Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Law of Attraction: CONTROL VS CREATING Which Do You Do?

An interesting topic if ever we did hear one.  Let us first acknowledge that we are all creator being, whether or not we realize, accept or believe this we are just that.  We create all that we experience in our physical experience each and every second we are alive on this earth. 
You don’t have to believe it, you don’t have to understand it, you don’t even have to be aware of it in any form.  Being in the latter part of that thought puts you square in the center of where you really do not want to be, but we will get to that.
You see, when you have an understanding that we are a creator being, that we do create all that we experience within this life, we are square in the center of where you exactly want to be within this life.  But this too we will get too.  We just want you to begin to see first of all that there is a difference between believing that we are creator beings and that being a being where life just “happens to us”, where we have no creative power but rather are here living what is dealt to us.  Begin to “feel” the difference between the two statements, really, say them each within your mind’s eye: “I AM A CREATOR BEING” and “I LIVE THE LIFE I AM DEALT”.  Which “FEELS” better to you?  Secondly we want you to begin to understand that while there are different feels to the last stated statements, in order to truly and appropriately “FEEL” either of them you must first take the time to get to know, understand and have a belief in who you truly are as in individual being within this physical plane we all share.  You need to become “United In Acceptance” with who you “REALLY ARE” as that being.  By that we mean you need to fully understand that you are one part physical – that which you see in the mirror and you are  one part non-physical – that which you feel when you close your eyes and experience yourself without benefit of your sight.  Once you have an understanding that we have two parts your next step is to “feel each part as the two aspects that make up the whole you”.  Once you have done this and you see no separation but rather experience the whole and complete you and really feel it, you are now what we call “United In Acceptance”.  You are at this stage, well on your way to not just knowing who you truly are as a being but feeling the true you and living life from that stance.  You can say that you are “feeling” your way through life rather than “thinking” your way through life and yes there is a difference.  This is where we can now begin our full discussion of our topic – CONTROL VS CREATING.  You may want to go back and reread the beginning of this discussion to get a better and full understanding of what we are speaking about, as the clearer your thought is on this topic the better you will understand what we are saying with regards to this topic.
Let us go back to the beginning now.  Control VS Create.  When you have the above stated understating of self you can really begin to understand the difference between control and create.  You begin to not only see but feel that when you control you experience struggle, turmoil and find yourself well within contrast almost each step of the way.  While the opposite is true for creating.  You now begin to feel an effortlessness when you think about your life and your life’s experiences.  You begin to feel that all your dreams and desires are within your reach, no matter how far away they may actually be, you have a knowing that you will experience each of them, there is a belief there that they will all come to you.  This is due to the fact that you are fully in touch with who you are as a whole and complete being and you fully have the awareness of your true heartfelt desires, your dreams and your aspirations.  You know you will experience them and that is just the way it is!  We are certain the you are really beginning to see and understand the difference between control and create.  We are certain that you are feeling the difference between these two aspects of our daily life. 
So we now beg the question, which do you feel is the real you doing at your present moment within your life?  Which feels more real to you?  Which seems to be ringing more true to you?  Are you controlling life or are you creating life?  Give it some serious and deep thought as this is the only way you are going to be able to get centered on your path of life. 
We will go further into breaking each one down for you to assist you with a fuller more richer understanding of each, helping you bring forth the real you so you too can live your life full of desires rather than thru contrast to get you to feel desire.
When you are controlling life, you have an over whelming feeling that life is just not fair.  That you have been dealt a bad hand and just have to deal with you.  You pretty much walk through life with a chip on your shoulder and can be heard mumbling things like, life isn’t fair…..I can’t catch a break to save my own life…….why wish for something, it will never happen for me…….my life sucks…….good things only happen to others, not me…….I have no luck at all.  We could go on forever with such statements.  Each time you find yourself saying something like those statements, you are actually sending yourself a message, but are just not hearing it.  You are telling yourself to stop trying to control life, stop trying to micro manage life.  Let go of your controlling ways.  Take a quick minute to figure out why you are feeling so miserable.  You are experiencing the “Language of Self”.  Yes, you are talking to yourself!  Your higher self (the non physical aspect of self) is sending you messages, trying to get you to hear them so you can begin to live life from a new perspective, live life as it was meant to be lived.  Each time you try and “CONTROL” your life, you are in essence giving up control.  Each time you try and “CONTROL” your life you are stifling your own true self, you are shutting down the real you.  Why you ask?  There are many reasons…..fear, guilt, worry, no belief in oneself…..this list could go on and on.  It really boils down to not knowing who you are as we discussed earlier in this discussion.  We control when we have a lack of faith in who we are as beings, when we have little to no understanding or belief that we truly do have the ability to create that which we want to experience.  And sometimes, we do get to experience it, but because we have controlled every aspect of that which we want to experience, we did not see it as we saw it in our minds eye and were so separated from who we truly are that the feeling of the experience was completely lost and could never have been felt, therefore we feel that life once again has let us down!  We are certain that you are now beginning to bask in the full understanding of “CONTROLING LIFE” and really are beginning to feel yourself with a renewed perspective at this point!  Thing about this aspect of life, this aspect of your life before you read any further.  Feel yourself and where you are with relation to trying to control your life!
Now let’s examine the creating aspect life.  We are creator beings.  Once you have a basic understanding of that aspect of life, you have a basic understanding of how to live your life.  From the standpoint of the real you!  Bring forth the real you into this physical reality with a strong deliberate determination and you will have the ability to feel your way through life bringing into your level of experience all that you desire to experience.  You have the understanding that you do not need to control anything as you have a level of knowing belief that you will experience that which you desire as all you have to do is create it.  You begin this process by fully knowing and understanding that which your desires are that you want to experience, that you want to feel!  And feel is appropriate as that is what we are all after regardless of what it is we are trying to manifest……car, house, relationship, wealth…….makes no difference as we are all trying to achieve the same thing, a feeling that is associated with any desire you have, makes no difference what the desire is.  When you fully understand the creating process, you have an awareness of just that, you are going after the feeling not the “thing”.  When you understand that, you don’t need to get lost in trying to control the manifesting aspect as you already have that underlying feeling that it will come to pass, you will achieve that feeling from the manifestation.  You see, when you give up control you actually get more control over what really matters in life, the real you!  When you create, you visualize that which you desire and want to manifest.  You identify the “feeling” aspect of your desire, your future manifestation and that is what you focus on throughout the entire process, the feeling of that desire.  In doing so, you have just allowed yourself to align yourself with the Law of Attraction, you have just set yourself up to allow each and every step needed for you to take to become well within your awareness, therefore fully seeing and feeling each step and taking them without reservation and coming one step closer (and feeling it with certainty) to bringing into your physical reality that which you want to experience.  Further your level of contrast will be slight, on a level of preference, much easier to deal with than full blown contrast.  You don’t require the full blown contrast (contrast being a desire indicator) as you are fully in touch with that which you desire!  Amazing how the process works now isn’t it, when you have a full understanding of the process and begin to feel your way through it!  We are certain you have an awareness unlike ever before!
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This is the start of a new series for us with regards to the Law of Attraction – “The Law of Attraction - Control VS Create”.   Each week we will dialog deeper into this topic helping everyone understand the entire process, therefore better assisting them with creating that which they desire! 
Until next time, may you all continue to experience all that you desire!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Law of Attraction: HOW POWERFUL AM I?

How powerful do you feel?  That is the real question you need to be asking yourself to determine just how powerful you actually are within this physical plane.  Because whether you feel you are a powerful being or whether you are not a powerful being, either way you are absolutely right!  That is the most amazing aspect of this question.  The answer is totally up to you and how you feel about you at any given moment in time! 
Now when we speak about “how powerful you are”, we are absolutely referring to you being a creator being, a being with absolute creative powers to create the reality that you live within each moment of time you are on this earth.  That’s right, your reality is created by you, whether you want to believe that or not, it is all up to you.  Whether you understand the process or not, it is all about you!  You may be reading this saying to yourself, “I would never create this cruddy life I am living, I would create something much more grand”.  Well, understand it right here and now, you created exactly where you are at in life at this moment.  Only you, now one else.  You can blame whoever you like, but in the end, you created it!  And if you are thinking that very thought, take a quick minute to take stock of where your focus is and what you have been focusing on, and we are sure you will realize that you have been focused on more negative aspects rather than more positive aspects in your life.  You will begin to realize that your focus has been on exactly what you have been experiencing, exactly what your reality has been.  It may be a bitter pill to swallow realizing that you are responsible for your lot in life, but the sooner you accept responsibility for your lot in life, the sooner you can actually do something about changing that lot you are not very happy with at this point within your journey.  That is  the best part, you can tell yourself that you are an expert at creating that which you do not want, so why can you not turn that coin over and now begin to create that which you do want!  Interesting thought isn’t it!  We are betting you have reread that sentence a couple of times as it is a sentence that will actually begin to change your perspective about things, giving you a new creative perspective from which to create a new, create that which you do want to experience!
Now that we know and are beginning to realize that you are a powerful creator, and you are beginning to feel an understanding about it that you have not felt before, you can begin to be a “take charge creator”!  The first thing you need to do is understand that you have not made any mistakes, you have done nothing wrong!  You merely need to understand that everything you have experienced within your life, within your journey to this point has gotten you to this very point, this point where you now have a new understanding of the process and are willing to accept and take responsibility for your journey in a very deliberate manner!  What an awesome feeling is that to begin to bring into your awareness, your consciousness.  To take responsibility for your creative powers with a new and more powerful understanding.  You now have the where withal to bring forth a new focus, a new drive and determination to create that which you desire, truly heartfelt desire.  We need to remind you that the best way to achieve this is to take that quick minute to get to know the real you, get to a point of understanding the real you, as the more you do this, the more you truly know and feel your heartfelt desires and in doing so have given the Law of Attraction a new driven focus from which to assist you in creating that which you desire!  An amazing process when you begin to allow yourself to understand just how the process actually works.  It is quite easy, however with each passing minute we try to make it more difficult that it actually is as we have been habitually bombarded with thoughts like, “if it is worth having, it is worth working hard for”, “nothing comes easy in life” and our personal favorite “if it seems too easy, then it just isn’t real”!  Just understand the process and you will have developed a new perspective that will allow you to create desire rather than contrast!  How delightful is that process, how gratifying is that process, how self empowering is that process!!
So we ask you once again…….”How Powerful Are You?”  We are certain your answer is beginning to get in more of an aligned position with the real you than it was before you began to educate yourself on not just the process but on you as well.  After all, only you can create for you, no one else can, just you!  Begin to open your thoughts, begin to feel yourself within the thoughts you have, remember – it is not about what you think, but rather how you feel!  Get to know the real you, begin to understand the real you and the process will take on a whole new perspective.  The process will begin to reflect the real you.  Your life journey will begin to be filled with desire manifestations rather than contrast.  Try it, you will amaze yourself with your new found self empowerment!
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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Law of Attraction: CREATING HAPPINESS

We all strive to create happiness, every second of every day, this is what we are most hardily trying to create, happiness.  We look high and low for what we feel is the ever elusive happiness.  We look to everything and everyone on the outside to accomplish this, as it must be somewhere outside of ourselves, right?  We read books that tells us where to look, what to change and who to listen too.  All so easy, at least it seems to be all that easy.  Yet, why are we still so unhappy?!!
While we look externally for the answer, the one main thing we are actually doing is not realizing where our answers truly come from, which is within ourselves.  It seems that whenever an answer is required to naturally come from within, we dismiss is quicker than we dismiss an annoying fly!  We think that is where we need to put our focus first, on ourselves and our own responsibility.  Once we give some focus there, we can further address how to truly create happiness.
We first must not just realize that we are magnificent creator beings, but we need to achieve this to the level of belief, the level of truly knowing that we are individuals, that when united in acceptance with our physical and non physical selves, having unconditional faith of this fact, then and only then can we begin to embrace our responsibility for creating our own journey, taking full responsibility for all that we experience, including happiness.  Once we embrace this fact, and truly feel the worth of it deep within our beings will we truly be able to successfully achieve the creations that we are trying to create!  At the level of feeling is where all creating begins, feel it……believe it……live it!  This is a hard concept for most people to embrace as we have been conditioned to believe that life happens to us and it really is life happens because of us!  Let us say that again, “many are taught to believe that LIFE HAPPENS TO US AND IT REALLY IS LIFE HAPPENS BECAUSE OF US”.  Can you feel the difference between the two statements?  We are sure you do and we are sure and most certain that when you say the latter part of the statement it begins to ring true deep within your being.  It most definitely is true, LIFE HAPPENS BECAUSE OF US!  We are the creators!  Knowing we are the creators then we most definitely are the ones to experience that which we create!  Beginning to make sense?  We thought so!
Now that we are beginning to realize that we are magnificent creator beings, creating the reality that we experience each and every day we can now address the next part of the question, creating happiness within our own life.  Understanding and feeling that we are magnificent creator beings, having the ability to create that which we want to experience and not just knowing this but feeling this will set the stage for the next part of our discussion.  Having that belief that we create our own happiness, that it is not found outside of our awareness, in other words happiness is already within us, we just need find the perspectives within life that draw us closer to the real us, which draws us closer to our true internal happiness.   Remember, our internal world will reflect the external world.  It never happens by our external world reflecting our internal world.  Think about that for a moment.  One statement actually feels better than the other.  Say them both out loud, “OUR INTERNAL WORLD WILL REFLECT OUR EXTERNAL WORLD”.    Say it out loud, feel it!  Now let’s examine the next statement.  “THE EXTERNAL WORLD WILL REFLECT OUR INTERNAL WORLD”.    You should be feeling the reality between these two statements.  Now that you are feeling the difference, you are understanding the difference and you will most certainly begin to create the difference!  You are now in a better place to begin to create happiness, to bring more happiness within you conscious reality, to create that which you are wanting to experience rather than contrast to get you to focus on that which you desire!
Lastly let’s address one issue that remains our hot topic.  To successfully create happiness, the most successful way to create happiness is to get to know the real and become united in acceptance with the real you.  Being united in acceptance merely means that you know, understand and feel your physical being (the aspect you see in the mirror) within this world AND you know, understand and feel your non-physical being (the aspect you feel when you close your eyes) within the world AND know, understand and feel both of these aspects as the full and complete you, knowing fully that these two aspects make up the whole and complete you!  Hence, you are united in acceptance!
You are now in a better state to create your own happiness!  Remember, only you can create for you, just you, no one else, simply you can create for you!  Knowing this, understanding this and feeling this statement deep within your being, you are now better equipped to create more happiness within your journey, your life, your being, your reality!  Remember, it is YOUR journey!  Take care of it, create that which you desire and you will always experience that which you desire!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!

Monday, November 14, 2011


The Law of Attraction, the Law that dictates that Like Attracts Like.  Sounds simple, and it is but there is so much more to that simplistic statement and the Law that truly governs our life and how we create that which we experience within our lives.  Simple, yet complex and that is why we feel folks get so caught up in the details that they lose sight of the bigger picture, the creative factor as well as the self factor.  While there are many complexities to The Law of Attraction, it really is all about how you feel and what you do with how you feel! 
Imagine, how you feel and what you do with how you feel is really where your focus needs to be when trying to work with the Law of Attraction.  To start the process properly, you truly need to take a quick minute to get to know exactly who you are as a human being, an individual within this physical plane we call home.  Become “United In Acceptance” with who you are, meaning you must first recognize there are two aspects to your being, the physical you see and the non physical you feel.  Then you need to recognize that these two aspects intertwine together creating one whole and complete being, the real you!  Once you have achieved this aspect of life, you are then “United In Acceptance” with the real you and your relationship with self has started and you are well underway to not only understanding the Law Of Attraction, but successfully working with the Law of Attraction.  This aspect of understanding and making sense of the Law of Attraction is the most exciting aspect as you are developing the sense of well being, the sense of knowing that you came forth into this physical journey to truly work with the essence of the Law of Attraction.  The better you develop the relationship with self, the more successfully you will work with the Law of Attraction, as you will be tuned in, tapped in and turned on to not only who you are but exactly what your desires, your heartfelt desires truly are and will be open to all the steps the Law of Attraction will provide you with to successfully manifest and experience your desires!
Sounds exciting and it is exciting!  When you have successfully achieved the “Unite In Acceptance” aspect of your journey here within this physical plane, you are now in a position to truly realize that you are the creator of your own journey!  You create that which you experience.  When you have this within your foundation of your understanding of the Law of Attraction, you are setting yourself up to have an extraordinary life, a life that will encompass much desire and minimal contrast.  When you have established your strong foundation, you have no doubt that you are a creator and that you and only you can create the journey you traveling.  No one can do it for you!  Others can absolutely co-create with you, influence you and share their wisdom with you, but in the end only you can create that which you experience.  This is why it is so important to create a strong foundation from which you can grow and create your reality.  It is up to you.  You can’t sit back and let or allow someone else to create for you as only you know and understand your true heartfelt desires, therefore you should know and realize that only you can create your journey.  Know this aspect and you know your foundation and you are truly beginning to understand your creative powers, giving you a greater stance when it comes to your own “self empowerment” giving you a further creative genius that even better sets you in a grand place to work with the Law of Attraction!
You have now achieved a greater awareness of the Law of Attraction, of self and of your own creative abilities.  With this new found awareness you now need to begin to pay attention to how you feel with a vengeance, so to speak.  The way you feel is your “Language of Self”, your communication system between your physical being and non physical being.  Your “Language Of Self” is that internal voice, that gut feeling that urges you to do one thing over another, encourages you to not do something, that internal light that serves as your true guide when all else seems to be lost.  Most of us see the “Language of Self” in hind sight as we ask ourselves, “why did I just do that” or “why did I not do this” or even “I knew that was going to happen”.  All living examples of our communicative ability, our communication system within ourselves, our own “Language of Self” is our best tool when working with the Law of Attraction and creating, manifesting and experiencing our true heartfelt desires.  Understanding this aspect, and having a knowing and belief about your own “Language of Self” will serve you all the days you are within this physical plane creating that which you truly desire.  Remember this, you will never give yourself bad information, you will never steer yourself in the wrong direction, you will always create your desires when you fully listen to and understand your own “Language of Self”.
We are certain you are now beginning to make more sense of the Law of Attraction.  It truly is a simple process that we complicate more than we realize, but then if we did not complicate this process we would not be human!  Enjoy the journey as when you do you are truly appreciating and utilizing all of your creative abilities!
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