Saturday, August 7, 2010

Dwelling in the Land of Negativity

The land of negativity is a place that exists with in but experienced in your life. It is a place created when one dwells on all the horrors, awful, seemingly terrible things seen going on in our lives and in our world today. It is possible to become so fixated on them; focus on them so much so that it is all one see’s. It then becomes impossible to see anything else. This is the land of loss, crime, drugs, people taking advantage of others, racism and so much more very unpleasant experiences. It is home to hate, anger, blame, revenge and despair.

Those who reside there experience powerlessness to do anything about all the awful things they see. You can hear their cries of danger, warning and impending doom. In this land happiness is an illusion. Joy is an impossibility. Love no longer exists as it is seen as a source of pain and emotional hurts. One can choose to live here or visit for as long as one desires to. The longer one stays though, the desire to leave fades.

Many say this land is our reality and the reality of all. If you can not see it then there is something wrong with you for this is the only land that exists. There is no other land beyond this. Anything else is just a fantasy or a dream and therefore not real. If you refuse to dwell is this land you are considered foolish or fool hearted.

Those who dwell in this land look to be rescued or saved. However if this is the only land that exists where are they to go? They look for someone to “fix” everything. However if everything were to be fixed then this land would no longer exist as everything would be better. A new land would then exist or would it? The people of this land do not see the negativity as negativity. They see it as reality. It is only those who do not dwell there who see it as negative.

Those who are not of this land have chosen that they do not wish to dwell there. They dwell in another place of their own choosing and as such this land is their reality. There are many such lands called and known by many different names. Some of these lands are full of wonder, happiness, joy and love. Other such lands are full of hope, peace and contentment. This lands can be visited any time one desires as all are welcome. You can stay as long as you want or you can move on to another.

What land are you dwelling in?
What lands are you visiting?
The choice is yours.

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