Monday, August 16, 2010

The Self Empowered Creator

The empowerment we are discussing here is the empowerment each one of us has to create the life we desire. It is the power of creation that we all have. It is the ability to use energy to create our reality. We do not have to earn it, do anything to be granted it or please someone in order for it to be bestowed upon us. We all use it ever day even though we may not be aware of it. Self empowerment involves being aware of how we use this energy and then using it to create a life we desire.

The energy we are speaking if is the energy that exists in our world. Everything is energy in form. This energy consists of limitless vibrations and frequencies. There are an unlimited number of ways in which these vibrations and frequencies combine in order to take form. If you just look out your window at all that you can see you will notice a great variety of energy pulled into form, and that is just what you can see with the naked eye on the surface. All our senses interpret these vibrations and frequencies so that we may see, hear, taste, touch, smell and sense/feel them. This analogy may help you understand this better. To understand vibrations take a series of 6 musical notes for example. Those notes combined in a sequence for a melody. Rearrange those same 6 notes in a different sequence and you have a different melody. Same notes but when combined differently the melody takes a different form. To understand frequencies those same 6 notes could be played fast, slow and in a combination of fast and slow. Those same 6 notes can be played on a wide variety of musical instrument and as such the sound would vary by instrument.

As a self empowered creator you would combine those notes in any form that is pleasing to you and your ears including choosing the musical instrument(s) with which to play them on. You have a vast array of choices and you decide which vibration and frequency you want to pull into the form of a melody. Think of the number of songs that already exist and the new ones that are being created everyday and yet somehow we have not run out of music have we?

You are the self empowered creator who creates the song of your life. You have the power to choose what it is you desire to create. You are always creating. Here are some questions to ask yourself. Are you creating what you want to or what others have said you should want to create? Are you creating a song you like? Does your current song reflect the song you desire? What song do you want to create?

Monday, August 9, 2010

Tidbits to Ponder on Living Your Life Now

1. Fear blocks and limits your ability to life your life as you desire.

2. Obligations are a form of fear. 

3. You experience fear in many ways and your emotions is your guide. 

4. You can’t get to where you want to be if you have fears limiting and blocking you.

5. You can’t overcome fears, fight them or conquer them but you can shift them. 

6. Your beliefs play an important role as they are your foundation.

7. If your beliefs do not reflect what you desire then your life will be something other than the life you want. 

8. If you want something different in your life, then you must first make some internal changes.

9. Change what you believe, think, feel, your viewpoint, actions, words so that they all reflect what you desire. 

10. You deserve to have the life you desire. You do not earn it as it is not a “reward” for doing “good”. You create it because life is always responding to you!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Dwelling in the Land of Desire

Many think the Land of Desire is some utopia like place where everything we could possibly want exists and all we have to do is be a positive thinker, wish it into being and it appears like magic. They think that in this land anything they do not like just simply does not exist. All those things they think of as terrible, awful or harmful are not there. They see it as a land of peace and tranquility where everybody gets along because everybody is of like mind.

The Land of Desire is does not exist someplace out there but exists within you. You can dwell in this land even though what is “out there” may seem to be something other than what you desire. When you dwell in this land you realize what is out there is a reflection of what is inside of you and inside of others. When you dwell in this land you ever deny another their experiences just because it is an experience you do not desire.

To dwell in this land you must turn your attention and focus on yourself and not on what other lands others maybe dwelling in. When you dwell in this land you are extending the opportunity for others to join you but it is always their choice. Every time you see a person living in a land you do not desire to live in, it is an opportunity for you to make different choices. Others can, do and will dwell with you in the Land of Desire if they so choose to.

The Land of Desire is often misunderstood and what one needs to do in order to dwell there is equally misunderstood. In the Land of Desire there is positive beliefs, positive perspectives, positive thoughts, positive actions and positive words all of which reflect the desires of those who dwell there. It is not that there are no terrible, awful, harmful experiences; they just choose to see these experiences for what they are. They are opportunities for growth, expansion and to get yourself to a place you otherwise could not have gotten to. In this land those who dwell there look at that which they do not want and realize that can’t change it but they can change their belief and perspective about it and in that moment the experience itself changes.

In this land there is self empowerment. Those that dwell there know that they hold the key to the changes they desire to make. They hold the key for experiencing all that they desire. They do not empower others to change things for them. They are the change and therefore they enact the change from within. The change does not occur from the outside to the inside but from the inside to the outside.

So when you look upon something and say “I do not like this” “This is wrong” or “This should not be” what is that telling you about yourself? What is that telling you about what you do want? For in the Land of Desire it is all about you as you are the only one who holds the key.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dwelling in the Land of Negativity

The land of negativity is a place that exists with in but experienced in your life. It is a place created when one dwells on all the horrors, awful, seemingly terrible things seen going on in our lives and in our world today. It is possible to become so fixated on them; focus on them so much so that it is all one see’s. It then becomes impossible to see anything else. This is the land of loss, crime, drugs, people taking advantage of others, racism and so much more very unpleasant experiences. It is home to hate, anger, blame, revenge and despair.

Those who reside there experience powerlessness to do anything about all the awful things they see. You can hear their cries of danger, warning and impending doom. In this land happiness is an illusion. Joy is an impossibility. Love no longer exists as it is seen as a source of pain and emotional hurts. One can choose to live here or visit for as long as one desires to. The longer one stays though, the desire to leave fades.

Many say this land is our reality and the reality of all. If you can not see it then there is something wrong with you for this is the only land that exists. There is no other land beyond this. Anything else is just a fantasy or a dream and therefore not real. If you refuse to dwell is this land you are considered foolish or fool hearted.

Those who dwell in this land look to be rescued or saved. However if this is the only land that exists where are they to go? They look for someone to “fix” everything. However if everything were to be fixed then this land would no longer exist as everything would be better. A new land would then exist or would it? The people of this land do not see the negativity as negativity. They see it as reality. It is only those who do not dwell there who see it as negative.

Those who are not of this land have chosen that they do not wish to dwell there. They dwell in another place of their own choosing and as such this land is their reality. There are many such lands called and known by many different names. Some of these lands are full of wonder, happiness, joy and love. Other such lands are full of hope, peace and contentment. This lands can be visited any time one desires as all are welcome. You can stay as long as you want or you can move on to another.

What land are you dwelling in?
What lands are you visiting?
The choice is yours.