Sunday, September 5, 2010

Embracing Change

In order to experience something different than what you are currently experiencing, change must occur. Many of us fear change as we tend to see it moving into the unknown and that raises many “what if” questions. We also tend to see some changes as out of our control and that they are forced upon us and not of our own free will. All change no matter how you identify it is an opportunity to do and experience something different. It is an opportunity to say to ourselves “What can I do with this”? “What opportunities lie ahead”?

We tend to for the most part embrace the changes we actively choose for ourselves. Although there are those who once they make a decision to change something in their lives, resist the very decision they made. The vast majority of those who fear change do so because they see it as something that is happening to them. It is not happening because of some active decision they have made. All change is happening because of you and not to you. It is leading you in the direction of a fuller manifestation of a desire.

Embracing change involves how you view that very change, how you identify it and what you do with it. It involves accepting the” what is” and then shifting how you view it from there. It involves using your emotions as an indicator that is telling if you are embracing the change or not. Accepting the change in order to embrace it involves not judging it. We tend to judge those changes we think we do not desire. We say the timing is wrong, it is something bad, it is not what I wanted, it is not the way I wanted it or many other judgments. Embracing change involves the realization that you can not change what occurred but you can change how you are responding to it, what you do with it and that is an inward process.

We often times try to change what we are experiencing if we view it as something outside of ourselves, that it is happening to us and we do not wish to accept it. It is not possible to change the “what is” as it has already occurred. Yet you can change how you respond, how you view it and what you do with it. That is where the real change occurs. The external experience is just a way to get us to look internally and to create our change there. We are empowered to think differently, respond differently and act differently.

When you are open to change in any form you may experience it, you are able to embrace it. In order for any desire to manifest, to experience something different than what you are currently experience change must and does occur. If you keep repeating the same thoughts you will get the same results. If you repeat the same actions you will get the same results. Nothing new occurs without something changing. You are empowered to create change so that it reflects who you are and what it is you desire. By shifting your perspective, your beliefs, your thoughts and changing your actions to match, you can embrace change.

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