Saturday, April 17, 2010

The Divine in YOU

We are all divine beings; we all have a divine aspect to ourselves. The more common expressions associated with this concept is the authentic you, the real you, the god/goddess in you, spiritual self and your higher self. These expressions all are speaking of the divine aspect of ourselves, the inner you that makes you, you. This aspect is not reserved for only those who are deserving or blessed or even holy. It is an aspect that we posses and is part of the human experience. We all can here to experience and express that aspect of ourselves.

Through conditioning we seem to have forgotten that this aspect. Some have actually been taught that we do not have such an aspect and that only a few special individuals have been blessed with it. We have been condition to believe that we are less than who and what we really are. We have been conditioned to believe a great many things about the human experience that omit this aspect of ourselves. Even those who are aware of this aspect sometimes loose sight of it in the hustle and bustle of our day to day life. In today’s world we are just bombarded with so much stimulation that we become distracted. We become fearful for so much seems to be out of our control. We tend to focus on all that is “wrong” in our lives and in the world at large. All this does is to move you away from the divine aspect in you. Our beliefs, focus, thinking all play a large role in discovering or rediscovering the divine in us.

The divine in us can best be described as a pure positive energy that we experience as Joy, Well Being and Abundance to name just a few of the expressions of this pure positive energy. It is limitless, timeless, ever expanding and infinite in nature. This is our true nature as well. The perspective of the divine in you is broad in scope, positive in viewpoint, has innate wisdom and is able to create from that perspective. That is a perspective you too can experience when you are in alignment with this aspect of your self.

You know you are in alignment with this aspect each and every time you feel a joy based or positive emotion. If you have a desire to do something you really love to do, if you have an inspired thought then follow it for it is coming from the divine aspect of you. If your gut is telling you to do something or not do something, then follow it for it too is coming from the divine aspect of you. If you feel an urging to act, do some thing or share something then follow it for it is the divine in you expressing it self.

The divine in you is real, it is palpable, it can be experienced and it can be expressed. All you have to do is allow yourself the experience and be in alignment with that which you are.

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