Friday, December 11, 2009

You are the Source of Your Joy Part 1

As each day passes one grows closer to the knowledge that one seeks. Each day is like surprise package for as it unfolds there are wondrous things to behold. Yet you often do not see these things for as much as our world has grown in some areas it has not in many others. As a world many have moved away from that which you are. If you doubt this take stock of one of your typical days.

When you first open your eyes in the waking hours what do you first experience? What is it that you first feel? What are your first thoughts? For these things set the tone for your day. These let you know where you are, who you are and what you will create for that day.

Let us first address those of you whose first experience of the day is to think of all the things you have planned for your day’s experience. When you have those thoughts what is it that you feel? Is it stress? Is it some other negative feeling? Do you dread your day? Why do you dread something that has not occurred yet? When you first awake and already have a negative feeling about what has yet to occur, you are in that moment creating your day to be a negative experience. All this before you have even gotten out of bed. You are “setting yourself up” so to speak to have a day where you do not experience as much joy as there is for you.

Life on our physical plane can be complicated with all the things one has to do. Or is it? What is it that you do that is more important than experiencing joy? Is your job, caring for family and friends or any other of your duties so important that you would sacrifice experiencing joy? We ask these questions of you for these are the questions you ask in your own way. When you begin your day with a mindset of experiencing anything other than joy you are in fact asking how to experience joy in your day.

When you first awake what are you focusing on? Your duties or what brings you joy? Your duties are a source of joy for everything created is a source of joy. If only you allow it to be. Your day is already joy filled before you even awake but when you think and feel it otherwise then that is what you create, manifest and experience. No one other than you causes you to experience anything. Whatever it is that you experience you do so cause of what you have created and manifested. Your boss, children, spouse, neighbor, family members, strangers or friends do not cause you to experience anything. They are not the source of your experience you are.

When you first awake and experience negative thoughts and feelings about your day is it because you are not pleased with your boss, spouse, children, family members, co-workers or friends? Did they DO something to cause you to start a new day with a negative mindset? No, they did not . You are reacting and making them the source as opposed to you being the source.

When someone does something and you experience a negative reaction, that reaction is yours, you created it by placing judgment on the behavior and then manifesting an experience based on that judgment. You are in fact saying “I do not like what you did and that made me feel the way that I do”. This type of thinking is what leads you to give yourself permission to react negatively. The other becomes the source. The other is the cause. The other is responsible. You often refer to this as a defense mechanism as if it is out of your control. This is a misperception as to what is actually occurring. For when you allow another to be the source of your experience you have granted them the creative power of your experience. Yet this can not occur for only you have the creative power of your experiences. What you do is therefore release yourself of the responsibility for creating and manifesting your experiences and grant that to another. They become responsible not you. This is not real but you make it real in your mind. It becomes your reality for you created it, manifested it and experienced it. Even when you create another to be responsible for what you are experiencing, you still created it, manifested it and experienced it, therefore responsible for that experience. You created it and therefore it has become real to you. This is just how powerful a creator one is.

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