Wednesday, June 29, 2011


How many times have you felt all alone?   Be honest with yourself when you answer that question!  Most of us at one time or another have felt that very way, all alone!  At those moments in time we fail to realize what a great and unique relationship we truly have with ourselves.  We, in those moments, are as far from ourselves as we can possibly be, and we never realize it is only a perspective.  We can never separate the two aspects of our being, the physical from the non physical.  That is like trying to separate each individual ray of sunshine from the sun as the beams reach the earth.  Virtually impossible to do so, even though there are trillions upon trillions of rays that make up the sunshine as we know them.  We are the same, we can’t separate our beings, as it is that vary uniqueness that makes us who we are while on this physical plane.  It is that relationship that makes us so very special and unique.  This is why when we do feel all alone it is only a mere perspective that has us feeling that way.  We are never alone, never! 
Let’s explore that thought for just a moment.  Have you ever had a conversation with yourself?  Sure you have, we all do it, nearly on an hourly basis.  Whether you are just mulling over your thoughts, trying to make a decision or just having a simple day dream – you are conversing with yourself.  It is a real conversation as within that conversation you experience a wide array of emotions, you answer yourself and you have that unique ability to either make yourself feel better or feel worse – just as you do when you interact with another human being.  Think about it, you always have someone with you, every second of every minute, you have you!  Don’t think so, go to a mirror and look at yourself.  Look long, hard and deeply within that being you see staring back at you in the mirror.  Then say “hello”!  Start a conversation, no matter how silly you may feel in doing so, start that conversation.  Before long, you will begin to understand that your best friend within this physical plane is looking back at you!  The being that will never steer you in the wrong direction, the being that always without fail or doubt has your back, the being that knows you like no other being and yes the being that loves you beyond measure…….is the being that you are conversing with, is the being that is looking back at you, is the being that with every thought, every utterance (whether verbal or non verbal) is actually saying how much they love you and how much they want you to experience every desire that you have ever had or ever will have and further more will help you with all their might to get you to the point of manifesting and experiencing each of those desires!  Now how magnificent is that?!  How wonderful of a gift is that?!!!  That is truly how special and unique our relationship is with ourselves!  Discovering this perspective, that being “alone” is just that a “perspective” allows us to discover what life really is all about, why we decided to come forth into this physical reality in the first place and that when we decided to birth ourselves into this journey we know beyond any doubt that we would never be alone.  We would always have a great gift, we would always have ourselves, hence never being alone!
When you begin to realize this great gift we have in self, you begin to realize that magic, what we perceive to be magic anyways, that we posses within the creation process.  Imagine, if you will for one minute, this thought.  You realize a desire that you have, one that you truly want to manifest and experience.  Makes no difference what this desire is, only matters that it is heartfelt and you know it is!  You have it realized in your mind’s eye, you feel on every level of your being.  But this time you have the knowledge that you are not alone, you have that magnificent gift of “self” and the understanding of what “self” is truly all about!  With that understanding at hand, you now can begin to create in a whole new way, as now you can truly interact with your greatest gift, “yourself” and in a very creative and deliberate way.  You can now allow “self” to help guide you in the direction of the true manifestation and experience of that very heartfelt desire!  Who cares how long it may take, makes no difference as now you know beyond doubt that it is not just your physical self creating the desire, but your non physical self as well.  You begin to enjoy the journey just a little more as you now understand the sentiment, “a joy that is shared is a joy made double, while a sorrow that is shared is but half a trouble”!  You begin to know, you begin a deep seeded belief that you are never alone, that you always have you to count on for anything at anytime in anyplace!  How magnificent is that!
Begin to understand yourself, begin to deliberately have conversations with yourself and you will truly begin to live life from a new and most empowering perspective.  A perspective that will serve you in ways that you never thought possible as you will now have a guide that now only knows each and every desire you have but further knows how to assist you in not just manifesting these heartfelt desires but in the most deepest and meaningful way to experience them! 
“SELF” the most magnificent gift we have within this physical place, yet it is the one gift we so often overlook.  Just realize that this amazing best friend, this amazing best friend that truly wants joy, happiness and love with our lives is merely a thought away!  Imagine that, just a thought away!  How empowering is that, how beautiful is that, how magnificent is that?!!!!  Puts an amazing perspective on “SELF” now doesn’t it?!!!  Sure does!
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Until then, begin to understand the vast uniqueness of “SELF”, begin to understand the magnificent gift we each have within “SELF” and you too will begin to live and experience a life of desire.  Until then, may you continue to experience all that you desire!
Mary Anne Cipressy and David W. Trippany
Life Coaches with ITSC, LLC.

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