Friday, July 29, 2011

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You are invited to give a listen to our show on finding the secret to living your dream. While you may not think this is possible, it can be your reality once you learn how to create manifest and experience your desires. We are not talking about fantasy here but how to truly live an inspired life fueled by your desires and guided by your own inner sense of self. Just click on the play button to hear this show.

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Thursday, July 28, 2011


 Have you ever taken a quick minute to think about your life and all you have within your life?  And then have you taken that same quick minute to think about all those individuals that have helped you create, manifest and experience all that you have within your life?  If not do so, as you would be amazed to think about all those that helped you experience every heartfelt desire that you have experienced to this point in your life!  The amount of individuals is staggering to say the least.  And we are sure have only realized about a third of those responsible for actually assisting you in creating that which you desired!  Yes, but a mere third as you did not stop to take into account all those that worked behind the scenes to bring your heartfelt desires into your physical reality.  Now you are scratching your head and thinking just what do you mean?!  Let us tell you what we mean, all the individuals that worked on anything you needed – meaning any device you wanted (car, phone, stereo, music cd, movie….and the list can go on forever) a multitude of folks worked on those items to bring them into your existence.  Think about the last car that you desired and then were able to manifest and experience.  The car had to be made, then it had to be transported to the place you purchased it and then it had to have a sales person to sell it to you and then if you financed it you had to utilize a whole network of individuals to make that happen and then you had to have the detailers work their magic and then finally it was in your hands.  Look at all the individuals that worked behind the scenes that helped you create, manifest and experience your desire.  Well it is the same for each and every desire you have with your physical reality!  Staggering to say the least, that so many individuals help you with each and every desire you have, each and every desire you want to create, manifest and experience!!  Gives a new meaning to the saying, “We Are All One Within This Physical World”!  Actually puts it in a much better perspective, one that is easier to wrap our minds around and assist us in truly understanding the Law of Attraction!
When we say “Your Life ~ A Co-Creative Journey” that is exactly what we mean, your life, your journey is a series of Co-Creative events that you have set out to experience while you are here on this physical plane.  With this perspective, it gives a whole new meaning to your life, a whole new purpose to your existence as well as a new drive to achieving that which you truly desire.  Imagine if you will, hundreds of individuals just waiting to assist you in achieving that which you want to experience while here on earth.  They are just waiting for that opportunity to help you enjoy the feelings that will abound from your heartfelt desire.  Now go one step further and put yourself in that role of being an individual just waiting to assist someone else with bringing into their physical reality that which they truly desire!  Well, you are!  You do work within that role!  Think about it, how many times a day do you assist someone else in either helping them achieve their heartfelt desire or assist them in working towards that heartfelt desire?  Remember, the manifestation process is one of a multitude of steps needed to be taken by any individual that is creating their reality.  We all work within both roles each and every minute of every day, whether we realize it or not, we are working dual roles.  How amazing is that to actually stop and think about this process and feel this process.  As you become more and more aware of this process, the more and more you begin to feel the process and the more that happens the more you become an active participant that is deliberately creating that which they truly want, they truly have a heartfelt desire to experience and feel!  Just an amazing process that we live and breath with in each and every day of our physical lives.
So the next time you do something as simple as get a drink of water, stop for a quick minute and think about how many individuals it took to help you create, manifest and experience that simple drink of water.  You will simply say WOW!  Then the next time you go for a much larger creation to manifest and experience, say something such as a home or a car, by remember this process, it may just make it a little easier to create, manifest and experience as now you realize you are not doing it all by yourself, that there are countless individuals out there that want to see and feel you achieve and realize that which you truly desire!  Makes the process seem much easier now doesn’t it!  And do the same the next time you are assisting someone else achieve and realize that which they are trying to create and experience within their physical reality, will make you feel what this process and life are truly all about!!  WOW, what a process!  When you really realize what it is all about, it gives you a whole new appreciation of it!  Perhaps now you have a whole new appreciation for the statement, “the joy is in the journey” as it really is and now you understand that it is both in the receiving of the experience and also in the giving of the experience!  What a concept, a concept that we all created to ensure we have joy in both the giving and receiving of heartfelt desires!  Ponder on these thoughts and you will feel the journey’s joy from every angle!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany
Life Coaches with ITSC Coaching, LLC


Thursday, July 21, 2011


When was the last time you thought about your life, thought about everything you have experienced in you life?  Thought about everything you have in life, both in the material sense and in the "feeling" sense?  We are sure you have as we all like to sit back and look at what we created, whether it is from a good perspective or negative perspective, we all like to look over what we created!  That's right, what "we" created for ourselves.  We absolutely have created the life we are living at this very moment.  Whether you believe it or not, whether you realize it or not, you have created everything you have experienced within your life and you made possible all the "things" that you possess.  It was all you!  Now with that knowledge at hand, are you happy with what you created or have you fallen short of your true heartfelt desires?  Whatever it is, you were the creator of all that you have experienced.  Try and blame those around you, seeing your short falls as the fault of someone else or just not taking personal responsibility for that which you have created – just because you don't like it.  Well we are here to tell you that if you do not like what you created then take stock, take personal responsibility and start creating that which you do want to experience.  Begin to create those heartfelt desires that you have, that you truly want to feel through experience.  It is absolutely possible to do so, to create those heartfelt desires and experience them as you so desire.  Don't think so, then try this on for size.  Think about your life, about all that you have experienced and now take it one more step and think about all that you still want to experience, all the desires that you still want to experience.  Now how do you feel?  Really, how do you feel?!!  Probably not so good about what you have created and then pretty good about what you want to create….until that is…. you started to tell yourself all the reasons why you could never do, be or have that which you truly want to do, be or have.  Rather you did not want to allow yourself to feel the greatness that truly is you!  Remember the words of Marianne Williamson - "Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It's not just in some of us; it's in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others."  We feel these are the most brilliant words ever spoken!  These words sum up how we all feel about ourselves and about our lives.  It amazes us how we all will lessen ourselves when it comes to us and our own lives.  It just stuns us how we all think less of ourselves when it comes to our own creative abilities.  Look at what we say, "I could never do that", " I could never have that", "How could I ever achieve that", "I don't have enough money for that", I could never begin to afford that"!  We immediately begin to tell ourselves why we can't do, be or have something!  Why is that?  Why do we never see and feel ourselves as the most brilliant and powerful creator beings that we actually are within this physical plane?  Why do we always lessen our roles, see ourselves less than that which we have become within this wonderful world?  Why can we not see and feel ourselves, the real and true being that we are within this world?  Some great questions that deserve some thought.

Why is it that we do not see and feel our own greatness?  Perhaps we do, which is why we shy away from it so quickly.  We immediately begin to think "how could I be so great, I am just little old me".  It is within that very thought that we begin to lessen who and what we are.  Go back to Marianne Williamson's beautiful quote.  Read it, digest it, give it some serious thought and now compare it to you and your life!  Begin to see where you are falling into that thought trap!  But wait, turn it around and truly begin to feel your greatness, begin to feel how wonderful you are and all that you have to offer this world we share!  Really begin to feel it, experience it and allow yourself to live it.  We are not talking about your ego here, we are talking about the real heartfelt you, what you feel when you close your eyes and allow yourself to feel the real you.  When you begin to feel the real you, allow that feeling to fully encompass your being and now allow that feeling to come through into your physical existence.  Feel like smiling, then smile.  Feel like saying hello to someone, then say hello.  Feel like complimenting someone, then go ahead and give them a compliment.  The more you bring forth the real you into your physical existence, the better and happier you are going to feel.  Stop holding back the real you, stop lessening who you really are, stop being someone you are not!  Bring forth the real you into your physical reality and you will begin to see and feel a change.  You will begin to feel and understand with more clarity that which truly is a heartfelt desire, but from your new vantage point, you feel it with a newfound intensity and guess what, you are now living and creating from the heartfelt desire standpoint, all because you took that quick minute to truly feel the real you and allow the real you to transcend into this physical reality, this real world that we live within and share.  Talk about truly living life, talk about truly sharing your greatest gift with the world, YOU!  What a marvelous world this would be if we all allowed ourselves to live this way.  You may think it is impossible, but when you think about it, the only one stopping you from this way of  life is……….YOU.  It all begins with you!  Now there is a novel concept.  It all begins with you!  Want to change how you create your life, then begin today.  Don't like everything that you are experiencing, then begin today to change that!  Remember, it all begins with you!  Take charge of life, become that wonderful and magnificent creator that you truly are, stop creating by default and become that deliberate creator.  After all, you and only you knows exactly what you want to experience.  With that being the case, then why would you leave it up to someone else to create that which you are wanting to feel?  Begin to know yourself, begin to understand yourself, begin to feel life from the standpoint of the real you!  Once you begin that process, you now have truly begun to live life with the knowledge and full power of the Law of Attraction behind you, and you will begin to create, manifest and experience that which you truly desire!

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Until next time, may you all continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches with ITSC, LLC.

Friday, July 15, 2011


Have you ever taken a moment to think about “dreams”?  We think you should, even if to just examine what dreams really are all about.  We have come to realize that “Dreams are the process from which we give birth to our desires”.  This is how we first come to the realization of our desires, we dream about them.  Day dreaming is something each of us do, as well as dreaming at night, however the later is more of a communicative process from which your self conscious self, non physical self communicates directly with you.  But that is a whole other blog!  For this blog we will continue with the day dreaming aspect if you will.  Each of us have desires, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t.  We come forth into this physical reality to experience those desires which we identified prior to coming into our magnificent physical bodies.  When we day dream, we are giving not only conscious thought to those very desires but we use this outlet, as well as many others, to refine those desires.  We put the polishing touches on how we want those desires to make us feel, after all that is what we are after, a certain feeling.  With this basic understanding, let us move forward.
The process is just that, a process.  We want to focus on the “Live It ~ Be It” aspect of dreams and desires.  Once you have put into motion your desires, through your day dreaming process, you have set into play a wonderful aspect of our physical lives.  You have set into motion, the Law of Attraction to bring about the desired experiences you are seeking to achieve.  In doing this, you have asked the Law of Attraction to bring to you an event and a certain feeling associated with that event.  Now you have to sit back and wait.  In doing so, you must remain open to the multitude of possibilities that the Law of Attraction has at its disposal to bring the event/feelings into your physical reality.  While in day dreaming you can lay out exactly as you want it to occur, you must remain open to other possibilities, as in doing so will bring about your experience/feeling much quicker.  This is due to the fact that we know the Law of Attraction utilizes the easiest flowing path to bring to your reality the experience/feeling you are seeking!  During this process, the Law of Attraction will bring to your reference the steps you need to take to bring about your experience/feelings.  You are now in the allowing/alignment process, the second step in achieving your desire.  The last and most exciting stage is the receiving stage, the stage where you actually get to experience your desire on every level.  It is during this part of the process that you are fully manifesting your experience, fully basking in the feel that your desire has always had within it.  However, it may not look exactly as you had envisioned in your original “day dreaming” experience, the time when your desire was born into your reality, but one thing will be the same and that is the “FEELING” of that desire.  This is why we encourage people to pay attention to how you feel when “day dreaming” as that is the essential aspect of your desire as that is what you are truly trying to create, that feeling!  You should never get so lost in the fine details of your desire that you allow yourself to miss the steps that are laid out before you by the Law of Attraction.  That so often happens to individuals, the lose sight of how they want to feel and stay solely focused on the details that they fail to realize their desire in the time frame they have set forth.  This is due to fact that they did not allow themselves to see more than one possibility to the creation of their desire into their physical reality, they only saw one, therefore not allowing the Law of Attraction to truly bring forth that which they desired.  In other words, think of it like this.  When you set off to go to the grocery store and there is an accident on your normal route that has that particular road closed, do you say “oh shucks, I can’t get through, so I must go home”.  Chances are no!  You will take an alternate route to get to the grocery store.  Well it is the same for the Law of Attraction as it brings into your physical reality the desire, the feelings, you are trying to create.  It has a multitude of avenues to travel to bring forth that which you desire, stay focused on just one avenue and it will take the Law of Attraction longer than you desire/feel to bring about that which you desire.  Stay open to the unlimited multitude of avenues the Law of Attraction has to bring about that which you desire.  We are sure this is starting to make even more sense to you now!  We love the grocery store trip analogy as it truly helps individuals to see beyond their current thinking process and bring to light the most important aspect the Law of Attraction has to offer each of us!
Now that we have discussed the basics of “Dreams & Desires – Live It ~Be It” begin to think about your own journey.  Begin to consciously think and feel about your own dreams/desires.  Begin to put them into perspective, seeing them and feeling them from the standpoint of the real you, and you will begin to have a whole new feeling and appreciation for that which you are wanting to create into your physical reality.  When you begin to realize that you have all the creative ambition and power you need to create that which you truly want to create and experience and feel, you begin to be at ease with the process, more relaxed with the process and therefore more successful with the process as you are now beginning to realize deep within your being that yes when you have a dream and realize that dream is a desire that you absolutely can not just live it but you can most certainly be it as well!  What a wonderful concept to know and understand!  There is nothing that you can not do, be or have as long as it is a heartfelt desire!  We can not stress or say that enough!  If it is your heartfelt desire, then it is there for you to have and experience, no questions, no doubts or no worries.  It is there for you to experience, it is there for you to feel, it is there for you to live and most definitely there for you to be!
Take this new found knowledge and begin to live the life that you have always day dreamed about, the life you have always desired!  Become that very desire, begin to live it so you can be it!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches

Friday, July 8, 2011


Think for a moment, while you are thinking begin to feel yourself, begin to feel the real you!  As you do this, you are beginning to feel your heartfelt desires – what you want to experience, what you want to do, be and have and how you want to feel with each aspect you just thought and felt about.  Imagine the power you have within you, within yourself, within your very being!
Now take what you just did and think about this for a moment.  If you have the power and ability to think and feel how you want to live your life, you have the powerful creative ability to imagine this aspect of your journey, then why would you not have that ability to actually bring that thought, those imaginations you created into your physical reality?  You were a powerful enough creator to bring them into your consciousness so why would you not be a powerful enough creator to bring them into your physical reality.  Think about it, if you can conceive a desire, then why can you not create that very desire.  The answer is, you absolutely can bring those very thoughts, those very feelings those very desires into your physical reality so you can then physically experience them and further physically feel them!  How awesome is that?!  Very awesome we say! 
With that being said, now is the part about how you can bring about “Living Your Desire”.  Not much more difficult than the beginning exercise was, as in that case you thought about that which you truly wanted to experience, that which you truly want to do, be and have within your physical reality.  You tapped into who you were as a whole and complete being.  You were tapping into the real you and you felt the real you as you were completing the exercise.  That is what you need to do to bring those thoughts and feelings of desires into your physical reality.  You achieve this by living your life from the standpoint of the real you, not what you feel others are wanting you to be but who you know you are to be, unique..original..the one and only you!  As you do this, you are tuning into and tapping into your heartfelt desires, what you truly want to experience while in your physical bodies.  The more you that you bring forth into this physical reality the more desire experiences you bring with you!  That is the key to “Living Your Desire”, it is simply that easy.  Bring forth the real you and with the real you comes your real desire.  The main point to realize is this, you are wanting to experience certain situations, certain things and certain people.  But go farther, just a bit farther and realize that you are wanted to experience certain feelings in each of those situations.  It is the feeling that you are going after.  Whether it is the new car, the new house, the love interest, the new and larger bank account or whatever it is… are going after the “FEELING” that is associated with that item.  Think about it……the last time you got a new car and you were sitting in it in your driveway, basking in the feeling the new car was giving you.  It wasn’t the car that was giving you large grinning smile….it was the feeling of having that car. 
When you begin to understand this aspect of the whole process, you are beginning to get a handle on the abstract aspects of The Law Of Attraction and how it works with each one of us each and every second of every day!  How powerful is this starting to get for you?  We are sure it is adding up to be some of the most powerful learning you have ever experienced while on this physical journey!  Imagine, you think and feel your desire, to the point that while your eyes are closed you have no doubt you are sincerely experiencing your desire, but then you open your eyes and you lost the connection.  Remember, that is only a perspective and you can change it just that quickly, you perspective that is!  The secret to successful desire creation is to understand how The Law of Attraction works.  It brings forth according to how you feel.  Go back to the beginning.  Remember that exercise, remember how you were feeling.  You were actually starting a new creation set point with The Law of Attraction.  Most of us stop at that point as we tell ourselves that there is no way we can do, be or have anything we want.  Well we are here to tell you that if it is a heartfelt desire you most definitely can, we promise you this!  So once you have begun this new creation set point, follow through with it, keep it going.  You have asked The Law of Attraction to bring forth a heartfelt desire.  Keep the original feeling going, feel it within every aspect of your being as that is the fuel The Law of Attraction uses to set before you the steps you need to take to bring that very desire into your physical reality.  Not easy enough for you, the remember this – you can call upon the “TFB Policy” which is the “Trust, Faith and Belief Policy”.  This policy simply means that you turn everything over to the “TFB Policy” knowing deeply within your being that The Law of Attraction will absolutely bring about the steps that are required for you to bring forth you heartfelt desire into your physical experience.  Once you have turned your heartfelt desire to the “TFB Policy” you no longer have to fret and worry about the how’s, the when’s, the where’s or the who’s when it comes to your heartfelt desire and you now know it is in the hands of the “TFB Policy” and that is the one golden tool “The Law of Attraction” works with each and every time you use this great tool from your tool box!  The last thing you need to do, is hold on to the feeling of your heartfelt desire as that is truly what you are wanting to experience, is that feeling.  As you do this, remain open to the multitude of possibilities of how your heartfelt desire will manifest into your physical reality.  That is critical!!  You must realize that your manifestation can take many different forms and as we understand “The Law of Attraction”,  we know it brings about your heartfelt desire through the easiest path it has to create that which you desire.  Just got a little easier to “Live Your Desire”!
“Living Your Desire” is your divine right while you are in physical form, you came forth to experience desire, you are no exception!  You wanted to come into physical form to have certain desires experienced, the only thing that will stop you from doing and living this way is you!  So understand you, get to know the real you and you too will begin to live a life that is full of desire, the life that at one point you only dreamed about, you thought was just that…a dream.  We say, start living the life you desire today!  It is there for you, you can be, do or have anything that you desire, anything! 
To learn more about “Living Your Desire” join Mary Anne Cirpressy and Dave Trippany Friday from 1Pm to 2Pm (eastern) on Blog Talk Radio.  You can merely listen or join in the dialog.  Visit  We look forward to dialoging with you then!
Until then….may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany – Life Coaches with ITSC.


Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What Are You Manifesting

Please join us as Dave and Mary Anne dialog on the concept of manifesting. They talk about how we manifest our reality and not just the "things" in our life. So we ask what are you manifesting into your reality? What are focusing on....???? What is your perspective of your reality??? What do you believe to be true for you??? All these things are factors oof what you are manifesting.

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