Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Coaching Exercise - The Language of Self

Try these easy activities to begin becoming aware of what you emotions are telling you.

As you go through you day start to pay attention and observe how you are feeling.
Make note of it.

Start to observe how you are feeling about things in your life as example: your health, job, career, family, relationships etc.

Start to work with your feelback as you observe you emotions.

Ask yourself is this a reflection of who I am,where I want to be or who I want to be?

Notice your reaction to experiences as they occur.

How are you reacting to them?

Is it a positive emotion or a negative emotion?

Write your reactions down.

Observe when you have a negative reaction, how long does it last?

You will also notice that the longer you focus and think about something negative the worse you begin to feel and that the more you focus and think about something positive the better you feel.

These are all ways of helping you begin to pay attention to your emotions and learn what your feelback is telling you.

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