Thursday, September 1, 2011


Now there is a thought provoking theme if we have ever heard one.  Fear!  Fear seems to be all around us on a daily basis.  It is thrown in our faces no matter where we look, listen or rest!  Fear!  What are we to do?  STOP!  STOP for a quick minute and take a new perspective.
First of all, define FEAR.  Fear actually stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.  Think about it for a moment.  When do you become most fearful?  When something is presented to you where you truly do not know the outcome or have no perceived control over the outcome.  What is the next thing that happens?  You begin to let “logic” take control.  When you do this, what do you do?  You begin to run ever scenario through your head that could possibly happen.  Admit it, you do this, we all have a tendency to do this as it is an aspect of being human within this physical plane.  While you are running this exercise in your head, pay attention to the scenarios you are utilizing!  They are 99.9% negative, having a negative impact, negative effect or contain a negative dismal event that will most certainly spiral us well down into the depths of despair, depression and doom!  With this understanding, this new realization of what we actually do, what can we deduce from all of this?  We can actually begin to understand that FEAR is man made, something we actually and absolutely create!!  Fear comes about when we put into motion events in our minds that do not match the events we want to have actually transpire.  In other words, we create an outcome that is so horrible, so unlike us, something that we would never create for ourselves, an event that is not in alignment with our true heartfelt desires.  We create the fear!  Yes we do, all the time and we all do it.  Some more than others, some less than others but we are all active participants within the “creating fear cycle”.
Now that we have identified what we do, let’s address for a moment why we do it!  The easiest answer to this question is our self worth, how we feel about ourselves and our own worthiness within this physical plane!  Face it, how many times have you had a desire and the first thought you had was in some fashion “I can never do, have or be whatever it is that we desire”.  We are sure you are reading this saying to yourself, “there is no way I do that to myself”, as the knot in your stomach grows tighter.  Go look in the mirror, do it, go look in the mirror.  When you do, what are the first thoughts that come into your physical consciousness?  We are certain they are not very positive thoughts, more likely they are negatively critiquing some aspects of your body, looks or being.  Be honest, we all do it from time to time.  We all have issues on some level of self worth, fulfilling our desires and actually being worthy of that which we desire.  Imagine this, again we are the cause of our own fears!
The root cause of this….we fail to develop a true and sound relationship with our whole and complete being!  We fail to be fully “United In Acceptance” with our true selves.  In other words, we fail to see ourselves as one whole and complete being, understanding we have a physical aspect that we see and a non physical aspect that we feel and these two aspects together form our whole and complete being.  We are not separated!  We can never separate that which is whole.  When we being to understand this, when we begin to feel this and when we begin to live life from this standpoint, we begin to get this “FEAR ISSUE” under control.  Take that quick minute to develop that relationship with yourself.  Talk to yourself each day, even if it is just for a few moments, get to know who you are as a whole and complete being!  Do it for yourself, you will be glad you did!
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Until next time, may you experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany
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