Friday, April 15, 2011

Excerpts from the article Living in Denial

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 Of late it has come into our awareness that many us without realizing it are living in denial of who we really are.  We all do this in some way or another and how it shows up in your life is in how you perceive yourself, how you are thinking about yourself and how you are feeling about yourself. It can show up in big ways as well as small ways. 

We all have things about ourselves that we do not like. It can be something out our physical bodies, something about our personality or something about how we act in certain situations. It really does not matter how it is showing up, it is in recognizing what it is telling us that matters. It is also important to look at how we are handling this to better understand who we really are.

You are empowered to be anything you desire. When you use your empowerment to be the catalyst for the change you desire, you will bring about that change.  It starts with accepting where you are right now, seeing yourself as a empowered person and using that empowerment to change your thoughts, beliefs and how you are feeling to reach new heights of empowerment. 


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