Monday, March 19, 2012

How Well Do You Listen

Now when we ask that question, we are not referring to how well you listen to someone when you are in a conversation, but rather we are asking how well do you listen to yourself?  Yes, that is correct, how well do you listen to yourself?  We feel this is a question that is all too often not even asked let alone honestly answered!  So we pose this question to you, how well do you listen………to yourself?!!
We all have an inner voice, a gut feeling if you will.  Each of us is equipped with this valuable tool, the tool that actually connects us to our non-physical aspect of ourselves.  The tool that works hand in hand with the Law of Attraction.  One can say that this tool is our golden tool that has been created by us to help us achieve our desires within our journeys!  Yes that little voice that so many dismiss is the voice of our road map, the sound of the direction we truly want to take on our journey.  You can compare it to the GPS Programs that are currently out there, that help us find our destinations.  Just as with these GPS Programs, when we make an incorrect turn or even miss our turn, we hear the following: “recalculating”.  Well our own internal GPS Program, which we refer to as “The Language Of Self”, does the exact same thing when we miss directions or refuse to follow the directions given to us.  Our Language of Self offers “recalculations” to get us back on track.  We designed this, we created this, we brought this into this physical reality with ourselves so we could be successful when creating our desires.  Brilliant if you ask us!  It shows us that we are not only serious about creating our desires but experiencing them as well!  After all, isn’t that what life truly is all about, experiencing one’s heartfelt desires?!!!
However, with all that being said, each of us needs to take the time to truly understand all that.  As it is through understanding that we truly begin to appreciate our golden tool, that we truly appreciate our individual Language of Self Program that is deeply embedded within each of us, the connective tissue that truly makes our physical and non-physical one complete aspect, one complete being.  When you understand your own Language of Self, and have true trust, faith and belief in your Language of Self, then and only then do you understand and appreciate being United In Acceptance.  By that we are saying that you understand, appreciate and accept that you are a whole and complete being, physical and non-physical, where there is no separation, that you are a whole aspect of those two parts.  It is just like saying you are a whole and complete being that has skin (outer aspect) and bones (inner aspect).  The same is with your physical and non-physical.  You truly can’t have one without the other.  The only separation there can be is one of perspective, but it is just an illusion on your part.  There truly is no separation.  Even when you have adopted the perspective of separation, you still have that gut feeling, you still hear that inner voice, you now have an over whelming feeling of emptiness.  You feel empty, lost……..depression is good way to describe the feelings within you at that point, as well as low self esteem, no self worth.  The list could go on and on.  You feel this as when you adopted the perspective that there is a separation, you have actually just stifled the largest aspect of you, your non-physical aspect.  You have turned your back on yourself, and it is the aspect of you that holds your road map, the directions to where you said you wanted to be, the experiences you wanted to create, manifest and experience.  By adopting that perspective of separation, you just told yourself that you will not listen to yourself, you will not follow your own road map.  You are turning your back on that which you said you wanted to create, manifest and experience!  In doing so, you created a gap between the physical you and the non-physical you.  Now is there really a gap there, no of course not, but you “perceive” there one to be, so your perspective tells you to believe the illusion you have created for yourself, even though it is wrong.  While doing this, you get all those contrasting feelings, all the feelings we all perceive to be negative, worthlessness, no self esteem – here we go with that list again – and this is because your non-physical self is trying to get you to understand that you need to adopt a new perspective, a perspective that brings into your reality that of your non-physical self.  Awaken into your reality your largest aspect, your non-physical aspect and in doing so you will begin to feel the worth of self, your self esteem will begin to reach new heights you never believed were achievable and you will begin to thirst for your creative powers to begin creating that life you always new was there for you, but didn’t know how to achieve.  You took personal responsibility, you adopted that perspective to allow your non-physical aspect to be a live and viable part of your journey.  You are allowing yourself the ability to listen and act upon the words, thoughts and feelings of your non-physical aspect.  In doing this, you begin to feel your own creative powers as you never have before felt them, you begin to feel an inner strength that seems to grow with each passing second, as it truly is, as you are allowing your own creative powers to be fulfilled, to come into your physical reality and truly show you the way to creating, manifesting and experiencing your true heartfelt desires.  You are now allowing yourself to really experience life as you came forth to experience it and it feels good!
Are you beginning to understand and accept the true magnificence of your non-physical self?  Are you beginning to understand that it is not separate from your physical self, but rather that large internal aspect of self?  Are you beginning to feel the true importance of this aspect of self?  Are you beginning to realize that your own personal road map is well within you, always has been, always will be and will never steer you in a wrong direction but rather always ensure you are centered on your correct path?  Are you truly beginning to understand that absolute greatness of self, your whole and complete self?  We are certain you are beginning to get it, beginning to really understand this concept and are taking steps as you read this to truly awaken that giant within you, your giant self!
So we ask you once again, how well do you listen?  We are certain your listening abilities have adopted a whole new perspective by this point in time, than when you first began reading this.  We are happy your perspective is beginning to change, beginning to evolve, as the more happiness and success you achieve the more happiness and success we all achieve!  Now there is the power within co-creating life!
To learn more, visit us at  We are happy to share with you, after all, isn’t this life all about a co-creative journey?  Sure it is, as we help each other we actually are helping ourselves!  Now there is a powerful thought that will help you in adopting some new and valuable perspectives!!
Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David W. Trippany
Life Coaches with ITSC

Monday, January 16, 2012


In what seems to be crazy times, so many of us are seeing our world as less than perfect. We see all the tragedies, unfairness's, the poverty, the abuse....we see the lack of something at every turn. We lack the lack of money, peace, health and safety. We then desire things to be more perfect, where no one is hurt, abused, go hungry etc... we form groups and movements to erase these things from our world. Yet they persist. The "problems" seem to always be there, our solutions fall short. Our world is less than perfect like we desire it to be. 

In our own lives, we see the same thing. We seem to always be lacking something. There is something that there is not enough of. So we try to make our lives perfect. We try to control every aspect so that everything is just as we think it should be. As Dr. Phil would say "How is that working for you?" I suspect not very well. 

It seems the more we try to make everything perfect, the less perfect things become. There are those of us who take this to such an extreme that we call them perfectionists. Some even have identified themselves to be that way. What they are actually doing is seeing the imperfection in something or somebody and trying to make it perfect. I call them imperfectionists. For all they are seeing is the lack, the less than perfect based on their ideals, thoughts and beliefs.Their perspective is based in this lack that they are seeing. They always see what is not there.... but are they seeing what is there?

The reason for this is because somewhere inside of them they think, feel, believe that they are less than perfect. That they are lacking something within themselves. Due to this they have a perspective that not only them but everybody else and the entire world also is lacking in something for that is what they are seeing. They are projecting so to speak their own feeling and belief about themselves into their life, world and onto everybody else.  

When you look into a mirror what do you see??? Do you see all your "flaws" or do you see your own beauty? If all you see are your "flaws" then chances are you are seeing things through the eyes of imperfection. If you see your beauty, then you are seeing things through the eyes of perfection.  

A perfectionist is actually someone who sees the perfection in everything. They do not see what is not there but see what is there. A perfectionist sees a glass of water filled half way not as half empty or half full but sees the perfection in it just as it is. They see it as perfect whether the glass is half empty or half full. They see a perfectly filled glass of water. 

To begin your shift, start seeing yourself, others, your life, your world through the eyes of perfection. See what is there, not what is not there. Start focusing on what is there, not on what is not there. Start celebrating what is there and do not bemoan what is not there. See yourself as perfect just as you are. See what you are achieving and not what you have achieved yet. You will be surprised when you start doing this how all those things you once saw as imperfect are no longer there.

Remember this: You have no flaws, no strengths or weaknesses. You are neither good or bad. You are perfect just as you are!