Friday, April 1, 2011

ITSC Coaching Internet Radio Show Topics For April

ITSC Coaching can be hear every 
Friday on blogtalkradio at 4 PM EST

Our show topics for April are:

April 1  - Being a take Charge Creator - you can take charge of your life
by creating  with intent.
April 8 - Do my Creations match my Desires- often 
what we create do not match what it is we want.
April 15 - Over Analyze You Paralyze - sometimes we over think the Law of 
Attraction and this leads to us not being able to create what we want
April 22 - Manifesting your Desires - We are always 
manifesting but are we manifesting based on creating from what we want. 
April 29 - Your Life Your Power Your Manifestations - We will be wrapping
up our discussions on the Law of Attraction in Depth by discussing
how to use your power to have the life you want.

On these shows we will be talking in depth on how to apply the law of attraction in your life.
All shows are recorded and can be heard on demand. 

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