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Spend some time pondering that title and you will begin to understand how and why so many people begin to derail themselves when it comes the use of the Law of Attraction.  Yes, rationalizing and making excuses are the number one reasons people do not see the success they are looking for when it comes to the desired manifestations from the Law of Attraction.
How can that be, you ask?  Well let's examine this for a minute.  When you are in the state of rationalizing your thoughts, you are more times than not in the process of trying to make something fit in a situation that will not fit, no matter how hard you try.  Then when things fall apart, and they always do or they fall short, what is the first thing you say, "this Law of Attraction thing doesn't work, it is bunch of garbage".  When all along it was you the derailed the process by trying to make things fit that were never meant to fit!  Rationalizing your thoughts is the start of making excuses, the start of dumping your responsibility, your personal responsibility in creating your own journey.  When you begin to make excuses you actually are beginning the process of creating and experiencing contrast.  Why is that, as you are sabotaging yourself, therefore, the Law of Attraction now sets into motion "contrast" , which as we have come to know is merely a desire indicator.  So the Law of Attraction really does work as it is now working to show you the path back to your desires, the path you said you wanted to be on, the path that is filled with your desires.  When you begin to experience that which you do not want, remember you are just experiencing "contrast" which means the Law of Attraction is working with you to get you to focus back on your desires.  When this process happens, what is the first thing you begin to think and feel?  "I don't want this stuff?  I don't want to be feeling this way?  Why is this happening to me?"  Once you get off the "oh pity me merry-go-round" , you then begin to explore that which you really do want to experience in life, you begin to explore how you want to feel.  Think about this carefully for a minute.  You experience that which you do not want to experience and the very next thing to enter into your reality is that which you do want to experience, but now you begin to feel a more complete and concise feel to that desire.  You begin to have more awareness of that which you desire.  You are now more open to the Law of Attraction and now have more ability to see the steps that will bring forth the manifestation of that very heartfelt desire.  You now are beginning to understand the process, you now are beginning to feel how the process works, how manifestations occur when we ourselves do not have a clear feeling of those very desires.  This is how the process truly works, assists us through the process, ensuring we have every opportunity to experience that which we desire.
Having an understanding of how the process works is half the battle.  We as human beings will always from time to time try and rationalize out thoughts and create excuses.  That is just part of the process, that is the life we live.  While we did not fully come into this physical existence to work the process in this manner, we did place fail safes along the way to ensure we have every opportunity afforded us so we may experience all that we do desire.  Very profound when you keep it in the proper perspective, having the understanding and awareness to maneuver through a process which on face value may appear to be self sabotage when in reality is an avenue that allows the fullest experience and expression of the very desires we have and want to experience within physical form. 
Now that we have covered the basics, let us set forth an example to further provide awareness of this issue.
You heard about a job opening in the company where your friend works.  Now this is a company that you have wanted to work at for a very long time.  They pay their employees very well, they have a very generous benefits package and the Company Executives continually demonstrate their appreciation and gratitude for their work force, as they truly realize and understand just how important each individual is to the entire organization.  You are nearly beside yourself that there is an opening.  You boldly submit your resume.  They ask you to fill out a pre-employment application/questionnaire.  You do this with excitement and anticipation and return it to the Human Resources Department.  The individual takes it with a smile on his face and indicates that once the application process has closed they will be setting up interviews for those that are qualified.  You smile and say thank you and resume your life.  You leave the building with a certain bounce in your step, feeling as though you have the job.  A day goes by, then two and then three go by.  Your friend continues to assure you that the application process has not closed, but you don't hear that.  You now begin to rationalize your thoughts, saying things to yourself such as, "well my qualifications probably are not what they are looking for at this time", "they probably had hundreds of applicants, 98% of which were better than me", "why would they want me, what could I possibly offer a great company like that", "why am I even looking for a job, I already have one and even though I hate it, it is comfortable so why do I want to put myself through getting another job", "what was I thinking, the pay for that job is nearly three times what I currently make, who am I kidding", "how could I ever have thought that I could land a job like that, it is way out of my league", "get real, that is a dream job and I must have been in dream land to think they would want me".  This list could go on and on, think about yourself in that situation for a moment and come up with your own rationalized thoughts in that situation.  Days four, five, six and seven go by.  All the while your friend has been telling you that the application process has not closed yet but on day eight the process will close per company guidelines.  But all you heard was that there was no way in hell you are getting an interview for that job.  You have taken yourself from happiness, joyfulness and that knowing feeling of getting that job to a state of not even caring about the job any longer, as now you are trying to convince yourself that the job you have is all you are worthy of at this point in time.  On day ten you have all but forgotten about that resume you put in at dreamland, telling yourself it was their loss, you are way better than that company and why would you put yourself with a company that doesn't realize and recognize what a great employee you would be for them.  Thinking of all the reasons you need to be where you are, your cell phone rings and you think who is calling me, everyone I know, knows I am at work.  You look at the number, don't recognize it and figure what the hell, I'll answer it.  You do and you hear an unfamiliar voice.  Then it dawns on you that it's a call from Human Resources of the great company, setting up an interview for the position they have open!  Now look at all the rationalization you went through because the time did not fit your liking, the time was not so immediate, that you did not get what you wanted when you wanted it!  Think about this scenario for a minute, and now think about a similar scenario within your life where you made similar choices with rational thought and excuses.  Making even more sense now isn't it!  Now you have even more awareness of the Law of Attraction process, but now an awareness that will help guide you through what was once a very difficult process but is now an enlightened path!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David Trippany
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