Monday, August 16, 2010

The Self Empowered Creator

The empowerment we are discussing here is the empowerment each one of us has to create the life we desire. It is the power of creation that we all have. It is the ability to use energy to create our reality. We do not have to earn it, do anything to be granted it or please someone in order for it to be bestowed upon us. We all use it ever day even though we may not be aware of it. Self empowerment involves being aware of how we use this energy and then using it to create a life we desire.

The energy we are speaking if is the energy that exists in our world. Everything is energy in form. This energy consists of limitless vibrations and frequencies. There are an unlimited number of ways in which these vibrations and frequencies combine in order to take form. If you just look out your window at all that you can see you will notice a great variety of energy pulled into form, and that is just what you can see with the naked eye on the surface. All our senses interpret these vibrations and frequencies so that we may see, hear, taste, touch, smell and sense/feel them. This analogy may help you understand this better. To understand vibrations take a series of 6 musical notes for example. Those notes combined in a sequence for a melody. Rearrange those same 6 notes in a different sequence and you have a different melody. Same notes but when combined differently the melody takes a different form. To understand frequencies those same 6 notes could be played fast, slow and in a combination of fast and slow. Those same 6 notes can be played on a wide variety of musical instrument and as such the sound would vary by instrument.

As a self empowered creator you would combine those notes in any form that is pleasing to you and your ears including choosing the musical instrument(s) with which to play them on. You have a vast array of choices and you decide which vibration and frequency you want to pull into the form of a melody. Think of the number of songs that already exist and the new ones that are being created everyday and yet somehow we have not run out of music have we?

You are the self empowered creator who creates the song of your life. You have the power to choose what it is you desire to create. You are always creating. Here are some questions to ask yourself. Are you creating what you want to or what others have said you should want to create? Are you creating a song you like? Does your current song reflect the song you desire? What song do you want to create?

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