Thursday, October 7, 2010

What's In A Feeling"

Have you ever stopped for just one moment and thought about your feelings and what they are all about?  Have you ever taken a moment to think about what they are telling you?  Do you have enough trust within yourself to fully rely on what you are feeling so much so that you just act on that feeling without trying to first figure it out?  Do you realize that your "feelings" are merely "The Language of Self", your higherself, your non physical aspect, your conscience, your guardian angel....what ever you choose to call it, communicating with you, helping you along your path, your journey.
Lets examine this for just a moment.  Your feelings are your Language of Self helping you make decisions, decisions that will ultimately assist you in creating your desires.  The desires that you are wanting to experience in your brilliant physical sense.  Your feelings are you guidance system to those very manifestations, to those very desires.  This is why we refer to them as "The Language of Self".  It is the higher aspect of your whole complete being that is bringing forth the awareness into this physical reality that is truly your steering mechanism to the creation, manifestation and full experience of your heartfelt desires.  This is why it is so important to fully realize and understand your own "Language of Self", your own feelings!  It is within your feelings, your own "Language of Self" that all your answers reside.  This is why it's so vitally important for you to take the time to get to know who you are as a whole and complete being and bring forth that individual into this physical reality.  As you do this, your awareness of yourself and who you truly are become very clear and your "Language of Self" begins to take on a whole new meaning.  When you live your life bringing forth the real you, living life from the standpoint of the real you, you no longer live in wonderment but now live your life understanding your "Language of Self" and find yourself "acting" on your feelings rather than "reacting". 

Think about that for just one moment, feel the difference between those two words...."acting" and "reacting".  Which feels better when you put them in the context of your feelings?!!  You will be surprised when you do this and you will know immediately which serves you best!  One incorporates your whole being (physical = what you see in the mirror and non-physical = the part you feel) which would be "acting", while the other, "reacting", merely encompasses half of your being (physical = what you see in the mirror) and dismisses your largest aspect, your non-physical being.  When you do this you really are closing down your largest aspect of self.  This is when your "feelings" really begin to kick it into high gear and make you feel even worse as you begin the process of seeing yourself as having two aspects to self - one human and one spiritual/soul/higherself.  But most importantly you begin the process of seeing these two aspects as being separate from each other.  Doing this creates the very void you feel within you when you "react" rather than "act".  Think about it for a minute, begin to feel that statement and you will begin to realize that seeing yourself as two rather than one is detrimental to your creative process.

When you begin to feel yourself as "ONE COMPLETE BEING" we call this "Being United In Acceptance" as you no longer see a line of separation between the two aspects but rather see yourself as just one aspect, one being.  We are betting that you never put this much thought into your feelings, and now that you are being offered this perspective on your feelings, you will start to pay attention to your own "Language of Self" and realize there is importance within each and every feeling as each and every feeling is communication.  The very communication that creates and brings forth your heartfelt desire.
So let's ask the question once again, "What's In A Feeling"?  We are most certain your answer has taken on a whole new meaning.........a whole new feeling!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!

Mary Anne Cipressy & David Trippany

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