Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Destination Manifestation

Every experience we have, in every moment that we have them, we have not only created them but manifested them into our experience. We are all empowered to create, manifest and then experience and all along the way we are in the drivers seat. The only thing that can stop you from having the experiences you desire, the stuff that you desire is you.

Destination Manifestation is the Universe answering our desires through the Law of Attraction. It is the physical completion of contrast and desire. You are empowered to create and Destination Manifestation is what is reflected back into your reality. You either manifest your desire or manifest something that gets you to focus on your desire. Once you manifest something you then experience it. Some who manifest what they desire do not allow themselves to fully enjoy their experience of it.

Destination Manifestation is a process for as one desire is manifested you have another, another and still another. All this relates to what one is creating..contrast or desire. Contrast is an experience of what you do not want and it always... in all ways..is a desire indicator to get you shift your focus onto what you do desire, strengthen a current desire, expand a current desire or redefine a desire. Before there is desire, there is contrast. Destination Manifestation is the completion of this.

To help keep you focused on your desires...write them down. I Desire_________________.

Place pictures that represent your desires on a vision board, in a journal or on your refrigerator.

Give yourself permission to have the desires you have. They only way a desire will be complete is when it is manifested. If you have a desire to change jobs and you ignore it, repress it or deny it, you will through the Law of Attraction and Destination Manifestation experience contrast in order to get you to focus on it.

To help with this, write down what contrast you are experiencing currently....next to it write what desire is coming from that contrast experience.

My Contrast My Desire
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