Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The 10 Keys To Self Empowerment - Key 5


Your perception of yourself and others holds the key to your empowerment. If you see someone or something as greater than yourself then you are creating an illusion that you are not empowered. An optimist is more aware of their empowerment than a pessimist is. A pessimist uses their empowerment less often because of their perception. We all create our own reality and are empowered to do so. Your particular viewpoint guides your focus in a direction. If your perception is in the direction towards seeing all the things you do not like, then that is what you are focusing on and therefore will create more of what you do not like. What is your perception of who you really are? Do you deny who you really are and then rationalize so that others perceptions of you matter more than your own? When you are using your empowerment, you see yourself clearly and know yourself to be an empowered creator. You know that there is nothing that you are not! You can then begin to use your empowerment to bring about the changes within yourself so that you are creating and manifesting your desires.

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