Wednesday, November 16, 2011

The Law of Attraction: HOW POWERFUL AM I?

How powerful do you feel?  That is the real question you need to be asking yourself to determine just how powerful you actually are within this physical plane.  Because whether you feel you are a powerful being or whether you are not a powerful being, either way you are absolutely right!  That is the most amazing aspect of this question.  The answer is totally up to you and how you feel about you at any given moment in time! 
Now when we speak about “how powerful you are”, we are absolutely referring to you being a creator being, a being with absolute creative powers to create the reality that you live within each moment of time you are on this earth.  That’s right, your reality is created by you, whether you want to believe that or not, it is all up to you.  Whether you understand the process or not, it is all about you!  You may be reading this saying to yourself, “I would never create this cruddy life I am living, I would create something much more grand”.  Well, understand it right here and now, you created exactly where you are at in life at this moment.  Only you, now one else.  You can blame whoever you like, but in the end, you created it!  And if you are thinking that very thought, take a quick minute to take stock of where your focus is and what you have been focusing on, and we are sure you will realize that you have been focused on more negative aspects rather than more positive aspects in your life.  You will begin to realize that your focus has been on exactly what you have been experiencing, exactly what your reality has been.  It may be a bitter pill to swallow realizing that you are responsible for your lot in life, but the sooner you accept responsibility for your lot in life, the sooner you can actually do something about changing that lot you are not very happy with at this point within your journey.  That is  the best part, you can tell yourself that you are an expert at creating that which you do not want, so why can you not turn that coin over and now begin to create that which you do want!  Interesting thought isn’t it!  We are betting you have reread that sentence a couple of times as it is a sentence that will actually begin to change your perspective about things, giving you a new creative perspective from which to create a new, create that which you do want to experience!
Now that we know and are beginning to realize that you are a powerful creator, and you are beginning to feel an understanding about it that you have not felt before, you can begin to be a “take charge creator”!  The first thing you need to do is understand that you have not made any mistakes, you have done nothing wrong!  You merely need to understand that everything you have experienced within your life, within your journey to this point has gotten you to this very point, this point where you now have a new understanding of the process and are willing to accept and take responsibility for your journey in a very deliberate manner!  What an awesome feeling is that to begin to bring into your awareness, your consciousness.  To take responsibility for your creative powers with a new and more powerful understanding.  You now have the where withal to bring forth a new focus, a new drive and determination to create that which you desire, truly heartfelt desire.  We need to remind you that the best way to achieve this is to take that quick minute to get to know the real you, get to a point of understanding the real you, as the more you do this, the more you truly know and feel your heartfelt desires and in doing so have given the Law of Attraction a new driven focus from which to assist you in creating that which you desire!  An amazing process when you begin to allow yourself to understand just how the process actually works.  It is quite easy, however with each passing minute we try to make it more difficult that it actually is as we have been habitually bombarded with thoughts like, “if it is worth having, it is worth working hard for”, “nothing comes easy in life” and our personal favorite “if it seems too easy, then it just isn’t real”!  Just understand the process and you will have developed a new perspective that will allow you to create desire rather than contrast!  How delightful is that process, how gratifying is that process, how self empowering is that process!!
So we ask you once again…….”How Powerful Are You?”  We are certain your answer is beginning to get in more of an aligned position with the real you than it was before you began to educate yourself on not just the process but on you as well.  After all, only you can create for you, no one else can, just you!  Begin to open your thoughts, begin to feel yourself within the thoughts you have, remember – it is not about what you think, but rather how you feel!  Get to know the real you, begin to understand the real you and the process will take on a whole new perspective.  The process will begin to reflect the real you.  Your life journey will begin to be filled with desire manifestations rather than contrast.  Try it, you will amaze yourself with your new found self empowerment!
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