Monday, October 4, 2010

ITSC Coaching on Blogtalkradio Oct Show Schedule

Below are the days times of our upcoming shows.
All shows are recorded so you can hear after they air life as well. 
Just click on the show title to go to that show event.

Weds Oct 6
3 PM
On this show Mary Anne and David will be dialoging on the difference and similarities between thinking something is true, believing something is true and knowing something is true and how through the Law of  Attraction  these become our creation set points for manifesting what we desire. 
Friday Oct 15
3 PM
 Mary Anne and David will be dialoging on how to apply the concepts of the 
Law of Attraction to your life so that you can deliberately create what you desire. 
It is one thing to understand the LOA it is another to apply that understanding to everyday life.
Weds Oct 20
3 PM
 David and Mary Anne will be dialoging about how you are the source 
of your own answers, the source of what you desire. 
Nothing exists outside of you and when you want 
to manifest something, anything how it all starts with you.
Friday Oct 29
3 PM
David and Mary Anne will be dialoging on allowing yourself to feel the energy
how to shift it, how to determine what it is you are feeling and
how not to align with the energy of those feelings you do not wish to experience. 
They also will be showing you the role the LOA plays in this.


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