Saturday, September 4, 2010

BlogtalkRadio Schedule for September

You can hear us dialog on Blogtalk Radio on a variety of topics that will inspire your life and empower your journey.Click on show title to listen to the show.

September 1 3 PM What You Believe to be Real is Real
Whatever you believe to be is exactly what you make real for yourself. This can be shifted and changed to march what it is you want to experience in your life. Mary Anne and David will be dialoging on how we make things real for ourselves and how to change what we have made real.
September 10 3 PM You and Your Life
Do you live your life to please others,to meet others expectations? David and Mary Anne will be dialoging on how to life your life, the life you want to live without being selfish but being centered in self.
September 15 3 PM What Are You Worthy Of?
We are all worthy of something be it happiness or despair, love or anger; We are all worthy of what it is we are experiencing but we can change what we are experiencing. David and Mary Anne will be dialoging on self worth, our sense of deserving and how to shift towards feeling worthy of what we desire.  
September 24 3 PM Embracing Change 
Change does not happen to us but because of us. We bring about the change we need to evolve our life towards what it is we really want to experience, towards being the real you. Mary Anne and David will be dialoging on how to embrace change and what that change is really telling us.
 September 29 3 PM Loving Your Expansion
We expand in all that we desire and experience. The non- physical aspect of ourselves vibrationally becomes what we desire and leads us towards manifesting that experience in our reality. We will be dialoging on how you too can live your expansion.

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