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Have you ever taken a moment to think about “dreams”?  We think you should, even if to just examine what dreams really are all about.  We have come to realize that “Dreams are the process from which we give birth to our desires”.  This is how we first come to the realization of our desires, we dream about them.  Day dreaming is something each of us do, as well as dreaming at night, however the later is more of a communicative process from which your self conscious self, non physical self communicates directly with you.  But that is a whole other blog!  For this blog we will continue with the day dreaming aspect if you will.  Each of us have desires, we wouldn’t be human if we didn’t.  We come forth into this physical reality to experience those desires which we identified prior to coming into our magnificent physical bodies.  When we day dream, we are giving not only conscious thought to those very desires but we use this outlet, as well as many others, to refine those desires.  We put the polishing touches on how we want those desires to make us feel, after all that is what we are after, a certain feeling.  With this basic understanding, let us move forward.
The process is just that, a process.  We want to focus on the “Live It ~ Be It” aspect of dreams and desires.  Once you have put into motion your desires, through your day dreaming process, you have set into play a wonderful aspect of our physical lives.  You have set into motion, the Law of Attraction to bring about the desired experiences you are seeking to achieve.  In doing this, you have asked the Law of Attraction to bring to you an event and a certain feeling associated with that event.  Now you have to sit back and wait.  In doing so, you must remain open to the multitude of possibilities that the Law of Attraction has at its disposal to bring the event/feelings into your physical reality.  While in day dreaming you can lay out exactly as you want it to occur, you must remain open to other possibilities, as in doing so will bring about your experience/feeling much quicker.  This is due to the fact that we know the Law of Attraction utilizes the easiest flowing path to bring to your reality the experience/feeling you are seeking!  During this process, the Law of Attraction will bring to your reference the steps you need to take to bring about your experience/feelings.  You are now in the allowing/alignment process, the second step in achieving your desire.  The last and most exciting stage is the receiving stage, the stage where you actually get to experience your desire on every level.  It is during this part of the process that you are fully manifesting your experience, fully basking in the feel that your desire has always had within it.  However, it may not look exactly as you had envisioned in your original “day dreaming” experience, the time when your desire was born into your reality, but one thing will be the same and that is the “FEELING” of that desire.  This is why we encourage people to pay attention to how you feel when “day dreaming” as that is the essential aspect of your desire as that is what you are truly trying to create, that feeling!  You should never get so lost in the fine details of your desire that you allow yourself to miss the steps that are laid out before you by the Law of Attraction.  That so often happens to individuals, the lose sight of how they want to feel and stay solely focused on the details that they fail to realize their desire in the time frame they have set forth.  This is due to fact that they did not allow themselves to see more than one possibility to the creation of their desire into their physical reality, they only saw one, therefore not allowing the Law of Attraction to truly bring forth that which they desired.  In other words, think of it like this.  When you set off to go to the grocery store and there is an accident on your normal route that has that particular road closed, do you say “oh shucks, I can’t get through, so I must go home”.  Chances are no!  You will take an alternate route to get to the grocery store.  Well it is the same for the Law of Attraction as it brings into your physical reality the desire, the feelings, you are trying to create.  It has a multitude of avenues to travel to bring forth that which you desire, stay focused on just one avenue and it will take the Law of Attraction longer than you desire/feel to bring about that which you desire.  Stay open to the unlimited multitude of avenues the Law of Attraction has to bring about that which you desire.  We are sure this is starting to make even more sense to you now!  We love the grocery store trip analogy as it truly helps individuals to see beyond their current thinking process and bring to light the most important aspect the Law of Attraction has to offer each of us!
Now that we have discussed the basics of “Dreams & Desires – Live It ~Be It” begin to think about your own journey.  Begin to consciously think and feel about your own dreams/desires.  Begin to put them into perspective, seeing them and feeling them from the standpoint of the real you, and you will begin to have a whole new feeling and appreciation for that which you are wanting to create into your physical reality.  When you begin to realize that you have all the creative ambition and power you need to create that which you truly want to create and experience and feel, you begin to be at ease with the process, more relaxed with the process and therefore more successful with the process as you are now beginning to realize deep within your being that yes when you have a dream and realize that dream is a desire that you absolutely can not just live it but you can most certainly be it as well!  What a wonderful concept to know and understand!  There is nothing that you can not do, be or have as long as it is a heartfelt desire!  We can not stress or say that enough!  If it is your heartfelt desire, then it is there for you to have and experience, no questions, no doubts or no worries.  It is there for you to experience, it is there for you to feel, it is there for you to live and most definitely there for you to be!
Take this new found knowledge and begin to live the life that you have always day dreamed about, the life you have always desired!  Become that very desire, begin to live it so you can be it!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches

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