Sunday, October 10, 2010


We all have had times in our life when we felt as though everything was just going wrong, no matter what we did or tried to do, things just went wrong.  You even began to feel what is the point to try new things as you only felt helplessness.  You felt everything from grief and despair to downright depression.  You found yourself asking anyone that would listen why does all this happen to me, why do I only experience bad things, why do I never seem to catch a break, why......why.......why????
It is at these times in one's life that you need to take a quick minute and take stock of who you really are as a person as a whole and complete being.  In doing this you need to realize that there are two aspects to yourself that make "you" up into the being you are within this physical reality that we all reside.  You need to realize that your two components make up the whole and complete you.  The first aspect is of your physical being, the one you see in the mirror.  This is actually the smallest aspect you!  Your larger aspect is that of your non-physical being, the aspect that you feel.  This is the largest aspect of you as this is the aspect that is fully anchored with that of Source Energy, or within that of God depending upon your own beliefs.  This is the aspect that is most alive as it truly is within pure positive energy.  The key to your own personal success is to "feel" the two aspects as one whole complete aspect.  When you do this, it is called being "United In Acceptance" with who you are as an individual being and bringing forth that whole and complete aspect into this physical reality.  In doing that one simple task, you are now living life from the standpoint of being the real you and in doing so have started a truly wonderous aspect of your journey, as you are now living life that is desire orientated rather than that of contrast.  In other words you are living a life that is full of aspects you want to experience rather than aspects that are not pleasing to you at all.  At this point it is important to point out that any contrast you do experience is merely a desire indicator as it is letting you know you are not focusing on your desires but rather the lack thereof.
Now that we have tackled the issue of being "United In Acceptance" with your own whole and complete being, lets get back to the barage of the "WHY" questions.  As now we can offer some easy answers to all those why's you have within your life.
Once you understand the "United In Acceptance" aspect of your being you really can see and feel why your life at times seems to fall apart.  When you see yourself as having two seperate aspects to yourself you are actually stiffiling that large aspect of yourself, your non-physical self, your higher self, your conscience....whatever you want to call it.  When you do this, you are actually creating gap within your being and that gap is what you are feeling.  You feel this gap as a perceived negative as you have moved away from your communication center.  It is this non-physical aspect of yourself that provides you with your "Language of Self".  When you are well within being "United In Acceptance" the "Language of Self" is loud and clear,  That little voice that guides you to or away from any activity is clearly sensed and feel wonderful as you listen to and take the action steps it guides you to take.  The oposite is just as effective, however when you ignore those very action steps and travel in the direction from which you know you should travel on your journey you feel it just as strongly, but now you are expereicing the preceived negative emotions: worry, doubt, fear, anger, fear, unhappiness, fear, jealousy and did we mention fear!  You feel the latter when you step away from being "United In Acceptance", when you step away from feeling yourself as one complete person.  It is easy to have all the why questions at this point, but the one why question you really need to address is, "why do I not see myself as a whole and complete person"?  As once you answer that question, all the other "why" questions will either have a clear answer or will no longer be a question as they will have found that resolution that you have been seeking.
One needs to stay focused on themselves, stay in touch with the real and true them.  In doing so you will begin to create a life filled with desire, a life filled wtih anticipation of the journey.  You will feel the real you, you will feel the love you truly have for yourself.  There is not better reason to stay focused on you and who you are than to feel your own self love and begin to live and share your life from that standpoint.
So the next time you find yourself asking yourself, "why is this happening to me" stop for that quick minute and check to see just how "United In Acceptance" you are with yourself.  Have a conversation with yourself and put yourself back in balance.  Feel the completeness of your self, feel the vibrant life that is within all of you, bring forth that you into your reality and then ask yourself, "why am I doing this to myself" and listen to the answer.  If you find a fear based answer, not worthy of good things, just not good enough or whatever that answer maybe, then you need to go within and focus on you, get to know you and realize that fear is not an aspect of yourself as you are a magnificent creator and any desire you have you can not only realize but can manifest and experience as that is why you came into this physical reality in the first place.  Be "United In Acceptance" within yourself and you will find an inner resolve and fortitude that will truly benefit you guide you to a life filled with joy, love and happiness.  You will soon have a new why within your life and it will be, "WHY NOT ME!"  You deserve desire manifestations and experiences as much as the next being sharing this physical reality with you!
Just ask yourself this one question now, "where is my focus?"
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As always, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David Trippany
ITSC Coaching, LLC. 

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