Friday, July 8, 2011


Think for a moment, while you are thinking begin to feel yourself, begin to feel the real you!  As you do this, you are beginning to feel your heartfelt desires – what you want to experience, what you want to do, be and have and how you want to feel with each aspect you just thought and felt about.  Imagine the power you have within you, within yourself, within your very being!
Now take what you just did and think about this for a moment.  If you have the power and ability to think and feel how you want to live your life, you have the powerful creative ability to imagine this aspect of your journey, then why would you not have that ability to actually bring that thought, those imaginations you created into your physical reality?  You were a powerful enough creator to bring them into your consciousness so why would you not be a powerful enough creator to bring them into your physical reality.  Think about it, if you can conceive a desire, then why can you not create that very desire.  The answer is, you absolutely can bring those very thoughts, those very feelings those very desires into your physical reality so you can then physically experience them and further physically feel them!  How awesome is that?!  Very awesome we say! 
With that being said, now is the part about how you can bring about “Living Your Desire”.  Not much more difficult than the beginning exercise was, as in that case you thought about that which you truly wanted to experience, that which you truly want to do, be and have within your physical reality.  You tapped into who you were as a whole and complete being.  You were tapping into the real you and you felt the real you as you were completing the exercise.  That is what you need to do to bring those thoughts and feelings of desires into your physical reality.  You achieve this by living your life from the standpoint of the real you, not what you feel others are wanting you to be but who you know you are to be, unique..original..the one and only you!  As you do this, you are tuning into and tapping into your heartfelt desires, what you truly want to experience while in your physical bodies.  The more you that you bring forth into this physical reality the more desire experiences you bring with you!  That is the key to “Living Your Desire”, it is simply that easy.  Bring forth the real you and with the real you comes your real desire.  The main point to realize is this, you are wanting to experience certain situations, certain things and certain people.  But go farther, just a bit farther and realize that you are wanted to experience certain feelings in each of those situations.  It is the feeling that you are going after.  Whether it is the new car, the new house, the love interest, the new and larger bank account or whatever it is… are going after the “FEELING” that is associated with that item.  Think about it……the last time you got a new car and you were sitting in it in your driveway, basking in the feeling the new car was giving you.  It wasn’t the car that was giving you large grinning smile….it was the feeling of having that car. 
When you begin to understand this aspect of the whole process, you are beginning to get a handle on the abstract aspects of The Law Of Attraction and how it works with each one of us each and every second of every day!  How powerful is this starting to get for you?  We are sure it is adding up to be some of the most powerful learning you have ever experienced while on this physical journey!  Imagine, you think and feel your desire, to the point that while your eyes are closed you have no doubt you are sincerely experiencing your desire, but then you open your eyes and you lost the connection.  Remember, that is only a perspective and you can change it just that quickly, you perspective that is!  The secret to successful desire creation is to understand how The Law of Attraction works.  It brings forth according to how you feel.  Go back to the beginning.  Remember that exercise, remember how you were feeling.  You were actually starting a new creation set point with The Law of Attraction.  Most of us stop at that point as we tell ourselves that there is no way we can do, be or have anything we want.  Well we are here to tell you that if it is a heartfelt desire you most definitely can, we promise you this!  So once you have begun this new creation set point, follow through with it, keep it going.  You have asked The Law of Attraction to bring forth a heartfelt desire.  Keep the original feeling going, feel it within every aspect of your being as that is the fuel The Law of Attraction uses to set before you the steps you need to take to bring that very desire into your physical reality.  Not easy enough for you, the remember this – you can call upon the “TFB Policy” which is the “Trust, Faith and Belief Policy”.  This policy simply means that you turn everything over to the “TFB Policy” knowing deeply within your being that The Law of Attraction will absolutely bring about the steps that are required for you to bring forth you heartfelt desire into your physical experience.  Once you have turned your heartfelt desire to the “TFB Policy” you no longer have to fret and worry about the how’s, the when’s, the where’s or the who’s when it comes to your heartfelt desire and you now know it is in the hands of the “TFB Policy” and that is the one golden tool “The Law of Attraction” works with each and every time you use this great tool from your tool box!  The last thing you need to do, is hold on to the feeling of your heartfelt desire as that is truly what you are wanting to experience, is that feeling.  As you do this, remain open to the multitude of possibilities of how your heartfelt desire will manifest into your physical reality.  That is critical!!  You must realize that your manifestation can take many different forms and as we understand “The Law of Attraction”,  we know it brings about your heartfelt desire through the easiest path it has to create that which you desire.  Just got a little easier to “Live Your Desire”!
“Living Your Desire” is your divine right while you are in physical form, you came forth to experience desire, you are no exception!  You wanted to come into physical form to have certain desires experienced, the only thing that will stop you from doing and living this way is you!  So understand you, get to know the real you and you too will begin to live a life that is full of desire, the life that at one point you only dreamed about, you thought was just that…a dream.  We say, start living the life you desire today!  It is there for you, you can be, do or have anything that you desire, anything! 
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Until then….may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany – Life Coaches with ITSC.


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