Thursday, July 28, 2011


 Have you ever taken a quick minute to think about your life and all you have within your life?  And then have you taken that same quick minute to think about all those individuals that have helped you create, manifest and experience all that you have within your life?  If not do so, as you would be amazed to think about all those that helped you experience every heartfelt desire that you have experienced to this point in your life!  The amount of individuals is staggering to say the least.  And we are sure have only realized about a third of those responsible for actually assisting you in creating that which you desired!  Yes, but a mere third as you did not stop to take into account all those that worked behind the scenes to bring your heartfelt desires into your physical reality.  Now you are scratching your head and thinking just what do you mean?!  Let us tell you what we mean, all the individuals that worked on anything you needed – meaning any device you wanted (car, phone, stereo, music cd, movie….and the list can go on forever) a multitude of folks worked on those items to bring them into your existence.  Think about the last car that you desired and then were able to manifest and experience.  The car had to be made, then it had to be transported to the place you purchased it and then it had to have a sales person to sell it to you and then if you financed it you had to utilize a whole network of individuals to make that happen and then you had to have the detailers work their magic and then finally it was in your hands.  Look at all the individuals that worked behind the scenes that helped you create, manifest and experience your desire.  Well it is the same for each and every desire you have with your physical reality!  Staggering to say the least, that so many individuals help you with each and every desire you have, each and every desire you want to create, manifest and experience!!  Gives a new meaning to the saying, “We Are All One Within This Physical World”!  Actually puts it in a much better perspective, one that is easier to wrap our minds around and assist us in truly understanding the Law of Attraction!
When we say “Your Life ~ A Co-Creative Journey” that is exactly what we mean, your life, your journey is a series of Co-Creative events that you have set out to experience while you are here on this physical plane.  With this perspective, it gives a whole new meaning to your life, a whole new purpose to your existence as well as a new drive to achieving that which you truly desire.  Imagine if you will, hundreds of individuals just waiting to assist you in achieving that which you want to experience while here on earth.  They are just waiting for that opportunity to help you enjoy the feelings that will abound from your heartfelt desire.  Now go one step further and put yourself in that role of being an individual just waiting to assist someone else with bringing into their physical reality that which they truly desire!  Well, you are!  You do work within that role!  Think about it, how many times a day do you assist someone else in either helping them achieve their heartfelt desire or assist them in working towards that heartfelt desire?  Remember, the manifestation process is one of a multitude of steps needed to be taken by any individual that is creating their reality.  We all work within both roles each and every minute of every day, whether we realize it or not, we are working dual roles.  How amazing is that to actually stop and think about this process and feel this process.  As you become more and more aware of this process, the more and more you begin to feel the process and the more that happens the more you become an active participant that is deliberately creating that which they truly want, they truly have a heartfelt desire to experience and feel!  Just an amazing process that we live and breath with in each and every day of our physical lives.
So the next time you do something as simple as get a drink of water, stop for a quick minute and think about how many individuals it took to help you create, manifest and experience that simple drink of water.  You will simply say WOW!  Then the next time you go for a much larger creation to manifest and experience, say something such as a home or a car, by remember this process, it may just make it a little easier to create, manifest and experience as now you realize you are not doing it all by yourself, that there are countless individuals out there that want to see and feel you achieve and realize that which you truly desire!  Makes the process seem much easier now doesn’t it!  And do the same the next time you are assisting someone else achieve and realize that which they are trying to create and experience within their physical reality, will make you feel what this process and life are truly all about!!  WOW, what a process!  When you really realize what it is all about, it gives you a whole new appreciation of it!  Perhaps now you have a whole new appreciation for the statement, “the joy is in the journey” as it really is and now you understand that it is both in the receiving of the experience and also in the giving of the experience!  What a concept, a concept that we all created to ensure we have joy in both the giving and receiving of heartfelt desires!  Ponder on these thoughts and you will feel the journey’s joy from every angle!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
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