Saturday, September 4, 2010

Be the Change You Want To See

We all have heard that we have to be the change but how does one “Be the Change”? While it is commonly thought that in order to do this one needs to be active in the change they want to see, to take action to bring about the change they want to see. While there is some truth to this, there is something missing. It does not address that in order to do this you first becoming from a place energetically speaking, where that change is.
If you want to change the economy you cannot come from a place of lack, poverty, resenting those who have more than you. If you want peace you can’t be coming from a place of war, being angry about the war or sad about the war. If you want to create change in our environment you cannot be coming from a place of anger about what you are currently seeing, you can’t be angry about global warming. If you want to change how society treats others of different races, you can not come from a position of separation. You can not see the other races as other races.

Whatever you wish to see, you energetically must become it first. You must first experience the change within yourself. You must change first before you take any actions. If you think there is lack and then try to enact change to improve the economy, you bring that energy into your actions. To improve the economy it would be best to bring the energy of prosperity into your actions. To do that you must shift your beliefs, see prosperity, and know that there is more than enough for all in the planet. Then your actions will be of the energy of prosperity. The Law of Attraction will respond to the energy. If your energy is of lack, not enough and then you add anger to that, the Law of Attraction will respond to that. How can you possibly bring prosperity into the world when the vibrations you personally have or of lack? How can you bring peace when the vibrations you have are anger over war?

No matter what it is you want, you energetically must be it before you can experience it. There is nothing you are not. It is just that you have not experienced yourself as that. It is not that the vibration does not exist; it is just that you have not experienced yourself as that which you desire. Your beliefs, perspective, thoughts and emotions all are indicators as to what you are experiencing yourself as.

We tend to want to see the peace first, see the prosperity first before we will admit that it exists. We want the war to go away first and then say there is peace. We want poverty to go away before we will say there is prosperity. We look at the problems of the world and that is all that is seen. We want the world that we see to change in order for us to feel what it is we want to see.

We must first feel it. We must first create the change within ourselves. We must first bring the energy we want to experience into the world and the world will respond to that new energy. The change occurs within us first before it will ever show up in your external world.

It is possible for our world to change but first we must change. We have to change our own lives and experience ourselves as we desire to be.

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