Friday, August 26, 2011

Understanding Your Creative Power

Do you realize that you are a creator being?  Do you realize that everything you have experienced to this point in your life you have created?  Do you realize that from this point forward within your life everything you experience in your life you will create?  Some great and profound questions, as they give all of us a chance to truly reflect not just upon our life, our journey but on ourselves as well.  When was the last time you took that quick minute to do this type of reflection?  Probably been some time if you are truly honest with yourself.
First let us talk of being creator beings.  We all create every second of every day we are within this physical plane.  The creating never stops.  Every experience from big to small, we create it.  We create whatever it is that we want to create, even when it is a contrasting event.  Remember, contrast is merely a desire indicator, therefore, when we create contrast we are deeply creating as we are doing our best to get ourselves to refocus on that which we truly want, on that which we truly want to experience!  When we realize and fully understand that we are creators, that we are responsible for that which we experience we then begin to fully feel and understand what our role is within this journey we are on and are experiencing with each and every step we take.  Once you realize this, you then have a better stance from which to begin working with the Law of Attraction.  We have placed ourselves in a position to begin to feel ourselves, feel our true heartfelt desires and truly have given ourselves the opportunity to fully and successfully work with the Law of Attraction in bringing into our existence our true heartfelt desires.  The best part of this realization is the relationship that we are solidifying with ourselves.  We have a full understanding of what we call being United In Acceptance with ourselves, realizing that the physical and non physical aspects create the whole and complete us.  There is no separation, there is only a complete being with different aspects that complete the whole being.  So realizing we are creator beings is so beneficial in so many ways!
Let’s now address the aspect that may be the hardest for us to accept.  That everything we have experienced to this point in our life, we are responsible for as we actually created each and every situation, whether big or small, whether pleasant or not so pleasant, we created them!  Now we are sure you are sitting there reading this saying to yourself, “that is the biggest load of garbage as I would not have put myself through heartache, failed attempts at success or health issues that were anything but fun!”  Well we are here to tell you that yes you are responsible for each of the mention events and for the multitude of events that were not mentioned here.  Just look at your life to this point and realize you created all of it!  You were the creator and producer and director of all of it!  Good and bad alike.  Happy and sad alike.  Pleasant and unpleasant alike!  You created it all.  Now still disbelieving this, stop for a quick minute and truly ask yourself “how you felt when things were not going so good for you” and be honest with yourself.  You probably were not feeling all that good, as a matter of fact you were probably feeling yourself feel worse and worse as what you were creating was going from bad to worse.  You answer as to why is in the last sentence!  You were feeling from the range of bad to worse.  Perhaps if at any point you would have had a simple perspective change, you may have been able to refocus and begin creating that desire you were going for rather than all the reasons why you couldn’t create that very desire!  You see, when you have a desire that you want to create, you can absolutely create it, yes you can!  But the problem begins when you begin to tell yourself all the reasons why it can’t be created, why it is too big for you, why it could never come into your physical realization, your physical experience.  See where your focus was?  Sure it was on the desire at the onset, but soon after you yourself sabotaged your creation.  Look and feel what you were feeling about your desire!  Remember, according to the Law of Attraction, “IT IS NOT WHAT YOU THINK, BUT RATHER HOW YOU FEEL”.  We are sure at this point you are beginning to get some understanding of the process, the feeling process.  And we are sure you are beginning to understand your own power, your own powerful ability to be a conscious and deliberate creative being.  After all, it is your journey and your experiences, so why would you not be the most powerful creator of that journey!  It is you, all you and only you!  When a ship sets sail, when an aircraft takes off, is there not a Captain at the helm and in the cockpit steering the journey?  Sure there is, just as there is with your own personal journey.  You are the Captain!  Feel that, be that and live that!
Now let us take a look at your future!  With this new found understanding that you are a powerful creator being, with this new feeling within you, how are you going to look at and approach your future desires?  We hope you take the stance that you are a powerful creator being, you are responsible for every creation and you are the master of your desires and those very desires coming into your physical existence and reality.  Once you have that confidence, understanding and feel it deeply within the core of your whole and complete being, you are now a masterful creator that can and will create the desires, the true heartfelt desires you have laying in wait for you to realize them, create them and manifest them into your physical reality!  Powerful perspective now isn’t it!  We think so!  So use this information to your benefit and create that which you want and understand when you are creating contrast, you are merely trying to refocus yourself on that which you truly want.  So don’t get frustrated, just understand that you are putting into place your “fail safe” mechanism to assist you in experiencing that which you truly want to experience!  Amazing isn’t it?!!!!
Now that we have broached the surface of these questions, are you going to take that quick minute and look at yourself?  Take that quick minute to take full responsibility of your journey?  Are you going to remember and feel that it is not what you think but rather how you feel?  We are sure you will, as you are now understanding the full creative process and that “YOU” are the most important aspect of your creative journey!  Remember, it is all about you, only you!  And only you can create for you, only you, no one else!  Have fun with this and feel good about it!  Feel good about everything!
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Until next time, may you experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and Dave Trippany
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