Sunday, April 3, 2011

The 10 Keys To Self Empowerment - Key 9


Faith and Trust work hand in hand with each other. When you are using your trust you are also using your faith. You are empowered when those two are in alignment with each other. You are using them together in harmony. Faith is often used to mean a particular religious belief but that is not the faith we are speaking of here. The faith we are speaking of relates to hopefulness. Faith is related to confidence as well. When you are empowered you are confident. Faith is a stepping stone to knowing. Faith is the foundation of self empowerment. When you are feeling powerless, you may think you do not have faith but actually you are just not using the faith that you do have. Faith also grows and expands as does trust the more you use it. Faith is within you and can be expressed through you into your life.

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