Friday, July 30, 2010

Our August BTR Radio Show Schedule

Please join us for our shows this month
All shows are recorded and can be heard at anytime after they air live. 

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Live YOUR Life Now: What Do You Believe? Weds August 4 2010 3-4:30 PM
What you believe about life, how you view life, what you think about life all effect how you believe, view and think about your life. Mary Anne and David will be dialoging on this topic and how you can change anything in your life.

Live YOUR Life Now: Living Your Desires Friday August 13 2010 3-4:30 PM
We all have thing we want, things we want to do and experience and things we want to be. David and Mary Anne will be dialoging how to have a life where you experience all your desires, be who you want to be, have what you want to have.

Live YOUR Life Now: Empowering Your Life Weds August 18 2010 3-4:30 PM
Are you living the life you want? Do you feel you have the power to do so? What is this power and how do we tap into it? Mary Anne and David will be dialoging on this so that you too and begin to live the life you want.

Live YOUR Life Now: The Be Do Have of Life Friday august 27 2010 3-4:30 PM
To live a life you really want, full of many different experiences you must first be the energy of what you want, follow your inspired thoughts and then allow yourself to have it. David and Mary Anne will be dialoging on how to do this.

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