Saturday, October 10, 2009

Creating Success through The Law of Attraction.


Success means different things to different people. From a Law of Attraction perspective success is a desire, a feeling, a state of mind and a state of being. Success is a journey and not something that is achieved or a destination. Do you find yourself saying "I will be successful when?" Do you find yourself defining success by things that can be measured such as achieving certain goals or obtaining a certain things in your life? This type of thinking limits the amount of success you can experience. Do you feel that you must be driven, have will power and persistence in order to achieve success? When you experience challenges in our business or professional life do you then feel that you are not successful or not as successful as you were feeling? These are also common pitfalls that we all experience at one time or another.

In order to create success so that it will manifest into your life you have to allow yourself to feel that success first. As you visualize your desires, allow your self to experience the feeling of success. This will allow the Law of Attraction to respond to that feeling so as to bring to you what you desire. It will also bring to you your next step, an inspired thought or a person that will assist  you in some way.  Your thoughts and feelings as well as what you say and how you act all must be a reflection of the success you feel.

In those moments in time when your feeling of success lessens, there is a reason for this. Those are the times that help you strengthen your desire or expand on it. It is just an indicator for you to refocus so that you can more forward in a new way.

It helps to be open to change, a change in thinking, perspective and perception. When these changes occur you are able to expand how successful you are. How much success and in how many different ways do you want to experience it?    

Here are some tips that will help you in you creating success.

1.      Define what Success means to you.


2.      Write down how successful do you want to be. What your desires are.


3.      How linked to the state of the economy is your thought process? As an example: The economy is slow so my business will also be slow, there are so many challenges, this is not the time to add new services…..


4.       Write down what you are focusing on. If you are focusing on the negatives, you will get more negative. Shift your focus onto positives and onto your desires. 


5.      Write down those times when you are not feeling successful. (To help you identify those times, think about any time you are doubtful, worry, are anxious or stressed about your business or professional life. )


6.      Next to those write down a new and more positive thought that makes you feel better. (As an example: My sales numbers are down. Your current thinking maybe something like: oh business is down, if this keeps up what am I going to do? Change this to something like: All these numbers are telling me is that I must refocus on what I want, that I need to follow my instincts and gut feelings more.) 


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