Thursday, August 18, 2011


Do you know the answer to this question?  Or do you have to think about it for a moment or even a couple of moments?  More than likely you are in the latter group as most individuals truly do not know what they are wanting in life.  Sure, you may be able to rattle off one or two “feel good” items such as a new car or house.  Those items, we believe, are societal conditioning desires – keeping up with the Jones’ thing.  But what is it that you are truly wanting, that you truly have a heartfelt desire to experience?  Don’t feel bad if you can’t rattle off a long list of heartfelt desires, as you are in the largest groups of individuals walking around today!  We really don’t take enough time for ourselves, enough time to truly bring into our own awareness that which we truly desire for ourselves.  Many reasons for this, the most common being not wanting to be selfish, not wanting to ignore others and just getting wrapped up in life being too busy fending off contrast that we are most certain we never created or intended to create.  After all, why would we want to create contrast when we know we are brilliant creator beings, capable of creating every heartfelt desire we can dream up?!!  Why would we put ourselves through this process?  Why would we put aside our magnificent ability to create desire for our equally powerful ability to create contrast, to merely get us re-focused on that which we desire?  Something to ponder perhaps, something for us to really sit and realize where our perspective truly is on this issue!
The answer is simple, so simple that it gives us such grief.  It seems the simpler something is, the more difficulty we have in disseminating what it truly is trying to tell us.  Again, this is due to societal conditioning as we have been conditioned to believe that anything in life that is worth having, worth doing, worth being must come hard.  Why we would do this to ourselves is beyond us, but society just loves to make things more difficult, much harder to achieve than is actually possible.  The answer is focus!  Yes focus!  Surprised?  You shouldn’t be as what we usually focus on is usually not what we are wanting, but rather what we are not wanting!  Stop for a quick minute and think about this.  You have a heartfelt desire come into your physical awareness.  You think about it, you feel it and then what happens?  You begin to tell yourself why that desire will never come to pass: you don’t have enough money… don’t have enough time…….you tell yourself  that you could never have that….you tell yourself to get real, after all it is you and not someone else….you tell yourself to keep dreaming and the list can go on and on and on!  We sabotage ourselves, we feel our heartfelt desires and then we place our focus on why we can not manifest that which we desire.  Our focus in on the non manifestation of the desire, therefore the Law of Attraction works brilliantly!  You may be thinking about creating the desire, however you feel that you can never manifest such a desire!  Here in lies the true difference between “thinking and feeling”!  This is why we always stress it is not about what you think but rather how you feel!  The Law of Attraction responds to how we feel and not what we think.  While it is true that “thoughts become feelings”, when we truly know who we are as true and complete whole beings, being united in acceptance with the physical aspect and non physical aspect, how we feel will dictate our thoughts , but when we are not united in acceptance in this fashion, we tend to allow our thoughts steer our feelings.  In other words we rationalize our feelings to match our thoughts.  If we have the feeling that we can achieve a particular manifestation, we will then allow thoughts to rationalize why we can not achieve that manifestation usually using the most convenient rationalizations at hand.  We talk ourselves out of the desire, we ignore the feeling.  We try to be less than what we have become, and there in lies the reason we now create contrast, contrast to get us to refocus on that which we truly desire as we are most capable of manifesting each and every desire we think and feel about.  No exceptions!  A perfect system in which we are pleasantly imperfect, but it truly is magnificent system we created, which is why we profess that contrast truly is a positive experience!
So what have we learned?  We do get what we want all the time!  The next time you manifest something that you did not want, stop and remember what you had  been feeling about the desire.  What thoughts did you have about the desire?  Be honest with yourself!  You will begin to realize that your focus was exactly on what you created, what you felt is exactly what you created, again no exceptions!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David W. Trippany
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