Tuesday, June 21, 2011


How good is your relationship with you?  Now that is a good question if ever we have heard one!  When most people are asked that question they begin their answer with a very puzzled look and then a feeble attempted answer where they say something along the lines of just fine.  But really their answer began and ended with the puzzled look, as they truly had no idea what they were being asked.  Not all their fault as we are conditioned to not think in terms of ourselves.  Society has conditioned us to take "self" out of our thought process.  Rather thinking in terms of everyone else as if you think of "self" you are being selfish, thoughtless and usually mean spirited.  But the opposite is the real truth.  When you think and "FEEL" in terms of self, you are being and bringing forth the absolute best "YOU" into this physical reality, therefore creating a world that shares within your best possible light!  In other words, when you celebrate the splendor of your greatness and bring forth that greatness you are actually assisting others in doing the very same, so everyone is bringing forth their unique vibration from that of source, their unique vibration from that of God, which ever you prefer, both mean the same thing!
While it is true we are all one within this physical plane, we all do hold a uniqueness that is powerfully special.  Just as the light beams from the sun all seem to blend together, it is actually millions upon millions of individual light beams that form the one great magnificent beam that reaches us here on this earth.  No single beam is any less important than any other single beam.  Each on its own is powerful beyond imagination.  Together they form one to share in even more empowerment.  We are much the same here within this physical plane.  Alone we are powerful and magnificent creators and together we are powerful and magnificent co-creators.  This is why it is so vitally important that we each bring forth our own self empowered self as in doing so we are actually assisting those around us in doing the same.  Think about this for one minute.  Have you ever been in a situation, and we are sure you have been, where someone is holding part of themselves back?  You have felt they were holding some piece of themselves back?   You felt the energy being held back.   The second you felt that energy shift, what did you do?  You too began to hold back yourself as you felt some form of distrust, you felt your own distraught and began pulling yourself back from the situation.  So by that one individual not bringing forth all of the real them, all of the real them, you too followed suit by retreating part of the real you.  You held back part of the real you.  In doing so, you diminished "self" and therefore lessened the experience of pure positive energy to be had and felt by all.  You assisted in lessening the wonderful experience we have all come here to experience, to live and to enjoy.  While that may sound very dramatic, in some sense is it just that dramatic.  If you came forth to experienced life from the absolute perspective to "self", and "self" being a magnificent creator being, why then would you want to be any less than that magnificent creator being?  Why would you want to lessen the experience you said you wanted to come forth and experience?  What purpose would that serve?  Who would that serve?  Yourself?  Others?  We say no one at all!  When you experience less than what you came forth to experience then you lessen yourself.  When you lessen yourself you truly defeat the purpose of creating, manifesting and experiencing within this physical plane.  You do this not just to yourself but to those around you as well.  Again, we ask why would you want to do that?  The only answer we can come up with is F>E>A>R!  "F"alse> "E"vidence> "A"ppearing> "R"eal!  Now there is a novel thought!  Think about that for a moment.  Are you living within the realm of FEAR?  If you are holding yourself back at all, we say you need to think about the FEAR Aspect for a moment, as perhaps you are letting FEAR run your life!
Now that we have explored the importance of "SELF", let's explore for a moment the uniqueness of self.  Source Energy/God/Allah/Jehovah/Spirit……however you like to define it, has many different aspects that create the whole of the being/entity you are describing.  With the many different aspects comes the vast ways of experiencing life in physical form.  This is where the uniqueness of self comes into play.  All writings teach us that each of us has been created in the image and likeness of a creator, therefore each of us shall have the opportunity to experience life from that aspect as well, creating for each of us a unique opportunity within this physical plane.  We all come forth to experience desire, but along the way we do from time to time and in various levels do experience contrast, but only to get us back focused on that which we truly desire.  So it stands to reason we all come forth to experience desire!  We know, contrast is merely a desire indicator!  With that being said, we just learned the true vast uniqueness each of us hold, because each of us has come forth to stand up within this physical plane and not just behold our own uniqueness but to dwell within the fact that we are unique, we are special and we have bravely come forth to fully experience and embrace the power given to us by that of Source/God/Allah/Jehovah/Spirit.  To bask in its wonderment, its joy, its love!  Now how special, how wonderful and how powerful is that?!!!
When you look at it from that standpoint you begin to realize just how powerful and wonderful and most importantly how unique you truly are to this physical place and just how enriching you are to the many.  While you are one aspect of uniqueness of the greater collection, your aspect is no less important than that of any other aspect.  Remove yourself, just as a piece of a 10,000 piece puzzle removes itself and what does everyone focus on……..that one missing piece.  Interesting perspective, now isn't it?!!!!  Develop your relationship with your "SELF", begin to understand how wonderful and powerful you are…..remember you are that one piece that was remove from the 10,000 piece puzzle.  Celebrate that aspect of you, of "SELF" and you will truly be celebrating the uniqueness of your "SELF"!
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Until next time, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David W. Trippany
ITSC Life Coaches

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