Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Attraction Magnet

One of the big misunderstandings about the Law of Attraction is that one attracts what one want TO YOU. That you are a magnet and all that you want exists somewhere outside of your self. The house, car, money, health, personal possessions, partner, mate etc all our "out there" and all you have to do is attract it to you. This in part is accurate to a point. It is a good place to start in your understanding of the Law of Attraction but there is much more to it.

All that you want is not attracted to you but is attracted because of you. The Law of Attraction responds to vibrations, the vibrations of thoughts and feelings. We all have a vibrational range that the Law of Attraction responds to. This range is based on thoughts, feelings and beliefs. The Law of Attraction is the how or mechanism by which our reality, life and stuff in it show up. You are at the center of this, the inner you, what is going on inside of you. Then your outside world, that which you see and experience is a reflection of that because the Law of Attraction is responding to the vibrations associated with your thoughts, feelings and beliefs.

Many of us to change what is going on try to change our outside world first so that we can feel better. It actually works the other way around. Change your thoughts, feeling and beliefs to ones that make you feel better then your outside world will reflect that. It is a matter shifting your focus and perception onto you and not what is going on around you. Your focus is on how you are feeling, how you are reacting and what you believe. It is a matter of perception. Your perception of what is true, is what is true. you belief of what is true, is what is true. However if what is true does not feel good to you, than you are empowered to be able to change it...if you believe that you are.

Having visual reminders for ourselves can be helpful to remind us of how we want to feel. It is not the picture of what we want that we want, we want how it feels to have that picture manifest. Your focus is therefore not on the material item but on how you feel. When you do that, other things that reflect that feeling also show up sometimes long before that picture we have placed somewhere as reminder shows up. Sometimes we miss that because we are focused on the fact that what we say we want has not shown up yet.

Start today by shifting your focus, taking stock of your beliefs, paying attention to how you feel and you will be on your way to creating a life more in alignment with what you want.

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