, therefore each of us shall have the opportunity to experience life from that aspect as well, creating for each of us a unique opportunity within this physical plane.  We all come forth to experience desire, but along the way we do from time to time and in various levels do experience contrast, but only to get us back focused on that which we truly desire.  So it stands to reason we all come forth to experience desire!  We know, contrast is merely a desire indicator!  With that being said, we just learned the true vast uniqueness each of us hold, because each of us has come forth to stand up within this physical plane and not just behold our own uniqueness but to dwell within the fact that we are unique, we are special and we have bravely come forth to fully experience and embrace the power given to us by that of Source/God/Allah/Jehovah/Spirit.  To bask in its wonderment, its joy, its love!  Now how special, how wonderful and how powerful is that?!!!
When you look at it from that standpoint you begin to realize just how powerful and wonderful and most importantly how unique you truly are to this physical place and just how enriching you are to the many.  While you are one aspect of uniqueness of the greater collection, your aspect is no less important than that of any other aspect.  Remove yourself, just as a piece of a 10,000 piece puzzle removes itself and what does everyone focus on……..that one missing piece.  Interesting perspective, now isn't it?!!!!  Develop your relationship with your "SELF", begin to understand how wonderful and powerful you are…..remember you are that one piece that was remove from the 10,000 piece puzzle.  Celebrate that aspect of you, of "SELF" and you will truly be celebrating the uniqueness of your "SELF"!
To learn more, log onto to Friday from 1PM to 2PM eastern when Mary Anne and David dialog on "The Uniqueness of Self".  Join in the dialog or just sit back and enjoy the dialog. 
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David W. Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches

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 On this episode Mary Anne and David dialog on the communication process within ourselves and the importance of listening to our inner voice and what it is telling us.

They also talk about our ability to "feel" what out gut instincts is telling us.

Thursday, June 16, 2011


By now we all understand that the Law of Attraction is solely based on feelings, how we feel is how the Law of Attraction responds.  Remember, like attracts like!  Doesn’t so much matter what you think but rather how you feel.  That is the true key to The Secret/Law of Attraction.
So let’s explore the Language of Self.  How is it that you respond to any given situation?  Do you respond at the level of instinct/gut feeling or do you respond at the level of your logical self – your head?  The answer to those questions is vitally important when you are being a sound and solid creator of your journey.  If you choose the later, your head, you most likely are dismissing the Language of Self for that of your logical self.  In doing so, you are actually setting yourself up for creating contrast, that which you typically are not wanting to create.  Your logical self will always assist you in ignoring your Language of Self for what most sincerely seems like a better approach to handling the situation you are dealing with at that moment.  However, all the while you gut feeling, your instincts are directing you to respond in an entirely different manner.  A manner which may feel right, but may not make sense at the moment.  Society has conditioned each of us to respond logically.  Society has systematically over time removed “self” from the equation and replaced “self” with a process that puts the many over the individual.  In doing so, “self” has been diminished to the point that if you begin to live life from the standpoint of “self” you are and an individual that is totally self absorbed and down right mean.  You are ignoring your fellow man.  What is not realized in this process, this way of thinking is that when you approach life from the “self” standpoint, then you truly are working for the benefit of all.  We always fail to realize that we can only create for our ourselves, we can only create our own journey.  We can’t create for anyone else….not our mothers, not our fathers, not our children, no one but ourselves.  When that single aspect is taken out of the equation, which is always the case when the logical mind enters into the process, we not only deny ourselves the journey we desire but further deny those we are  wanting to assist on their own paths.  We have completely dismissed that aspect and have gone in a direction that is not representative of who we truly are as beings here on this physical plane.  You see the Language of Self offers us the road map to creating that which we truly desire, that which we truly want to manifest, that which we truly want to experience.  When you fail to follow that map, you fail to allow the real you come into existence, destined to only experience contrast which will only make you focus on the true heartfelt desire that, you guessed it, the Language of Self was only trying to get you to realize and act upon in the first place.  This is why we see contrast as a positive aspect rather than negative, as it is merely a desire indicator.
So we ask the question again, how have  you been responding to the situations within your own life?  Have you acted from intuition or have you acted from the guy?  Not sure.  Look at the results you gained from any situation?  We there results that were pleasing to you or were they more displeasing to you?  Answer that honestly and you will begin to see your journey on a much clearer note, a note that will only aide you getting to know the real you!
That is another point that needs to be made when talking about this topic.  The Real You!  Do you realize that the Language of Self is a solid aspect of the real you?  It is the communicative aspect that connects fully the physical and non physical you!  Think about that for a minute.  The fiber that has complete connection between all aspects of you as a whole complete being is your Language of Self.  Knowing this, why would you complete discount or worse yet, completely disregard that connective aspect of your whole complete self?  Conditioning, perhaps.  More often than not, it is solely out of fear!  We feel this passage created by Marianne Williamson so eloquently says it best.  Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.  Follow that advice and you will truly begin to live within the realm of your own Language of Self.  
Remember, your Language of Self is your salvation!  Your Language of Self is the aspect of you that holds all your answers, the way to all your desires, the way to the life you truly want to manifest and experience.  Let your own personal Language of Self serve as your guide for the situations that are presented to you while on this most fascinating journey and you too will begin to live that life you desires, that life just mere moments ago were dreaming about, the life that was meant for you to live while here.
So the next time you begin to shut down how you feel, STOP!  Take note of what you are doing, take note of what you are doing to others!  Forget about societal conditioning for one second, and bring yourself back into this wonderful journey and begin to live it from the standpoint of the real you!  Bring the real you into this physical reality and put the logical self to rest and let the real self begin to make the decisions, decisions that will truly make the impact that you were wanting to make when you came here to this physical reality!  Be and create from the real you, from your very own Language of Self.
To learn more and to join in the dialog, tune in to this Friday noon to 1PM eastern time.  We look forward to you joining us so that you too can create, manifest and experience that which you truly desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David W. Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches / ITSC Dialogers

Thursday, June 9, 2011


On the surface, the title of this blog may seem very simplistic, even a bit elementary.  However, it is nothing of the sort!  Stop and think for just one moment about your own desires.  What is it that you truly desire?  What is it that you truly want to create and experience?  Are you thinking?  I’m sure you are, but that is most likely because you were asked that specific question.  You see, unless  specifically asked you probably do not take the time to even reflect on what it is that you desire let alone even know how to truly find that which you desire!
Most individuals never take the time to really explore what their true heartfelt desires are let alone finding them so they can create them!  We will answer the question, what is a true heartfelt desire?  It is simply a desire that is a true and accurate reflection of who you are as an individual.  In other words, the creation  and experience of a true heartfelt desire is a true and accurate portrayal of the internal you, the real you.  And when you experience this type of desire, you experience a feeling of completeness and internal joy that can only be felt when the desire is true and heartfelt. When you create something that is not a true and heartfelt desire you do not have that feeling of completeness, you may perhaps feel a void internally that you were hoping the creation would fill, but did not.  You may feel that disappointing feeling, empty feeling, perhaps even hopelessness.  Those feelings are all due to you not creating a heartfelt desire.  Nearly all of those created desires are created from the ego, and this is done by creating from the external to try and fill a void internally.  This type of creating  will never fill the void you feel.  You fill that void by first and foremost getting to know the real you.  While doing that you begin to chip away at that empty hollow feeling.  You are creating a relationship between the physical and non physical being that you are and in doing so you are becoming “united in acceptance” as you no longer see yourself as two separate beings, physical and non physical, but rather see and feel yourself as one whole complete being that has two aspects but they operate as one.  It is like your TV, it has a picture and it has sound, while yes they can operate separately, they are at their best when they work together,  picture and sound.  When one or the other is out, how frustrated do you get?  Well it is the same when you live your life from the standpoint that you are two separate beings and try to live life from that aspect.  You create confusion, frustration and undoubtedly will create contrast to get you to focus on being “united in acceptance”.  When you begin your process here, you are beginning the process of finding your desires, your true heartfelt desires!  All desires that are true and heartfelt will all have the same aspects, they will have a good feeling associated with them, they will be a true reflection of who you really are as a being “united in acceptance” and they will offer you internal joy, happiness and peace that will not come from a desire created from your ego mind.  Stop and take a quick minute to reflect on your journey thus far, and think about the desires that you created that were truly fulfilling and those that were less than pleasing to you.  You will be able to feel the difference and in feeling the difference you will begin to understand how and where you find your desires, the desires that sincerely are a reflection of the real you, desires that you came forth to create, manifest and experience on your journey.  The desires that fulfill rather than deplete your happiness.  There is a difference.  When creating from the ego rather than the real self, you will notice the amount of contrast is greater and increases in severity as the so called desire unfolds.  However, when creating true heartfelt desires, the opposite is true.  While there may be some contrast, it is usually on the level of preference (not that severe) and the process has a flow to it that is as pleasing as the manifestation and experience of that very desire!  You will feel the difference, you will experience the difference!

Get to know the real you, begin to love the real you and bring forth the real you into this physical reality, all the while living life from the standpoint of being “united in acceptance” and you will begin that fun process of not just finding your desires, your true heartfelt desires, but you will most certainly begin to create, manifest and experience those very desires!  Life your life as you intended to live it prior to coming into this physical reality, live your life deliberately, live your life within the concept of being “united in acceptance” and you will never have to look and search too far for your desires, your true heartfelt desires as they will always be known to you.  You will just have to feel your way to them and you will every time, no exceptions!
To learn more about “How To Find Your Desires” be sure to tune into the ITSC Blog Talk Radio show this Friday, 4PM eastern time at as Mary Anne and David dialog on this very topic!  Join them and become a the true creative being that you came forth to be within this physical plane!  Live life the way you intended to live it, a life that will be a true reflection of who you really are, a being that is “united in acceptance”!
Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches

Sunday, June 5, 2011


"First comes thought; then organization of that thought, into ideas and plans; then transformation of those plans into reality. The beginning, as you will observe, is in your imagination." Napoleon Hill
That is a very interesting process to say the least!  Have you ever thought about what your reality is?  Have you ever taken the time to realize that you do create your own reality?  Have you even considered that you are a magnificent creator?  We can go on and on with the “have you” observations, but we really need to concentrate on one simple fact for a moment, that we truly are the creators of our own reality.
Stop and think for one moment that through your thought process and belief system, you are actually creating on a daily basis the reality that you are experiencing.  Especially so, if you are experiencing that which you really are not wanting to experience.  We call that type of experience “contrast”.  We have come to know “contrast as merely a desire indicator”.  In other words, when you experience that which you do not like, the Law of Attraction is merely bringing into your reality the opportunity for you to refocus on that which you truly do desire.  This is why we say that there really is no negative experiences to be experienced, as the negative situations are merely helping you refocus and determine what it is you do desire, what desire you are trying to create but for whatever reason lost your focus.  We seem to have come to a creative process where we have mastered creating situations that are full of contrast and don really care to be experiencing.  So if we have come to master that aspect of creating and filling our reality with that which we really don’t care to experience, then just how come we have not mastered creating our true heartfelt desires?  That is a great question!  There are a multitude of answers.  However, the one we like the most as it resonates the best with us is because we have been conditioned to create this way!  We have been taught to create this way!  As told in “The Secret”, as individuals came to understand The Law Of Attraction, the wanted to keep it to themselves, a small group with misguided thoughts and motives.  They did not want to share this great gift that is there for all to not only enjoy but live their life by each and every day they are within the wonderful physical plane.  Why you ask?  That answer is quite simple, “FEAR”.  Fear is a powerful motivator of mankind.  Look around you each day and see how many times you are bombarded with some fear based thought to get you to think, respond and live your life a certain way.  It is all around us, listen to the news, read the newspaper or simply turn on your TV and you will see that fear is thrown in our face hour by hour!  Basically, those that knew of this powerful Law of Attraction wanted o keep and hold it for themselves, because if everyone knew of this magnificent power, then perhaps there will not be enough to go around or perhaps the power itself would not be so great!  Remember, information itself is held as a great power source within our society!  That is evidenced each and every day, just look around and listen!  Now that we realize that fear plays a large role in our ability to be “Contrast Creators”, perhaps we can see fear for what it really is: False Evidence Appearing Real, and take the steps to become deliberate creators and create our desires to experience, manifest our desires to experience, live our life the way we intended to live it!
Sounds easy because it is easy!  Remember you are a creator being.  Every religion, every dogma, every spiritual based thought process tells us that we are creator beings.  Knowing that knowledge should lend you a hand in becoming the magnificent creator you are within this physical plane!  Begin to feel your own self power and as you do you will feel it empower you making you realize that you are a self empowered creator, one that can and will create the reality that you not only desire but yes deserve!  That is huge!  We do deserve to experience that which we desire.  Every being walking on this planet deserves to experience their heartfelt desire and we all need to develop that perspective!  Once we do this, we can then begin to develop a true and loving relationship with ourselves and then and only then can we begin to dive into our pool of desires and not just know the vastness of that pool but can now begin to feel that pool and understand through feeling that which we want to create, manifest and experience!  We each have wonderful desire pools and each of us deserve to create from that pool rather then  create the contrast to help us only to realize that we need to focus on that pool!  Become a self empowered individual and you too will become a self empowered creator that can and will become a true creator of your true reality, a reality that reflects who you truly are as an individual within this physical plane!
Begin to feel your own empowerment and you too will begin to feel yourself create the reality you both desire and deserve!  You’ve mastered creating contrast, now give creating desire a try, you will be so glad you did!
To learn more about creating your reality, be sure to tune into ITSC’s show on Blog Talk Radio by visiting  Mary Anne and Dave will be dialoging on this topic and invite you to listen and join in the dialog!  4pm eastern each Friday!  We look forward to dialoging with you!
Until then, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches