Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Balance In Your Life

Many may say that you can not balance your life. Many say that this is just not possible because there are just too many aspects of our lives that are ever changing. Our goals and desires are in a constant state of flux. When one goal is achieved or one desire has manifested it is replaced by many more. Change is happening all the time. However there is balance that already exists despite the ever changing environment of our lives.

Balance does not exist in your external world but it does exist in your internal world. What we mean by this is that if you are looking at all that goes on around you and you are trying to achieve balance from that perspective you will most like feel very frustrated. Where the balance does exist is in being centered in self. It is in your perspective as to how you view what is occurring in your life. It exists in your approach to things.

When you are balanced within yourself, when you are in harmony with yourself then your life, your external world will be balanced despite any apparent chaos that may be occurring. The chaos, the multitude of tasks we all face in our day to day lives, the goals and desires we all have are a reflection of what we are creating. How we perceive this, how we emotionally react is a reflection of where we are at in relation to being self centered.

So what does it mean to be centered in self? This means that you view your self as a whole complete being comprised of body, mind and spirit. This means that you are united in acceptance with yourself. This means you are in harmony with yourself. This means your perspective is clear and not clouded by fear based emotions and beliefs. To be centered in self is your natural state. From there it becomes a matter of are you experiencing it or not. Being centered in self is not to be achieved, it is to be experienced. The same is said of balance in your life.
If you are trying to juggle all the aspects of your life along with your goals and desires, if you are trying to focus on many things all at the same time, you are more than likely not experiencing balance and being centered in self. You are looking at all those things and trying to control and achieve rather than allow them to come to you. The balance is not in the juggling. In fact you do not have to juggle at all.

The key to experiencing balance in your life and to be centered in self is to have a balanced perspective, a balanced approach where you are experiencing harmony. To experience this you can not try to change what is happening in your life but change internally as to how to view what is happening, shifting your perspective to one that feels better, changing your focus onto how you feel rather than all that is going on around you. Your perspective shifts to looking inward out to the external world, rather than looking outward and then into your internal world.

You are the source of your own experience of balance in your life. You can allow yourself to experience that balance by letting go of trying to control your external world so that you feel balanced. The minute you try to control anything but yourself, you are not centered in self and therefore will not experience balance. The feeling of balance does not reside outside of you but within you. You do not need things to be a certain way in order to feel or achieve balance. The feeling of balance is within you and can be experienced when you allow it.

Please share with us your experiences with balance in your life. 

Monday, June 28, 2010

How Fast Will My “Stuff” Show Up

One of the most frequently asked question we have come upon is “How long is it going to take for my stuff to show up?” The most common answer to this is often, “As fast as you can line up with what you want, then it show up.” That is neither a very satisfying answer nor a complete one, from our perspective. This type of answer tends to lead one in a direction away from their desire as they begin to question and doubt what they are doing. In the moment you question and doubt you have moved yourself away vibrationally and emotionally from your desire. 

The most prevalent understanding of how the manifesting process works is that once one is all lined up with their desire, they are visualizing it, thinking positive about it, put it on their vision board, doing their gratitude journal about it, then “poof” there it is…my stuff has manifested. If that was all there is to the story then we would be lottery winners by now, our dream car would be in the driveway and we would be living in our dream home wouldn’t we? Then to make matters worse, we are told they reason those things have not happened is because we are not lined up with it. We are told that the only reason things are not showing up is because of this non alignment. All this leads you and your thinking in a direction away from what it is you want and once that happens of course your stuff is not showing up. So let’s put the breaks on this run away train here and collect our thoughts for a minute. 

Let’s look at some of the factors that influence how fast our desires manifest. 

• Sometimes we think we are all lined up but there maybe some underlying core belief limiting or blocking the manifestation. You may have shifted some on this belief but need to continue to shift.
• Sometimes you think you have a desire but that desire is reflective of your ego and not a heart felt desire.
• Your desire may involve co-creating with others. They have to align with what they want in order for both to manifest their desires. There is a synchronicity and timing involved.
• You may be too attached to the specifics of your desire so much so that you do not realize that the desire has manifested.
• You have not clearly defined your desire enough.
• Action steps are a process.
• Your manifestation may be in progress but you do not realize it. 

It is important to remember that the “how fast” is not important. That is not where your focus and attention needs to be. We will be discussing this on our blogtalkradio show. To hear the show please Click here

Thursday, June 24, 2010

How Beliefs Can Affect your Life Part 2

Many of us are not always aware of our beliefs or may not even recognize that we do have a belief about something. We just do not take the time to think about it. To help you with this on a piece of paper write down your beliefs about these common areas of life: marriage, religion, money, health, work. You can add to this list as you so desire but this will get you stated.

As we discussed earlier most beliefs stem from a belief in lack of something or the separation of you from everything else that exists. To help you identify if your beliefs stem from with of these two core beliefs lets examine some common beliefs and trace it back. A belief about money that stems from a belief in lack may show up as “Money is the root of all evil” or “I don’t want to be rich because it ruins people lives”. You may have these beliefs because you have seen this happen to others and do not want it to happen to you. Now if you are struggling to pay your bills and desire money so that you can pay your bills can you see where these types of beliefs will limit your ability to manifest the money you desire? You are holding back what you could be manifesting because you do not want to be rich as you define it. The reason this stems from a belief in lack is because you believe you lack enough money to pay your bills. So on hand you believe you do not have enough money and on the other you desire money but then say “no” to it due to your beliefs. What other things in your life do you see as not having enough of? Happiness? Love? Opportunities? Do you have feelings that you are trapped? That would be due to belief that you have no or few opportunities, few options, and few choices. That there is lack of these things, that there is a limit.

A core belief in based in separation would show up in things like blame, control issues and mistrust. How many times have you said “He/She made me so angry” He/She made me sad. Anytime you see another as the source of your emotions it is because you see yourself as separate from them. You experience your own emotions, they are yours and no one can cause you to feel anything. You are the source of everything in your life. You do not see yourself as a whole complete being and that you are separate from that which you truly are.

Everything you desire resides with in you. It is not out there somewhere and all you have to do is pull it to you. Everything works from the inside to the outside. The Law of Attraction responds to the vibrations that you are sending.
In the last past of this discussion we will pull this all together so that you too will be able to expand and transform your life.

Please feel free to share you thoughts, comments and questions you may have.

Monday, June 21, 2010

How Beliefs Can Affect Your Life Part 1

The beliefs we hold about ourselves, others, the world around us and even life itself effects how we view things, how we interact with things including ourselves. A belief is a chronic and persistent thought we have about something. It means we hold onto that thought, get confirmation that the thought/belief is true or not true from the evidence we see, experience or the experience of others in the world around us and incorporate it into our belief system. Some beliefs were taught to us at an early age, some we were conditioned to believe and others we picked up along the way. All the beliefs we have form our belief system which can be broken down into its various components.

Core or fundamental beliefs are those that we have built our life around. Many other beliefs stem from ones core beliefs. These peripheral beliefs all stem from and can be traced back to a core belief. The belief in lack and the belief we are separated from all the many aspects of the Universe including ourselves and each other are examples of a core belief and as such have the biggest impact on your life. Most of our beliefs can be traced back to those 2 beliefs and what you believe about them. It is not whether your belief is either true or not true, if your belief is right or wrong, it is a matter if your belief limits you in creating a desire. It matters if your belief is limiting what you are manifesting. It matters if your belief is blocking you from experiencing what you have created and manifested.

The only time you would need to change a belief is when it is limiting and blocking you from creating, manifesting or experiencing something you desire. A belief is only true or not true because you have determined it to be such. You have determined that the belief is either right or wrong. As beliefs are just an intense form of thought, they too have a vibration attached to them that the Law of Attraction responds to. Changing a belief is more then just thinking a new thought over and over again although that is part of it. You have to come to the realization that the belief you once held is no longer true or not true for you and replace it with one that is true for you.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Tips for Manifesting with Intent

• Manifestations are your creations in form, your thoughts, your beliefs, your emotions in form. They are a reflection of you and what is going on inside of you.
• You are always manifesting something. This you can not turn off. Everything, every experience and all the “stuff” in your life you have manifested.
• You determine if the manifestations you have right now in this moment are what you desire or not. Ask yourself, is this pleasing to me? Do I prefer something else. Write down those things that are not pleasing or that you would prefer something else. On a separate sheet write down the ones that are pleasing and if you desire to experience more of them or not.
• Of the 2 sheets which one are you focusing, paying attention to more often? Meaning as you go through your days what are you thinking about, talking about more? This will help you see where you are putting your energies towards.
• Ask yourself, what am I acting on, what thoughts and beliefs are the basis for my actions?
• Take time to reflect on these questions and your answers.
• Ask yourself what thoughts am I having that are limiting or blocking me?
• Sometimes identifying blocks and limits can be tricky to indentify. You must be open and honest with yourself when asking these questions and in the answers you obtain. You will get your answer but sometimes it take time to appear.
• Journaling is a powerful tool. It helps you visually grasp an enhanced understanding of yourself.
• You know your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are in alignment with your desire as it will begin to take form.
• You know your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are not in alignment when something other than what you desire shows up.
• When something other than what you desire shows up it is a reminder, an indicator to tweak your thoughts, beliefs and emotions. This type of experience serves you in that way so you can redefine, strengthen, refocus or expand upon your desire.
• You can only do this for you. You can not manifest something for somebody else.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Things to Remember About the Law of Attraction

There are something’s about the Law of Attraction
you will want to be mindful about
when you are creating and manifesting with intent.

• First and foremost you do not “USE” the Law of Attraction to manifest what you want and then just turn it off until the next time you want to “USE” it. The LOA is always working so if you are turning it on and off or using it for something’s and not other things, what you are actually doing is manifesting with intent sometimes but not other times. The LOA is the mechanism so to speak of how something manifests. Be it a material item, an experience or something more esoterically in nature such as success, love, joy, health or happiness. The LOA is “HOW” these things manifest not the why.
• You do not attract things to you. You attract things because of you. The LOA operates at the level of vibrations. It responds to the vibrations you are sending whether intently or not. Everything has a vibration including thoughts, words, feelings, emotions, actions and beliefs. The LOA reflects back manifestations that are a match to the vibrations you send. These manifestations can and do take any form. They are the “what is” that is showing up in your life. We all have a range of vibrations and that is why so many different manifestations show up in our lives. Your emotions are how you know what vibrations you are sending. You can request our free Determine Your Vibrational Range sheet by Clicking Here
• What you desire does not exist outside of yourself. You are not separate from anything that you desire. If you see that what you want is out there in the Universe somewhere and all you have to do is attract it to you like a magnet then you are seeing what you want as something outside of yourself. What you desire, anything that you can think of can be found by looking within. This is where you place your focus and attention.
• If you want to change your external world you must first change your internal world. Your external world, your reality is a reflection of what is going on inside of you. It is a reflection of your beliefs, your thoughts, your choices, your feelings, your emotions and you actions. Often we look at the outside world and those in it to give us validation of our self-worth or a confirmation of acceptance from others that you are liked or loved. All these things and so much more reside with in you.

Everything begins with you.
It is you that is creating and manifesting and experiencing.
You need to be mindful that the LOA is responding to you
and you can have it respond intentionally.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Manifesting with Intent Exercise

Manifesting with Intent

Here is an activity you can do to help you be mindful of what you desire to manifest. 
Law of Attraction Tips
In a journal or notebook......

1. Write down what your desires are.  What are the things you want that reflect joy, happiness and delight to you. What gets you passionate, excited and brings you peace? 

2. Visualize (day dream) about them.
Write down after you are done what you saw, how you felt. You can add pictures that represent how you are feeling.

3. On a separate piece of paper write down any negative or fear based thoughts and beliefs you may be having.

4. On that same piece of paper write down what new beliefs you want to adopt that reflect the joy of your desires.

5. Now go back to your journal and  write your new beliefs. Throw away the separate piece of paper as you no longer need it. 

6. You can repeat this as often as you desire. You can add to it as often as you desire. The notebook becomes a reminder of where to place your focus and attention when you find yourself in need of some trust faith and belief.

Above all have fun with this.

 Dream big, Love big, Enjoy big!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Manifesting with Intent: The Four A's

When one decides they want to bring some changes into their life, this is a perfect opportunity to manifest with intent. Rather than repeat old patterns and habits one can realize their dreams by remembering the four A's of Manifesting with Intent.

First and foremost one needs to identify their desires. This may take some reflection if you do not know what it is that you want. We define desire as a heartfelt expression of who one really is.  What is that you wish to be, do and have. What do wish to experience that is a reflection of who you are. So many of us are very good at knowing what we do not want. We can identify them with no problem. This brings us to the four A's of Manifesting with Intent.

The first A is Attention. Where are you placing your attention? What are you focusing on? To manifest with intent you need to place your attention on your desires, that which it is that you want. If you place your attention onto that which you do not want, you will get more of what you do not want. Ask yourself what is knowing what I do not want telling me about what I do want? This will help you identify what you do want. Once you determine what you do want, that is where you place your focus and attention. Where focus goes, energy flows.

The next A is Alignment. This means that your thoughts and feelings must be in align with what you want. You can't want more money if you are thinking and feeling that you are broke and poor. To align with that which you want you may need to shift your perspective to see the limitless possibilities that exist. When you shift your perspective you adopt a new belief about yourself and what you desire. You replace old beliefs for new ones that reflect how your desires feels to you.

Allowing is the next A. This means to be open in heart and mind to new beliefs, thoughts, feeling and experiences. This means being open to limitless opportunities and experiences. It means being open to the "new" that comes you way. It means asking yourself am I ready to receive that which I want in any form that it may take? Thoughts and beliefs can be limiting but when you are in a sate of allowing you are ready to receive the limitless possible ways your desire could manifest. We often think we have to know how something will manifest and if we do not know we seek the answer are come up with one for ourselves. This is limiting for we do not always know the limitless possibilities that exist.

The final A is Action. This is where you following your inspired thoughts, your gut instincts and your feelings ( that which you sense is the right thing to do, it feels good and right to you.) This perhaps can be difficult at times cause some like to second guess themselves. You might be inspired to do something, then because your attention is placed not on the inspired thought but on all the "buts" or the "why nots" , you move out of being aligned with what the inspired thought represents and you are not allowing the inspiried thought to take form because your attention and focus is elsewhere...can you see where this can become a cycle, a pattern, a habit? When you have an gut instinct or an inspired thought follow and see where it leads. You will not always know how this fits in with your desire but in time it will be known.

Above all have fun with this. 
Be easy with this. 
As it has been said many times by so many just go with the flow.