Friday, August 5, 2011


Each time you have a thought, you actually are making that thought real as you are bringing that specific thought into your physical reality.  In other words you are giving birth to that idea, that desire.  Once you do this, you have started the process in which you make your thought real.  You have your thought, which then begins to take on a life of its own as it becomes an idea and that thought now takes on feeling which as we know sets the Law of Attraction into motion and begins to set forth the steps you need to take to bring that once simple thought into reality as a full fledge manifestation and experience of a desire.
It really is not a complicated process.  Now you don’t have to monitor all your thoughts each and every second of each day.  That would become a nearly impossible task and would surely drive you crazy.  All you really need to do is pay close attention to those thoughts that truly resonate within you, the thoughts that carry with them a good feeling to you.  Those are the thoughts that you truly want to entertain, the ones you want to bring into your physical reality to experience.
The Law of Attraction is sincerely your greatest tool when it comes to making your thoughts real.  This is why you pay close attention to the feel behind your thoughts and grab on to the better feeling thoughts.  When you truly align yourself with your better feeling thoughts, you are bringing forth your heartfelt desires.  The best way to do this is to take that quick minute to get to know the real you, the whole and complete you.  By that we mean the physical aspect of yourself that you see in the mirror and the non physical aspect that you feel.  The non physical is the truest aspect of the real you, as that is the part of you that is fully within that of Source Energy.  And as we know, Source Energy is a pure flow of positive energy.  When you fully know and understand who you are as a whole and complete being, in other words a being united in acceptance with the physical and non physical and seeing yourself as only one complete being, and you being forth that being, that individual into this physical reality you are now living your life from the standpoint of the real you.  When you do this, you are now in a position to truly make your thoughts real, truly in the position to experience that which you desire.  How powerful is that?!!  Sounds simple and it truly is simple, just take that quick minute and get to know the real you and bring forth that real you, feel that real you and you will now truly be working with the Law of Attraction in the manner in which we were meant to work with it!
Now let’s take a look at negative thoughts.  First we must understand what a negative thought truly is to be able to have a full understanding.  A negative thought is merely contrast within our physical awareness.  And we all know what contrast is, it is merely a desire indicator.  Therefore, if a negative thought is contrast and contrast is merely a desire indicator, then we can deduce that a negative thought really is not negative as it is helping us fully define a desire.  Putting that in proper perspective, what we once perceived as a negative thought is actually a positive thought as it is bringing more awareness into our consciousness of that which we do want to experience as that once perceived negative thought is telling us what we really do not want to experience.  We are sure you are beginning to see and feel the power behind this type of appropriate thinking.  As you begin to think and feel this way, you really are beginning to know and bring forth the real you into your physical reality!  How amazing and powerful is that!  Knowledge truly is magnificent and truly a way to harness your own power and utilize your power in a positive manner.  Begin to truly understand this process, and it will become second nature to you and you will find it very easy to work the Law of Attraction process, therefore you will begin to create the very life you desire, you will begin to live the life you have always desired!
Making your thoughts real is a process.  It is the Law of Attraction process.  A process we all have inner knowledge of before we took our physical bodies.  We really only have to feel our way through this process as that is how the Law of Attraction works, through feeling.  Remember that, and you will begin to feel the success of working appropriately with the Law of Attraction.  Remember:  “It is not what you think, but rather how you feel” that matters most within this journey!  Whether you perceive your thought as positive or negative, we have learned that all thoughts are positive, you just need to take the time to understand whether they are a “Desire Thought” or a “Desire Indicator Thought” and work with the process long enough, you will begin to decipher the difference quickly and correctly!  How magnificently powerful is that!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David Trippany
Life Coaches with ITSC, LLC.

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