Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Self Empowerment Exercise

01) Think of a situation in your life that has you feeling the lower end of the Emotional scale. It should be something that makes you feel "despair,revenge, hatred, anger or any other negative feeling emotion". It can be any situation.

02) Write down the situation, along with how it makes you feel. Be specific as possible.

03) Once you have completed step 2, now write down a feeling/thought that will raise you up to the "next best feeling". Does not matter what the feeling/thought is, as long as it makes you feel better.

04) Now continue to reach for a better feeling/thought. Repeat this step as often as you need to until you begin to feel better about the situation you described on step 1.

05) Conclude this exercise with writing out the situation in step 1, but now with your new focus and perception of the situation. Describe how much better you are now feeling, be specific.06) Review this exercise, now realizing that you "took back your power",reflecting now on how good you feel, how your energy has increased, and on how you just "self empowered yourself"!

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