Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The Law of Attraction: CREATING HAPPINESS

We all strive to create happiness, every second of every day, this is what we are most hardily trying to create, happiness.  We look high and low for what we feel is the ever elusive happiness.  We look to everything and everyone on the outside to accomplish this, as it must be somewhere outside of ourselves, right?  We read books that tells us where to look, what to change and who to listen too.  All so easy, at least it seems to be all that easy.  Yet, why are we still so unhappy?!!
While we look externally for the answer, the one main thing we are actually doing is not realizing where our answers truly come from, which is within ourselves.  It seems that whenever an answer is required to naturally come from within, we dismiss is quicker than we dismiss an annoying fly!  We think that is where we need to put our focus first, on ourselves and our own responsibility.  Once we give some focus there, we can further address how to truly create happiness.
We first must not just realize that we are magnificent creator beings, but we need to achieve this to the level of belief, the level of truly knowing that we are individuals, that when united in acceptance with our physical and non physical selves, having unconditional faith of this fact, then and only then can we begin to embrace our responsibility for creating our own journey, taking full responsibility for all that we experience, including happiness.  Once we embrace this fact, and truly feel the worth of it deep within our beings will we truly be able to successfully achieve the creations that we are trying to create!  At the level of feeling is where all creating begins, feel it……believe it……live it!  This is a hard concept for most people to embrace as we have been conditioned to believe that life happens to us and it really is life happens because of us!  Let us say that again, “many are taught to believe that LIFE HAPPENS TO US AND IT REALLY IS LIFE HAPPENS BECAUSE OF US”.  Can you feel the difference between the two statements?  We are sure you do and we are sure and most certain that when you say the latter part of the statement it begins to ring true deep within your being.  It most definitely is true, LIFE HAPPENS BECAUSE OF US!  We are the creators!  Knowing we are the creators then we most definitely are the ones to experience that which we create!  Beginning to make sense?  We thought so!
Now that we are beginning to realize that we are magnificent creator beings, creating the reality that we experience each and every day we can now address the next part of the question, creating happiness within our own life.  Understanding and feeling that we are magnificent creator beings, having the ability to create that which we want to experience and not just knowing this but feeling this will set the stage for the next part of our discussion.  Having that belief that we create our own happiness, that it is not found outside of our awareness, in other words happiness is already within us, we just need find the perspectives within life that draw us closer to the real us, which draws us closer to our true internal happiness.   Remember, our internal world will reflect the external world.  It never happens by our external world reflecting our internal world.  Think about that for a moment.  One statement actually feels better than the other.  Say them both out loud, “OUR INTERNAL WORLD WILL REFLECT OUR EXTERNAL WORLD”.    Say it out loud, feel it!  Now let’s examine the next statement.  “THE EXTERNAL WORLD WILL REFLECT OUR INTERNAL WORLD”.    You should be feeling the reality between these two statements.  Now that you are feeling the difference, you are understanding the difference and you will most certainly begin to create the difference!  You are now in a better place to begin to create happiness, to bring more happiness within you conscious reality, to create that which you are wanting to experience rather than contrast to get you to focus on that which you desire!
Lastly let’s address one issue that remains our hot topic.  To successfully create happiness, the most successful way to create happiness is to get to know the real and become united in acceptance with the real you.  Being united in acceptance merely means that you know, understand and feel your physical being (the aspect you see in the mirror) within this world AND you know, understand and feel your non-physical being (the aspect you feel when you close your eyes) within the world AND know, understand and feel both of these aspects as the full and complete you, knowing fully that these two aspects make up the whole and complete you!  Hence, you are united in acceptance!
You are now in a better state to create your own happiness!  Remember, only you can create for you, just you, no one else, simply you can create for you!  Knowing this, understanding this and feeling this statement deep within your being, you are now better equipped to create more happiness within your journey, your life, your being, your reality!  Remember, it is YOUR journey!  Take care of it, create that which you desire and you will always experience that which you desire!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!

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