Friday, August 26, 2011

Understanding Your Creative Power

Do you realize that you are a creator being?  Do you realize that everything you have experienced to this point in your life you have created?  Do you realize that from this point forward within your life everything you experience in your life you will create?  Some great and profound questions, as they give all of us a chance to truly reflect not just upon our life, our journey but on ourselves as well.  When was the last time you took that quick minute to do this type of reflection?  Probably been some time if you are truly honest with yourself.
First let us talk of being creator beings.  We all create every second of every day we are within this physical plane.  The creating never stops.  Every experience from big to small, we create it.  We create whatever it is that we want to create, even when it is a contrasting event.  Remember, contrast is merely a desire indicator, therefore, when we create contrast we are deeply creating as we are doing our best to get ourselves to refocus on that which we truly want, on that which we truly want to experience!  When we realize and fully understand that we are creators, that we are responsible for that which we experience we then begin to fully feel and understand what our role is within this journey we are on and are experiencing with each and every step we take.  Once you realize this, you then have a better stance from which to begin working with the Law of Attraction.  We have placed ourselves in a position to begin to feel ourselves, feel our true heartfelt desires and truly have given ourselves the opportunity to fully and successfully work with the Law of Attraction in bringing into our existence our true heartfelt desires.  The best part of this realization is the relationship that we are solidifying with ourselves.  We have a full understanding of what we call being United In Acceptance with ourselves, realizing that the physical and non physical aspects create the whole and complete us.  There is no separation, there is only a complete being with different aspects that complete the whole being.  So realizing we are creator beings is so beneficial in so many ways!
Let’s now address the aspect that may be the hardest for us to accept.  That everything we have experienced to this point in our life, we are responsible for as we actually created each and every situation, whether big or small, whether pleasant or not so pleasant, we created them!  Now we are sure you are sitting there reading this saying to yourself, “that is the biggest load of garbage as I would not have put myself through heartache, failed attempts at success or health issues that were anything but fun!”  Well we are here to tell you that yes you are responsible for each of the mention events and for the multitude of events that were not mentioned here.  Just look at your life to this point and realize you created all of it!  You were the creator and producer and director of all of it!  Good and bad alike.  Happy and sad alike.  Pleasant and unpleasant alike!  You created it all.  Now still disbelieving this, stop for a quick minute and truly ask yourself “how you felt when things were not going so good for you” and be honest with yourself.  You probably were not feeling all that good, as a matter of fact you were probably feeling yourself feel worse and worse as what you were creating was going from bad to worse.  You answer as to why is in the last sentence!  You were feeling from the range of bad to worse.  Perhaps if at any point you would have had a simple perspective change, you may have been able to refocus and begin creating that desire you were going for rather than all the reasons why you couldn’t create that very desire!  You see, when you have a desire that you want to create, you can absolutely create it, yes you can!  But the problem begins when you begin to tell yourself all the reasons why it can’t be created, why it is too big for you, why it could never come into your physical realization, your physical experience.  See where your focus was?  Sure it was on the desire at the onset, but soon after you yourself sabotaged your creation.  Look and feel what you were feeling about your desire!  Remember, according to the Law of Attraction, “IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK, BUT RATHER HOW YOU FEEL”.  We are sure at this point you are beginning to get some understanding of the process, the feeling process.  And we are sure you are beginning to understand your own power, your own powerful ability to be a conscious and deliberate creative being.  After all, it is your journey and your experiences, so why would you not be the most powerful creator of that journey!  It is you, all you and only you!  When a ship sets sail, when an aircraft takes off, is there not a Captain at the helm and in the cockpit steering the journey?  Sure there is, just as there is with your own personal journey.  You are the Captain!  Feel that, be that and live that!
Now let us take a look at your future!  With this new found understanding that you are a powerful creator being, with this new feeling within you, how are you going to look at and approach your future desires?  We hope you take the stance that you are a powerful creator being, you are responsible for every creation and you are the master of your desires and those very desires coming into your physical existence and reality.  Once you have that confidence, understanding and feel it deeply within the core of your whole and complete being, you are now a masterful creator that can and will create the desires, the true heartfelt desires you have laying in wait for you to realize them, create them and manifest them into your physical reality!  Powerful perspective now isn’t it!  We think so!  So use this information to your benefit and create that which you want and understand when you are creating contrast, you are merely trying to refocus yourself on that which you truly want.  So don’t get frustrated, just understand that you are putting into place your “fail safe” mechanism to assist you in experiencing that which you truly want to experience!  Amazing isn’t it?!!!!
Now that we have broached the surface of these questions, are you going to take that quick minute and look at yourself?  Take that quick minute to take full responsibility of your journey?  Are you going to remember and feel that it is not what you think but rather how you feel?  We are sure you will, as you are now understanding the full creative process and that “YOU” are the most important aspect of your creative journey!  Remember, it is all about you, only you!  And only you can create for you, only you, no one else!  Have fun with this and feel good about it!  Feel good about everything!
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Until next time, may you experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches with ITSC, LLC

Thursday, August 18, 2011


Do you know the answer to this question?  Or do you have to think about it for a moment or even a couple of moments?  More than likely you are in the latter group as most individuals truly do not know what they are wanting in life.  Sure, you may be able to rattle off one or two “feel good” items such as a new car or house.  Those items, we believe, are societal conditioning desires – keeping up with the Jones’ thing.  But what is it that you are truly wanting, that you truly have a heartfelt desire to experience?  Don’t feel bad if you can’t rattle off a long list of heartfelt desires, as you are in the largest groups of individuals walking around today!  We really don’t take enough time for ourselves, enough time to truly bring into our own awareness that which we truly desire for ourselves.  Many reasons for this, the most common being not wanting to be selfish, not wanting to ignore others and just getting wrapped up in life being too busy fending off contrast that we are most certain we never created or intended to create.  After all, why would we want to create contrast when we know we are brilliant creator beings, capable of creating every heartfelt desire we can dream up?!!  Why would we put ourselves through this process?  Why would we put aside our magnificent ability to create desire for our equally powerful ability to create contrast, to merely get us re-focused on that which we desire?  Something to ponder perhaps, something for us to really sit and realize where our perspective truly is on this issue!
The answer is simple, so simple that it gives us such grief.  It seems the simpler something is, the more difficulty we have in disseminating what it truly is trying to tell us.  Again, this is due to societal conditioning as we have been conditioned to believe that anything in life that is worth having, worth doing, worth being must come hard.  Why we would do this to ourselves is beyond us, but society just loves to make things more difficult, much harder to achieve than is actually possible.  The answer is focus!  Yes focus!  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be as what we usually focus on is usually not what we are wanting, but rather what we are not wanting!  Stop for a quick minute and think about this.  You have a heartfelt desire come into your physical awareness.  You think about it, you feel it and then what happens?  You begin to tell yourself why that desire will never come to pass: you don’t have enough money… don’t have enough time…….you tell yourself  that you could never have that….you tell yourself to get real, after all it is you and not someone else….you tell yourself to keep dreaming and the list can go on and on and on!  We sabotage ourselves, we feel our heartfelt desires and then we place our focus on why we can not manifest that which we desire.  Our focus in on the non manifestation of the desire, therefore the Law of Attraction works brilliantly!  You may be thinking about creating the desire, however you feel that you can never manifest such a desire!  Here in lies the true difference between “thinking and feeling”!  This is why we always stress it is not about what you think but rather how you feel!  The Law of Attraction responds to how we feel and not what we think.  While it is true that “thoughts become feelings”, when we truly know who we are as true and complete whole beings, being united in acceptance with the physical aspect and non physical aspect, how we feel will dictate our thoughts , but when we are not united in acceptance in this fashion, we tend to allow our thoughts steer our feelings.  In other words we rationalize our feelings to match our thoughts.  If we have the feeling that we can achieve a particular manifestation, we will then allow thoughts to rationalize why we can not achieve that manifestation usually using the most convenient rationalizations at hand.  We talk ourselves out of the desire, we ignore the feeling.  We try to be less than what we have become, and there in lies the reason we now create contrast, contrast to get us to refocus on that which we truly desire as we are most capable of manifesting each and every desire we think and feel about.  No exceptions!  A perfect system in which we are pleasantly imperfect, but it truly is magnificent system we created, which is why we profess that contrast truly is a positive experience!
So what have we learned?  We do get what we want all the time!  The next time you manifest something that you did not want, stop and remember what you had  been feeling about the desire.  What thoughts did you have about the desire?  Be honest with yourself!  You will begin to realize that your focus was exactly on what you created, what you felt is exactly what you created, again no exceptions!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David W. Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches with ITSC, LLC.


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Creating Anew

Sometimes we focus so much on what we are manifesting that we forget that everything is created energetically long before it ever manifests. Something then manifests and we look at it and then say…”but this is not what I want” and wonder what we did to manifest such a thing. We look at why it manifested, try to find that 1 thought or belief that manifested this thing we say we did not want. We try to erase it, undo it, reverse it and overall resist that it manifested. Well that is all wasted energy because once something manifests it is now part of you past. It has happened, it has already occurred and the only choice you now have is what you are going to do with it.  

Think about those times when something manifested that you say you did not want and look at how you handle that. What questions are you asking yourself? What rationalizations are you using?  The biggest part of this whole process is thinking that what manifested in the first place is something that you did not want. Oh sure you may not think it is what you wanted but it is. The problem is in the perspective that this experience is a negative one. It may feel negative because the energy used to create it was of a lower vibration but that it is your judgment of the experience that makes it a negative not the experience itself. 

We fail to ask the most important question…”What is this experience telling me?” “What did I create this experience for?” We would rather look backward to try to figure out why this thing manifested as opposed to looking forward. When you look forward we begin to understand who we really are and what wonderful and master creators we are. The manifesting part takes care of itself when we realize we are creators not manifesters.    We focus so much on manifesting what we want and manifesting faster that we lose sight of the fact that we are creators. Change what you are creating and you will change what is manifesting. 

You can begin to create something new right here in this very moment without ever having to look backwards. You need to keep your focus present centered. Empower yourself as the creator you are. What has already manifested only tells you what you created in the past and has no bearing on what you can create when moving forward. What you are creating today are your manifestations of the tomorrows to come.  The past is the past and the future is yours to create.

Friday, August 12, 2011


Spend some time pondering that title and you will begin to understand how and why so many people begin to derail themselves when it comes the use of the Law of Attraction.  Yes, rationalizing and making excuses are the number one reasons people do not see the success they are looking for when it comes to the desired manifestations from the Law of Attraction.
How can that be, you ask?  Well let's examine this for a minute.  When you are in the state of rationalizing your thoughts, you are more times than not in the process of trying to make something fit in a situation that will not fit, no matter how hard you try.  Then when things fall apart, and they always do or they fall short, what is the first thing you say, "this Law of Attraction thing doesn't work, it is bunch of garbage".  When all along it was you the derailed the process by trying to make things fit that were never meant to fit!  Rationalizing your thoughts is the start of making excuses, the start of dumping your responsibility, your personal responsibility in creating your own journey.  When you begin to make excuses you actually are beginning the process of creating and experiencing contrast.  Why is that, as you are sabotaging yourself, therefore, the Law of Attraction now sets into motion "contrast" , which as we have come to know is merely a desire indicator.  So the Law of Attraction really does work as it is now working to show you the path back to your desires, the path you said you wanted to be on, the path that is filled with your desires.  When you begin to experience that which you do not want, remember you are just experiencing "contrast" which means the Law of Attraction is working with you to get you to focus back on your desires.  When this process happens, what is the first thing you begin to think and feel?  "I don't want this stuff?  I don't want to be feeling this way?  Why is this happening to me?"  Once you get off the "oh pity me merry-go-round" , you then begin to explore that which you really do want to experience in life, you begin to explore how you want to feel.  Think about this carefully for a minute.  You experience that which you do not want to experience and the very next thing to enter into your reality is that which you do want to experience, but now you begin to feel a more complete and concise feel to that desire.  You begin to have more awareness of that which you desire.  You are now more open to the Law of Attraction and now have more ability to see the steps that will bring forth the manifestation of that very heartfelt desire.  You now are beginning to understand the process, you now are beginning to feel how the process works, how manifestations occur when we ourselves do not have a clear feeling of those very desires.  This is how the process truly works, assists us through the process, ensuring we have every opportunity to experience that which we desire.
Having an understanding of how the process works is half the battle.  We as human beings will always from time to time try and rationalize out thoughts and create excuses.  That is just part of the process, that is the life we live.  While we did not fully come into this physical existence to work the process in this manner, we did place fail safes along the way to ensure we have every opportunity afforded us so we may experience all that we do desire.  Very profound when you keep it in the proper perspective, having the understanding and awareness to maneuver through a process which on face value may appear to be self sabotage when in reality is an avenue that allows the fullest experience and expression of the very desires we have and want to experience within physical form. 
Now that we have covered the basics, let us set forth an example to further provide awareness of this issue.
You heard about a job opening in the company where your friend works.  Now this is a company that you have wanted to work at for a very long time.  They pay their employees very well, they have a very generous benefits package and the Company Executives continually demonstrate their appreciation and gratitude for their work force, as they truly realize and understand just how important each individual is to the entire organization.  You are nearly beside yourself that there is an opening.  You boldly submit your resume.  They ask you to fill out a pre-employment application/questionnaire.  You do this with excitement and anticipation and return it to the Human Resources Department.  The individual takes it with a smile on his face and indicates that once the application process has closed they will be setting up interviews for those that are qualified.  You smile and say thank you and resume your life.  You leave the building with a certain bounce in your step, feeling as though you have the job.  A day goes by, then two and then three go by.  Your friend continues to assure you that the application process has not closed, but you don't hear that.  You now begin to rationalize your thoughts, saying things to yourself such as, "well my qualifications probably are not what they are looking for at this time", "they probably had hundreds of applicants, 98% of which were better than me", "why would they want me, what could I possibly offer a great company like that", "why am I even looking for a job, I already have one and even though I hate it, it is comfortable so why do I want to put myself through getting another job", "what was I thinking, the pay for that job is nearly three times what I currently make, who am I kidding", "how could I ever have thought that I could land a job like that, it is way out of my league", "get real, that is a dream job and I must have been in dream land to think they would want me".  This list could go on and on, think about yourself in that situation for a moment and come up with your own rationalized thoughts in that situation.  Days four, five, six and seven go by.  All the while your friend has been telling you that the application process has not closed yet but on day eight the process will close per company guidelines.  But all you heard was that there was no way in hell you are getting an interview for that job.  You have taken yourself from happiness, joyfulness and that knowing feeling of getting that job to a state of not even caring about the job any longer, as now you are trying to convince yourself that the job you have is all you are worthy of at this point in time.  On day ten you have all but forgotten about that resume you put in at dreamland, telling yourself it was their loss, you are way better than that company and why would you put yourself with a company that doesn't realize and recognize what a great employee you would be for them.  Thinking of all the reasons you need to be where you are, your cell phone rings and you think who is calling me, everyone I know, knows I am at work.  You look at the number, don't recognize it and figure what the hell, I'll answer it.  You do and you hear an unfamiliar voice.  Then it dawns on you that it's a call from Human Resources of the great company, setting up an interview for the position they have open!  Now look at all the rationalization you went through because the time did not fit your liking, the time was not so immediate, that you did not get what you wanted when you wanted it!  Think about this scenario for a minute, and now think about a similar scenario within your life where you made similar choices with rational thought and excuses.  Making even more sense now isn't it!  Now you have even more awareness of the Law of Attraction process, but now an awareness that will help guide you through what was once a very difficult process but is now an enlightened path!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David Trippany
Life Coaches with ITSC Coaching, LLC

Friday, August 5, 2011


Each time you have a thought, you actually are making that thought real as you are bringing that specific thought into your physical reality.  In other words you are giving birth to that idea, that desire.  Once you do this, you have started the process in which you make your thought real.  You have your thought, which then begins to take on a life of its own as it becomes an idea and that thought now takes on feeling which as we know sets the Law of Attraction into motion and begins to set forth the steps you need to take to bring that once simple thought into reality as a full fledge manifestation and experience of a desire.
It really is not a complicated process.  Now you don’t have to monitor all your thoughts each and every second of each day.  That would become a nearly impossible task and would surely drive you crazy.  All you really need to do is pay close attention to those thoughts that truly resonate within you, the thoughts that carry with them a good feeling to you.  Those are the thoughts that you truly want to entertain, the ones you want to bring into your physical reality to experience.
The Law of Attraction is sincerely your greatest tool when it comes to making your thoughts real.  This is why you pay close attention to the feel behind your thoughts and grab on to the better feeling thoughts.  When you truly align yourself with your better feeling thoughts, you are bringing forth your heartfelt desires.  The best way to do this is to take that quick minute to get to know the real you, the whole and complete you.  By that we mean the physical aspect of yourself that you see in the mirror and the non physical aspect that you feel.  The non physical is the truest aspect of the real you, as that is the part of you that is fully within that of Source Energy.  And as we know, Source Energy is a pure flow of positive energy.  When you fully know and understand who you are as a whole and complete being, in other words a being united in acceptance with the physical and non physical and seeing yourself as only one complete being, and you being forth that being, that individual into this physical reality you are now living your life from the standpoint of the real you.  When you do this, you are now in a position to truly make your thoughts real, truly in the position to experience that which you desire.  How powerful is that?!!  Sounds simple and it truly is simple, just take that quick minute and get to know the real you and bring forth that real you, feel that real you and you will now truly be working with the Law of Attraction in the manner in which we were meant to work with it!
Now let’s take a look at negative thoughts.  First we must understand what a negative thought truly is to be able to have a full understanding.  A negative thought is merely contrast within our physical awareness.  And we all know what contrast is, it is merely a desire indicator.  Therefore, if a negative thought is contrast and contrast is merely a desire indicator, then we can deduce that a negative thought really is not negative as it is helping us fully define a desire.  Putting that in proper perspective, what we once perceived as a negative thought is actually a positive thought as it is bringing more awareness into our consciousness of that which we do want to experience as that once perceived negative thought is telling us what we really do not want to experience.  We are sure you are beginning to see and feel the power behind this type of appropriate thinking.  As you begin to think and feel this way, you really are beginning to know and bring forth the real you into your physical reality!  How amazing and powerful is that!  Knowledge truly is magnificent and truly a way to harness your own power and utilize your power in a positive manner.  Begin to truly understand this process, and it will become second nature to you and you will find it very easy to work the Law of Attraction process, therefore you will begin to create the very life you desire, you will begin to live the life you have always desired!
Making your thoughts real is a process.  It is the Law of Attraction process.  A process we all have inner knowledge of before we took our physical bodies.  We really only have to feel our way through this process as that is how the Law of Attraction works, through feeling.  Remember that, and you will begin to feel the success of working appropriately with the Law of Attraction.  Remember:  “It is not what you think, but rather how you feel” that matters most within this journey!  Whether you perceive your thought as positive or negative, we have learned that all thoughts are positive, you just need to take the time to understand whether they are a “Desire Thought” or a “Desire Indicator Thought” and work with the process long enough, you will begin to decipher the difference quickly and correctly!  How magnificently powerful is that!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David Trippany
Life Coaches with ITSC, LLC.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Co- Creating your life - ITSC Coaching

Every experience you have, every manifestation is a co-creative experience. While we begin the creation process others play their role in the manifestation and each experiences it in a different but complimentary way.
Life coaches Mary Anne and David will be talking about the co-creative process so that you have a better awareness of the role the Law of Attraction plays in your life and how you can experience all that you desire.

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Monday, August 1, 2011


So often we have desires and dreams and while we are great at creating in our imaginations but somehow they never seem to manifest. We all need to learn how to live and be who we really are so that we can manifest and experience our dreams and desires.
Life coaches Mary Anne and David will be discussing how you can go from just dreaming to living and being it. Click on play button to hear show.

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