Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Years Resolutions

By Mary Anne Cipressy and David Trippany

The beginning of a new year is approaching and with that many of us see it as a time to bring in change to our lives. The most common method used is the New Year Resolutions. We sit down and write out what we are going to do differently this year. However within the first month many of these resolutions are broken and we settle back in to our normal routines, patterns and habits.

There is a reason these resolutions do not work. In an effort to bring change into our lives we focus on those things we see as a negative and then come up with a solution for them. The Law of Attraction brings us what we focus on, so we actually bring in to our lives more of what we say we do not want. We try to use our will and determination to bring these changes about. The resolutions we make do not always reflect a desire. They may reflect some one else’s desires or what others have determined we should be doing. We then micro manage the process by not only coming up with the solution, we also put a time frame on it as well.

If you as an example want to loose weight or quit smoking as a resolution for the New Year, you can’t do so by focusing on losing weight or not smoking for in doing so you are still focusing on your weight and smoking. Then you come up with the how and choose a program that will allow you to lose weight and quit smoking. So then off you go all great guns that this time it will all work. All during this you are still focused on your weight and smoking and therefore the Law of Attraction will bring you more of what you do not want.

Another example is a resolution to get out of debt. If you keep focusing on your debt, view it as a negative, feel bad that you are in debt, and then the Law of Attraction will bring you more debt. View your weight or your smoking as a negative, feel bad about yourself for these things and the Law of Attraction will just bring you more of that as well. It does not matter what the resolution is for if you are feeling negative and have a negative perspective about what you want to change, the Law of attraction will bring you more of that which you do not want.

To use the Law of Attraction in creating the desires your resolutions reflect you must shift your perspective, shift your focus and allow the Law of Attraction to bring you the “how”. You must view what you see as a negative differently and you must feel better about these so called negatives. When the Law of attraction brings you the “how” in any of its many forms you must act on it. Follow your inspired thoughts, your gut reactions and recognize the “how” when you see it. However until you shift focus and perspective and perception, you will not be able to allow the Law of Attraction to bring you the “how”. As long as you think and feel negative you are not going to be able to allow the Law of Attraction to bring you the “how”. You must let go of the idea that you have to come up with the “how” and not micro manage the process by setting a limiting time frame. It is then you will experience the change you desire and the results will be long lasting.

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