Monday, January 31, 2011

ITSC Coaching Internet Radio Show Topics...

The Law of Attraction in Depth Series 
February Show Topics
2/4 - Defining the Real You
2/11 What is More Important? Thoughts or Feelings
2/18 How Do I Align My Thoughts and Feelings?
2/25 Taking Control of the Real Me. 

March Show Topics
3/4 Why is it Important to Bring Forth the Real You?
3/9 Living the Real You
3/18 How Do I exist in the Creative Process?
3/25 How Can I Prevent Creating by Default? 

April Show Topics
4/1 Be a Take Charge Creator - A How to Guide
4/8 Do My Creations Match My Desires?
4/15 Defining my Desires - Over Analyze and You Paralyze 
4/22  Manifesting your Desires - A Step by Step Process
4/29 Your Life - Your Power - Your Manifestations 

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